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New Age Nonsense and Navel Gazing

new age nonsense and navel gazing

Am I alone in thinking that much of spirituality has been hijacked by folks for selfish, dark ends? I am a member of many online spiritual groups and am constantly saddened by the new age nonsense and navel gazing which occupies so many, and the cliché platitudes trotted out as salve for the walking wounded. It appears to me that truth is convoluted and self-proclaimed experts expound rehashed wisdom to adoring followers who stroke egos which are vehemently denied. The followers then proclaim to be angels/demons or prophets and amongst all the claptrap, truth is lost. And truth, for the finite human mind, is really rather simple ~

The Universe is multifaceted with many forms of life, energy and consciousness and it is not mans’ job to understand all of this, intriguing, and self-absorbing, as it may be to do so. Self-awareness is really all that is required and the ability to live a good life and spread joy and happiness whilst helping others on the way. Whether angels/spirits/demons or aliens exist, (for the record they do,) is not of any real concern to man who has bigger fish to fry – For earth and humanity are facing dangerous days ahead and so each person should be looking to ways to protect themselves and loved ones from the corruption and greed of the elite who intend on destroying us all. This sounds distinctly unspiritual but man is co-creator, with all other sentient, intelligent beings of The Universe and should not be wasting valuable energy in erroneous debate about things that can never be proved or disproved. Time is in short supply and the higher realms tell us this:

‘Peoples of earth stop discussing and squabbling over truths beyond your comprehension and concentrate your thoughts to more local concerns. Ask yourself if you are master of your own destiny? Or whether you have handed over your individual power to faceless bureaucrats in the service of corrupt governments, corporations, religious orders and institutions. There is a war raging in The Universe between light and dark forces and man is on the precipice of disaster. We simply ask that you go within, examine your way of being and make changes which err towards philanthropy and kindness to all for we are one and need man to help co-create a better world and Universe. Everything is energy and by accepting new age hyperbole and endlessly debating beliefs as if truth you create bad energy which feeds the dark agenda and creates a less than desirable reality for all. It is time to stop arguing and reach consensus. Everything you need to know will become apparent over time. Stop listening to false prophets and look within and know that whilst you are precious your life is but a smaller than small part of an organised, symbiotic organism, the Universal Subconscious Mind, and as such you have only to concern yourself with your immediate reality to live a successful and meaningful life. The Universal Subconscious Mind is all that was/is and will ever be and is like a huge vat of etheric soup; it is where we all reside on different planes of consciousness and we wish to clarify that man lives on 3D conscious earth whereas other beings live on other, varying levels of planes of consciousness. At the moment many are talking of 5D consciousness but are confused as to the truth of this construct which is leading to much erroneous debate. Man has the capacity to ascend to 5D consciousness but a sure sign that a person has not ascended to such a level is their proclaiming to have done so for to proclaim such is a manifestation of ego and, the ego no longer holds sway at 5D consciousness! We hang our heads in despair when we hear talk of people claiming to be angels or having ascended to 10D consciousness which is foolish to say the least and wish to remind you all to concentrate your efforts on mindfully extricating yourself from a system designed to enslave.’

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Be Happy xox

(Since November 2018 my writing is truly collaborative with spirit as I am now a channel for them and charged with bringing truth and hope to humanity.)