Love Is All – What Does This Actually Mean?

love is all - what does this actually mean?

I wonder about the phrase Love is all – what does this  actually mean?

Dip your toe gingerly or plunge right on into the crystalline depths of the Spiritual pool, stroke out on your journey and you will soon be swept along, then buffeted by the oft over used phrase ‘Love is All’.” Nowadays I hear and read ‘Love is All.”

“Love is all! Explain to me – Love is all what?”

The phrase is all too often trotted out as an antidote to all the ills of the world. It is bandaided around as a salve to cure all.

Encouraged to reach a state of non-judgement an enlightened soul knows that Love vanquishes Fear. That the opposite to Love is indeed, spiritually speaking, Fear.

Hang on though there just a minute: I always believed the opposite to Love was Hate. And the opposite to Fear was Courage or, perhaps, Bravery? Distinctly I remember Mrs Robinson telling me so in English when I was eleven years old and impressionable to truths.

Fear is, I may be drowning in muddy spiritual, semantic waters. I feel my ankles entangled in weeds intent on dragging me dow. My lungs filling with watered down, rehashed ideas and my head with thoughts too profound to express succinctly. My eyes are popping.

Thank goodness for the metaphorical life buoy, Love is all.

I’m guessing that Love is all purports to an enlightened state of being where all the daily doings and detritus are of little consequence ‘cos Love is all.

The goal of becoming enlightened is not to appear like the Swan gracefully swanning across the waters, funny webbed feet paddling like stink below to create the illusion.

Rather to be the Swan that glides gracefully through life regardless of turbulent waters.

If one is able to accept the premise that Love is all then there is nothing else.

If  nothing else exists, fear, disdain and drama are not real which means that a person can get on with their life in a state of calm knowing and purity of love.

With Love xox