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facebook and social media are dangerous

Facebook & Mainstream Social Media are Dangerous

I have been active on Facebook for more years than I care to remember and have seen many changes along the way. What seemingly started out as an innocuous means of hooking up with friends for virtual hangouts has morphed into a giant of mind control, data collection and manipulation. Facebook and social media are dangerous. Without going into details too convoluted and long winded to explain in this short piece I tell you that I intuitively know that FB is a perilous platform to wile away valuable time and air contentious views. This was not always so but Zuckerman has sold his soul and integrity for a pretty penny. All is well for the majority of sleepwalking people who post cheery memes and festive frolics with family and friends but, dare to speak an unsavoury truth and you will, in due course, be flagged up as an unsavoury! Facebook is a powerful tool of the elite and monitors us all daily and, for those of us who are awake and challenge the status quo, …