The Laforges

Rick and I met late in life having both had a bumpy ride on our journey to enlightenment. We had both experienced abusive relationships and harsh judgement from family that refused our true natures. It was a momentous day when we met online having stumbled upon one another. Not only did we both please one another physically but we were like two peas in a pod having similar ideals and aspirations.

Within weeks of meeting virtually Rick moved from the UK to live with me in Northern France and since this time we have become inseparable.

We have weathered many storms and come out smiling and, since my spiritual awakening in June 2016. Rick has also been my mentor – for he is a natural, and powerful, psychic and a highly valued member of Team Spirit which dots around in the unseen realms.

Destined to always be together this is not the first lifetime that we have shared and, as such, we are rare as our team in spirit tell us that there are only about 1000 couples living currently on earth who have genuinely shared previous lives together. It transpires that Rick spied me across an ethereal room whilst in spirit many, many years ago and insisted on following me around!

We have, in fact shared several previous lives together but in this life time we are finally fulfilling our true potential. For Rick is known as The General by Team Spirit and I The White Warrior and we are together to help serve humanity in troubled times. We are on a mission to help people sidestep the mayhem of corrupt governments, church and institution and to encourage all to step into their own individual power.


For we are all powerful creators of reality and each of us has an important role to play in the coming years.