My first book is just about written and it is time to whirr up the engines to reach an engaged audience who excitedly anticipate reading my honest to goodness true tale of the spiritual realm and my unexpected experiences with my spirit team.

I am an average kinda gal with a sound mind and good humour and expect many folks to disbelieve my story but with an open mind I assure you it is a crackin’ tale of love and hope.

This extraordinary tale has only been made possible by my relationship with Rick, my husband, and his status within the world of spirit.

Mama, Mama Are You There?

Growing up in South East London Linda always felt a little different without understanding why. Her family were loving and home was a happy place but, as a true free spirit, her nature and ways were never truly accepted.  When she was 5 years old her deceased Gran visited her and terrified she firmly slammed the door shut on the Spiritual Realm.
In Derby a little lad was scared and alone in an abusive home. At school he was ostracised and bullied and interfered with by the headmaster. With no safe haven Rick welcomed and found solace with his secret Spirit friend, The Little One, who comforted him through his darkest moments.
In the mid 1800’s a little orphan girl was abandoned and died alone at a Newark workhouse.
This is the moving and true love story of how, despite seemingly insurmountable circumstances, these three souls were finally reunited in this present lifetime. It is a triumphant tale to inspire and challenge accepted concepts about life and death – it shines bright fostering belief, faith and hope. And tells of the unexpected awakening of Linda’s psychic gifts and journey to enlightenment and Rick’s long road to forgiveness, acceptance and healing.
Mama, Mama Are You There? is an astounding story of love and light that the Spirit’s, who have worked tirelessly behind the scenes to divinely gel, encourage Linda and Rick to now share with the world.


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