Most commonly known as ‘God’ I am ‘Th’All.’ I invite you to read my words, gifted to humanity in troubled times, here:


11.09.19 – If you find yourself reading this message try to keep an open mind for my messenger here is starting to do valuable work for humanity which is on the cusp of self destruction. I Th’All have much to say about man and the events that you are starting to witness daily. For instance: with the burning and deforestation of the Amazon, and other important natural habitats, man is foolishly starving earth of oxygen and valuable and diverse lifeforms which hold the key to medical advancement and balance in your world and the greater universe at large. Everyday hundreds of species, most unclassified, die never to return and your earth is further impoverished. Meanwhile most are concerned with everyday survival not realising that soon enough this survival will not mean ‘how am I to pay my gas bill next week?’ or ‘I wonder what to cook for dinner today?’ – rather, ‘How am I to avoid disease and help my child when I cannot afford medicine?’ or ‘What can I do to help heal the ailing earth and my community?’ These questions few ask today but in several years people will no longer be concerned with self- betterment, as governments will have eroded all chance of personal expression, growth and success and most will be condemned to a life of servitude and premature death. Man believes in the notion of democracy but those at the top play with this idea and make promises that are rarely honoured whilst living blessed lives themselves. Until the majority of humans wake up to hard and unsavoury truths you are all condemned to misery and suffering – being under the cosh of the elite few. Meanwhile earth dies slowly until one day it is simply too late to reverse the folly.’


09.09.19 – Take a good look at the date: 09.09.19 For some of you this will immediately resonate as an angel number and yet, for most, it will be nothing more than a string of coincidental numbers devoid of any meaning other than the time of year! Angel numbers are aligned with numerology but slightly apart – which is to say that they are, as the name suggests, communications from the angels to you with messages crafted from the meaning of numbers derived through numerology. Todays date is a powerful missive from the angels to any ready to recieve their wisdom. A person will know when they are ready to listen simply by the acknowledgement of number repetitions and patterns in their life! 0909 is a message of hope and love. The number zero resonates with the divine and eternity and the number 9 with service to others and compassion. Combined they signify great philanthropic possibility and a journey to becoming one with Th’All. The numbers appearing twice add strength and credence to the message which in essence is: You are a divine and eternal being on a path to greater awareness and enlightenment with an obligation to share your fortune with those less fortunate.


08.09.19 – Sunday: the day the devout shuffle off to church to listen to, on balance, dreary fellows whitter on about nonsense designed to control! Yes, I Th’All am not a great fan of any organised religion. Now, of course, many will call this blasphemous but true blasphemy is using my name – ‘God,’ to control and indoctrinate the common people. Faith or spirituality is the way to my heart for I am a strong supporter of free thought and freewill and abhor those that try to control others; for each of you is a soul and spirit on a unique journey, and no other person has the right to judge or stifle another. I Th’All am all that is/was and ever will be and reside in all that was/is and ever will be and therefore I tell you now that you have no need of books and men to tell you how to be for everything you need, to be a worthy person, resides within you. God Bless.


03.09.19 – So, man is a foolish specie that likes to crap on about supporting one another and looking after the environment whilst continuing to be blind to the unnecessary injustices, and stupidities, that threaten their very wellbeing and security. Today I wish to tell you that until you wake up to the truth that your governments, church and institutions care not one jot for you you will continue to witness climate change, war, famine and strife on earth. It is time to stop sitting in your armchair reading The Daily Mail, whilst acting as if you are wise, when your neighbour struggles to put food on their table due to the greed of corporations which screw their employees for every last nickel and dime – and then sell them goods of inferior quality for inflated prices! I tell you to wake the fuck up! And yes, I am Th’All but I can swear with the best of you – which reminds me: better to use ribaldrous language and have a caring heart than to sanctimoniously judge those that swear whilst turning the other cheek to someone in need!’


31.08.19 – Today is Saturday and I wish to emphasis the importance of rest. Here I am talking to you through my messenger Linda who knows little of resting for she is driven to succeed and I am often forced to reiterate the importance of down time! This message is for her, and for all of you who forget the value of relaxation: To be successful in life can resemble many different things to many different people but at the end of the day when your spirit returns home to the etheric realms no one will commend you on the long hours you worked, the posh house, car and holidays – rather you will be assessed on the quality of your relationships, your ability to show tolerance, kindness and compassion and generousity to those less fortunate. However, to be able to truly help others it is necessary to be a winner in the game of life – for no one is prepared to listen to someone everyone believes to be a nobody! Neither can any unknown individual be heard amongst all the white noise of false prophets and wannerbes that saturate the media. So, to be a worthy messenger Linda must work hard to achieve a degree of recognition in a world obsessed by fame and materialism. For her to be able to help others she must be financially secure and have disposable income. And the only way to achieve this is through hard work. With the advent of technology each and every one of you has the opportunity to have a voice and yet, sadly, so many of the voices spout nonsense and drown out the truth tellers and genuine leaders amongst you. To be a lightworker, a soul charged to help others on earth, is hard enough without having to battle for an audience against fools and people motivated by self agrandisement. A person could easily work 24/7 and still not be heard above the general bruhaha. And so I wish to council balance for without balance a spirit is liable to burn out and be about as useful as a pile of ash on a windy day.

30.08.19 – The Universe is not as you have been educated to believe and much confusion and nonsense is being spread by false prophets who assume their role as my messenger whilst having no remit to do so. I ‘Th’All’ speak to few on matters of faith and the esoteric preferring to keep things simple and advise those that turn to me for everyday, personal council. I communicate in ways that are often so subtle as to remain lost on the recipient of my message and so, today, I wish to tell you how I, Th’All, the angels and spirits talk to you daily. Our preferred method of communication is via dream for when you sleep your spirit often wanders, unbeknownst to you, in the astral realms where all is mind. In the interest of keeping things simple I will explain this thus: everything is energy and energy is conscious and consciousness is mind and all energy comes from one source point and therefore all is mental. So, when you awake from a dream it is important to try and catch the essence of it for woven abstractly within will be guidance to help you on your way. Sometimes we use synchronicity to catch your attention; for instance a man recently prayed for help on how to assist his wife in dying – something which is illegal in most of your world. After due consideration he was sent a message which advised him to be patient and hand over his fears to the angels. This message was delivered thus: he was walking down the street and another man was in a great hurry and pushed a lady out of his way. She fell onto the ground. The man that had asked for help stopped to assist her and she turned to him with gratitude and said ‘Oh my, people are in such a rush these days not realising that life is precious and not to be squandered for we are a long time dead!’ Intuition is another of our ways to comunicate with you all – so if you get a feeling within listen to this and honour it for it is your spirit guide whispering to you. Another of our favorite ways to work with you is via your conscience. Then there are things such as feathers, animal guides and angel numbers which we put on your path to let you know that you are not alone and that you are loved. Many believe that they are not worthy of help but this is not true. We in the spiritual realms are waiting for you to reach out and are only too happy to help you live your best possible life. All you need do is ask and then we can assist you; but until you give us permission to work with you we are unable to guide you for we are sworn never to thwart freewill.

28.08.19The other night I sent Linda a dream in which I showed her a page of italic script, not unlike what you see here, with the title ‘Th’All.’ When she woke in the darkness she was a little confused and asked me ‘OK, was that a message?’ To which I replied yes – I then let her consider what it was I was asking her to do – for I rarely explain a dream if not understood, for this is my way of gauging whether a soul is ready to receive my word and instruction or not. Soon enough she came back and said ‘You want me to add a page to my site whereby you can communicate with people directly?’ ‘Bingo! So here I am, God to most – sometimes The Creator/Source/etc, etc ad infinitum; but for a long time I have referred to myself as ‘The All’ – a name devoid of religious connotation for I am not so keen on any organised religion and prefer people to come to me directly!  Here I will call myself ‘Th’All,’ the ‘th’pronounced similarly to the Greek God Thor,  a catchy title without association. And I ask that you do the same! ><*  In these messages, or informal channelings, it is my intention to try and bust all myth and contrite beliefs in myself and educate people to their true nature as eternal, divine and powerful beings. I invite you to come back often to see what I have to say for your world is in serious trouble but all is not lost and I am here to help all those willing to listen. In time things will deteriorate to such a point that many will needlessly die of famine and disease through the greed and manipulations of the few who assume control over you all. This is not acceptable and I hope to help those ready for my message to step into their individual power and fearlessly walk their own path to enlightenment and ascension; thereby avoiding reincarnation and the mayhem which soon enough will consume earth.