Spiritual Awakening

spiritual awakening

This Spiritual Awakening trip is weird and fascinating.

I realise that I came late to the table. And, upon reflection comprehend that late equals 25 years whence I was too busy being busy trying to put bread on the table and create a feast which ultimately lead to famine. My comfy life had to seriously unravel for me to grasp that, through metaphorical starvation, I could awaken to smell the bake.

Today this causes me problems as I am impatient to get on with what needs to be got on with. I am desirous of fast tracking my way too long dormant, supressed psychic gifts so as I can truly be who I realise I was always meant to be.

This eagerness to progress at speed is, I know, pure folly. Dipping in and out of the realm of spirit is not an undertaking to be taken lightly. It is a serious business which has the potential to be damaging to any meddlesome person without strong conviction and character. There are always unscrupulous dark entities waiting to trick and cause harm to those who are inexperienced or let their guard slip.

It is not a game and one who is open to spirit has a great responsibility to act responsibly.

So, stuff happens in divine order and timing. Spirit reveals itself and the higher machinations of the Universe on a need to know, ready to know basis.

Patience and perseverance are key.

As are a commitment to cultivating Zen through a dedicated meditation practice and the ability to listen keenly. I hear my name and odd messages. See ticker tape in my mind’s eye with fast moving messages which I struggle to read in their entirety. I lucid dream and sometimes smell exotic fragrances alerting me to the presence of certain spirits within my familiar circle.

Still, I wish for more and through wishing for more confound myself through the natural Law of Attraction. Want and lack attract more want and lack and conversely I find myself wanting and lacking more!

My Mum with me on her knee and my Gran and Brother. 1966.

Meanwhile my dear Mum is waiting patiently in the wings, on the other side, to talk with me. I am beyond impatient to chat with her. Yet I must check myself when I catch the words “I want to talk to my Mum” tumbling from my lips. I know that this very act of wanting is pushing the possibility of communication further away from my sticky and eager grasp.

The other night my Spirit Guide, Mary, conveyed a message to me from Mum;

“Linda, do not be in such a hurry that you miss the bus stop.”

Oh boy! The Spirits are never plain speaking. They prefer abstract visions and messages. Turns of phrase and analogy which challenge the recipient to think into the proffered proposition.

Mum never used to talk like this. She was an uncomplicated woman who called a spade a spade. A year after her passing and it appears she has embraced her place within the Spiritual Realm, feels at home, and has adopted the lingo.

Way to go Mumbly…

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With Love xox