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opinions are like ass'oles

Opinions are like Ass’oles

I wonder if you remember the classic Clint Eastwood line: ‘opinions are like ass’oles, everyone has one!’ New Age spirituality encourages tolerance and acceptance for all and respect for a person’s unique place upon the path to personal enlightenment. This is a great premise but does not allow for the confusion between absolute truth/falsehood and all the subtle shades of grey which fall, rather irritatingly, between.  We humans tend to hold our beliefs as truth when often they are little more than opinion. And opinions are as abundant as Chimps, Cheese and ass’oles! My once held beliefs or opinions, (see how easy it is to interchange these two words,) now appear naïve and misinformed and, as the years pass, I am wide eyed aware that I am a work in progress and will remain so until the day I pop my well-loved, slightly scuffed clogs. I am open to the possibility that all is not as I once believed and am aware that what I hold to be true this week is liable to be …

definition of 5D consciousness

Definition of 5D Consciousness

Within spiritual communities there is an incessant buzz around the concept of 5D consciousness with some self- proclaimed teachers confidently spouting verbose misinformation and creating confusion. In this short piece the spirits wish to share their definition of 5D consciousness which is succinct and to the point. First though my take: To be a spiritually aware person does not automatically stamp the visa to 5D consciousness. Most folks who have no idea about the esoteric actually achieve 5D consciousness without ever even being aware of the concept! Once a soul reaches 5D consciousness they are no longer obliged, upon passing from the physical to the spiritual, to reincarnate – unless they actually desire to do so. There are many planes of existence within The Universe and these exist at different vibratory levels of consciousness – all within The Universal Subconscious Mind. 5D consciousness is the entrant level to the unseen realms. A person has only to live a kind, unselfish and loving life to be in with a chance to be accepted into the club …