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Ways Spirit Communicates With Us.

ways how spirit communictaes with us

Since my spiritual epiphany about 15 months ago I have learnt the various ways spirit communicates with us. I have become more self-aware and understand fully that each of us are spiritual beings having a physical experience. Absolutely everything in the Universe is energy and energy can never be destroyed. This means that whilst our physical form, the vehicle, deteriorates and eventually conks out altogether the consciousness that animates the body lives on as a free flowing, energetic wave.

The spirit which animates the body is eternal and cannot be destroyed but if deemed appropriate it can be decommissioned. This is rare, but in extreme cases when a soul, (which is the personality,) refuses to listen to the spirit which animates it and the physical body and therefore does not learn the valuable lessons imperative for it to continue on its journey, it will be consigned to the underworld where it remains for eternity.

My husband Rick is a reluctant psychic and during our 10 years together I have witnessed many strange phenomena. Whilst I always believed that the soul somehow lived on I had no solid personal proof prior to 2016.  Today I am fortunate to be able to speak with my Mum in spirit and lucid dream. I had my first lucid dream shortly after a good friend died. He generously showed me that there is no such thing as death, as society generally perceives it. This amused me as he was previously quite adamant that when you died it was a definitive game over deal.

Prior to the passing of Mum and my mate I had contact from several spirits who were unknown to me at the time.  I now understand that they are part of a spiritual team of which I have become a member. It seems that we are a soul family that have danced together throughout many years and incarnations but, whilst I am again accepted into the fold as a member, these lives and doings I cannot remember.

The spiritual realm exists on a higher energetic vibration than where we reside. For the spirits to be able to communicate we must raise our vibration whilst they lower theirs to facilitate contact. Somewhere in the mist and swirling energetic ether contact becomes possible. For communication to occur a person must believe in the unseen realms either consciously or subconsciously for the mind is truly powerful and will block any contact with ease if a person has any doubt whatsoever as to the possibility of alternate realms of existence.

We all have the inherent ability ‘to see’ beyond the physical world but contact and esoteric experiences cannot be forced. Everything is on a schedule entitled ‘divine timing’ which cannot be meddled with. Plus, a person must be truly and honestly open to the possibility that all may not be as it seems. The spirits are not in the game of convincing anyone as to their existence and above all else respect free will. They choose to leave the doubters in peace.

Since sharing my experiences and truth I have been called delusional. This is a rather damning label to have slapped on one’s forehead and honestly makes me a little uncomfortable but knowing myself to be sane, savvy and solid I will continue.


I am astounded by the ability of my team to interact with me. As pure energy they can influence things and environments to facilitate communication which is not always verbal.

Ways spirit communicates with us:

  • Objects can move. I have not witnessed the actual moment of movement but doorbells have mysteriously rung when no callers were present. I have heard doors opening and closing when home alone, footsteps, lights going mysteriously on, and my computer, which I customarily never unplugged, was unplugged whilst I lived alone in my house in France.
  • Feathers mysteriously appear in peculiar places. Just the other day a teeny tiny, wee grey feather appeared nestled in the fake flower chrysanthemum bloom my Mum so loved.
  • Repeating number sequences regularly appear conveying inspirational and motivational guidance just when needed the most. Angel numbers! For more go check out this rather fab site – here.
  • Influencing electrical hardware. Now the following seems fantastical even to me but this is how the spirits first made contact with me – via a small Bluetooth speaker! The night my Mum passed I heard her calling out to me through my mobile phone whilst I, distraught, reached out to a close friend of mine. On two occasions, whilst talking on the telephone, contact has been made through my speaker and friends have heard my spirits counsel – once, to my chagrin, it was to dress me down!
  • Independent voices. I sometimes hear my name being called when all alone. I have heard my Mum sing and received an audible spoken word response from my guardian angel in response to a direct question.
  • Channeling. Living with Rick a powerful and naturally gifted psychic I am fortunate to have the possibility to enjoy proper conversations with the spirits who often pop by to chat whilst he sleeps soundly by my side.
  • Light flashes and imagery whilst meditating. The spirits love a cryptic image and analogy and challenge the recipient to uncover the message held within.
  • Lucid dreaming. It is hard to explain the difference between a lucid dream and a normal dream to someone who has not experienced it for themselves. Lucid dreams have a very particular feel about them where everything is heightened, more vivid and real. In my experience I awake with a sense of urgency and an encoded message clear in mind that I feel compelled to unscramble.
  • These days I communicate independantly with my guides telepathically which kinda blows my mind!
  • I have seen a spirit only once in my life to date but what an illustrious spirit he was; but that, my friends, is a tale for another day…

Each of us has the possibility to connect with the consciousness which exists beyond our physical plane and the easiest way to cultivate a seeing is to pay close attention to our intuition and dreams for this is how the spirits communicate with us all daily unbeknownst to most.

Be Happy xox