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When Rabbits Dream

when Rabbits Dream

When rabbits dream, they often frolic in sun kissed meadows with fair maidens but I, unlike most of my brethren, often astral travel to unseen and unimagined realms where the occupants are far more surprising and peculiar than best in class ‘weirdly shaped vegetables’ at the local country fair.

Many people dabble in divination, astral travel and psychic phenomena without realising the implications fully; for the esoteric is not a playground for one and all and can actually be a dangerous place for an unprotected, uninitiated soul.

When I astral travel these days I have the protection of my team in The Higher Angelic Realms who guard my small furry back with gusto. They do this for when my consciousness roams in The Universal Subconscious Mind there are energies resembling eagles, hawks and foxes which wish me harm. This is the same for all rabbits – and humans too.

Sometimes, whilst idly browsing the internet, I come across so called certified courses teaching people how to reach out across the realms and the fur bristles on my back. These otherworldly experiences are available to all but this is not the destiny of each and every one of us and as such courses like these are nonsense at best and blunny dangerous at worst!

Once when I went astral travelling things went decidedly wonky and I found myself in a dark place surrounded by malevolent beings who wished me harm and since this time I have had difficulties remembering my adventures. This, my angels tell me, is because I was so scared that I now prefer to forget all experiences in the astral planes – just in case! They also tell me that this is a shame for until I allow myself to remember my experiences, I cannot counsel my people fully on matters unknown.

You may be wondering why I am chuntering on here about all of this and it is to simply say:

Do not mess with things best left alone for if you are meant to know the esoteric the angels will surely make themselves known to you; just as they did me. And, if you have no psychic experiences, or interest in the likes, during your lifetime it is simply because you have other vegetables to steam!

Leave all this otherworldly malarkey to those it comes naturally to but listen carefully to the true teachers for they have much to say in the coming years which may well just save your skin!

King George

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If I Were King – But Wait, I am!

King George I am king

If I were King – but wait I am! – Reminds me of a dream I had when I was little and the world was full of adventure and promise.

In this imagining I scampered around the field with my siblings whilst Nanny watched over us all; and I pictured the day of my coronation when I would command all that I saw. It was a scary dream for I became over zealous in my position of state and forgot my roots and people. I ruled with an iron paw and cared not a jot for those that served. I was rich beyond imagining and hoarded my wealth as my people lived in poverty; and I had no care for the welfare of the plebs’ who worked tirelessly for my aggrandisement.

Slowly I tightened my grip on society until my people were as free as birds in cages and, only then, was I happy to see the power I had to command a life, and rob a soul of the chance for joy and growth.

When I stirred from my day dream I felt rather poorly as I realised the poverty of my thoughts and I vowed to be a King worthy of the title and my people. Yet I am only a rabbit King and so, sadly, have limited jurisdiction. Today, I am horrified to see my ministers, and those in positions of corporate or religious power, lording it so over the common man.

Little did I realise that my mind chunterings were in fact a prophecy of the foolishness of humanity that allows a small percentage of men to control all wealth and lives to the detriment of the individual and collective.

I am your King and I command you to look to ways to restructure society so as each and every man, woman and child can be happy, secure and successful in their own right.

if i were king

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To Skin a Rabbit

to skin a rabbitI, King George, am a Standard, no frills or ruffs, European Royal Rabbit and my neighbours have many of my relatives’ captive for cooking. Now this is a sad state of affairs for, like me, they are of royal blood and do not deserve to be served up on a platter – and yet I must accept that to skin a rabbit is part of some of my peoples’ way of being.

Humans, you see, were knitted to be both omnivore and carnivore and although my personal preference is for leaves, nuts and such, I cannot condemn those that chose to eat my kin.

However, there are ways, and less auspicious ways, of farming animals for the table and I urge all of my subjects to consume less meat, fish and poultry and source that, which passes their lips, from ethically managed establishmentss where the animals live happy, albeit short, lives.

I also suggest honouring the beast by being mindful of it’s sacrifice and not being wasteful of the bounty upon your table.

how to skin a rabbit

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Never Judge a Book by its Cover

To be honest the phrase ‘Never Judge a Book by its Cover’ is a fine colloquialism indeed, for I, King George The Oracle Bunny, have found the most tasty books to nibble are usually the ones with the least inspiring covers!

never judge a book by its's cover

As an oracle I predict that should you follow my example you too may be surprised by the delights within a package all too easily dismissed, by the majority of my people, as unappealing.

I am a Monarch and, as such, have an adoring entourage who fawn and lick my toosh but my team in The Higher Angelic Realms always tell it to me straight! They say:

‘King George you are appointed by God to do his bidding and look after the people but, really dear fellow, you must stop destroying books for they are creative endeavour packaged neatly for intellectual consumption and are not intended as a noble, idle snack!’

king george the oracle bunny

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