How to Stay Motivated when the World Doesn’t Seem to Care

How to Stay Motivated when the World Doesn’t Seem to Care

One of my greatest challenges at the moment is the realisation that, despite my best efforts, my message and talents are not truly connecting with folks. I have a solid belief that what I am doing is of value but struggle with the half-baked somewhat apathetic response my work receives. I simply am not connecting with my, and I hate this over used buzzword of our day, tribe. Here I share my thoughts on How to Stay Motivated when the World Doesn’t Seem to Care.

There is some consolation in the knowledge that this is not an uncommon path for many creative souls but this does little to solve the issue which is in itself twofold in nature. Firstly how is a person to stay motivated when their honest work is falling on deaf ears and eyes? And second how is a gal to connect with an engaged, appreciative and loyal audience?

The other week a member of my spirit team, Jason, popped by to give me a pep talk. He encouraged me to think of my work as an enjoyable hobby. I was reminded that all is as it should be at any given time. I am still in the process of building my solid foundations – I am lining up my embryonic ducks.


The truth is that I have an inner knowing that all will be well eventually but I am impatient for eventually to arrive. Like yesterday! This attitude is erroneous in several ways; through my longing I attract lack, there is the not so small matter of divine timing, I am not allowing myself to enjoy the journey.

So here I sit pondering solutions to my wobbly motivation which may be of benefit to you.

How to Stay Motivated when the World Doesn’t Seem to Care

  • Enjoy the ride and take the time available to you to build solid foundations for whatever it is you are striving towards without having to be in the spotlight. Luxuriate in your anonymity and peoples’ lack of expectations.
  • Remember you are a work in progress and it ain’t over until the large bird warbles! It is never too late to shine.
  • Keep enlightening your soul by whatever means. I prefer cerebral self-development activity but sports and connecting with nature, sucking in a huge lungful of fresh air certainly works wonders and getting a physical stretch on is mighty beneficial.
  • Be still; busy is good but productive busy is built on productive non busy – never feel guilty for taking time out and just being.
  • Cultivate happiness and have a good larf – be silly and childlike. Play and be creative. Keep your energy high; sing, dance and pump up the volume of music which feeds your happy. Know that happiness is an inside job and is not reliant on outside trappings.

This is a favourite of mine:



  • Refuse bitterness and resentment. Sure there are a lot of players with little talent scoring big-time in the game of life – good for them! Know that through considered, progressive and steady work you too will have your day.
  • Be grateful for what you have now and stop looking around the corner for brighter shining bauble-y distractions. Live for and in the now.
  • Develop self-reliance and hold the faith knowing that the spiritual realm is real and supports your genuine soul mission efforts when motivated for the greater good of all.
  • Distance yourself from the nay-sayers and haters and surround yourself with people who believe in you and if they are thin on the ground stand tall and alone like a beacon of light and hope.
  • Add value to others. The smallest act of giving creates delicious high vibe energetic ripples.

Meanwhile, and to wrap it up for now, the issue relating to building an engaged audience is not, in principle, so very difficult to resolve. It relies on me creating great content for you and you, as an appreciative audience, generously sharing my efforts with your cohorts via the social media buttons conveniently placed below! Ta-dah.

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With Love xox