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The Law of Attraction is Over Simplified Bunkum!

The Law of Attraction is Over Simplified Bunkum!

If positivity was all that was required to successfully practice the Law of Attraction I would be a millionaire several times over by now – but, of course, there is much more to this manifesting malarkey than most would have you believe. To successfully and consciously manifest your hearts desires a person has to bust all self-limiting beliefs and work on self-awareness. And even then, a well-rounded individual who strives purposely with intent towards their goals can be undone; for much of what is pedalled about the Law of Attraction is over simplified bunkum! Yes, you can visualise, create boards and fake it until you make it but all of this fundamentally ignores the unsavoury truth about the Universe which is a lesson in polarity. For, in our world today, there are 1000 dark souls to every 1 light which means that there is one helluva lot more, low vibrational, dense energy being pumped out daily into the ether than light, bright and shiny delight! (Yet please, do not despair, for one small glimmer of …

creativity go go juice of the universe

Creativity – The Go-Go Juice of The Universe

Go-Go juice! The stuff that stokes the furnace which generates the energy to allow for creative endeavour on both the macro and microcosm. When I was a vintage dealer, living in France and upcycling myself into an early grave, my go-go juice of preference was a cheeky Bordeaux: creativity is the preferred go-go juice of The Universe. Our world is but one of many worlds within the infinite Universe which is akin to the largest vat of soup imaginable to the finite mind. In this etheric soup are all the constituent, conscious and unconscious energetic ingredients that go to make the whole which is the infinite mind. This mind is all that ever was/is and will be and relies on thought, word and deed to housekeep and create anew within The Universe. The etheric soup is known as The Universal Subconscious Mind and relies on creativity of all to itself create. Creativity is the currency required for The All, or God, to create and so we are one, beyond ginormous, symbiotic organism. However, realising this …