The Laforges

Meet The Laforges!

Rick and Linda were contracted in spirit to be together but best laid plans do not always go as planned. Despite prompts and nudges the spirits struggled to dot the I’s and cross the T’s. Living in Derby and London respectively, many miles separated them and orchestrating opportunities for them to cross paths was no mean feat. Openings were missed and the spirits sighed wearily. Time passed, and it became apparent that they would not meet young, marry and have a happy and loving family together as had been anticipated.

the laforges

Both have lived challenging lives, been misunderstood and taken wrong turns along the way. Yet the spirits have always had their backs and gently nudged them back on course.

When, in 2001 Linda moved to France the spirits despaired but still they never reneged on their part of the deal to act as matchmaker; knowing that Linda’s success in this life time was dependent on her meeting Rick.

Rick is a natural psychic and has always spoken to spirit but was unaware of his life purpose to mentor Linda and help her become a voice for the light spiritual realms. Humans are known as a veiled species which means that when reincarnated they have little to no recollection of the spiritual realms. Nor past lives and soul contracts.

In January 2009, on a grey, miserable and wet Sunday afternoon in Northern France, Linda went on line and browsed profiles on the dating site Plenty of Fish. Inexplicably drawn to Rick she virtually winked at him and within minutes he messaged her back.

The spirits rejoiced that night and had a kickass party with Vol au Vents and Iced gems!

It was not until June 2016 that the spirits made themselves known to Linda.

Little Linda

Aged 16 Linda had an important decision to make. Whether to go to Art School or train as a journalist. She chose to go to  Art School and is surprised to be told by spirit that writing is now to be her main means of communication.

These days her work is a team effort. Only made possible because of her relationship with Rick and their team in spirit who call her White Warrior.

Each of us is born with a life purpose and it transpires that Linda’s is to shine light on the injustice and corruption that is rife in our world. She is told, and we have only to look around us to see the mayhem unravelling, that there is a very real hidden energetic war raging between light and dark forces. Linda is charged with speaking out against the elite who are killing us with their high-tech weaponry, weather manipulation, vaccines, food engineering and their wanton greed, hunger for domination and hate for humanity. This is a dangerous mission but Linda has the guidance, support and protection of Rick and their team in spirit and is now ready to speak out for the greater good of all.