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10 Ways to Live The Life You Deserve

10 Ways to Live The Life You Deserve

In a world where all is compromised, and life is increasingly stressful and tough for most people, The Higher Realms wish to share: 10 Ways to Live The Life You Deserve. For, they say:

‘Man was not put on earth to struggle, nor be enslaved by a system askewed in the favour of the few on the backs of the many.’


You might find what they have to say challenging, radical and even unspiritual in a world swamped by New Age tamborines and glitter but they ask that you keep an open mind.

Here are their suggestions:

One: The way to immediately reclaim your individual power is to refuse to consume news, and all mainstream media, which is designed to hook you into fear and the concept of scarcity. Earth is a bountiful planet and we wish you to know that everything that everyone needs to survive can be sourced for free.  Furthermore, there is more than enough of everything for everyone to live an equitable and happy, long life.

Two: We advise you to look inwards and learn about the true nature of reality which is far more fantastical than any fictional tale. This site is a great place to start your journey as we continue to share wisdom and truth with clarity and a distinct lack of BS.

Three: We suggest you look around and ask yourself if you are living the life you truly wish to live. Honestly assess your day to day routine and pose the following question to yourself: ‘If I died tomorrow would I have any regrets about how I chose to spend my time?’ If the answer is yes, make a list of your dreams and aspirations and consider ways to bring them into your reality.

Four: We urge you to refuse to be a societal slave; that is to say, we suggest you look to legal ways to extricate yourself from a system designed to erode your individual power and hobble you through monetary demands. Taxation is legalised theft as most of the money is hived off for illicit gain. For example, one of the biggest rackets on earth, in towns and cities, is the exorbitant fees charged to park your car in certain zones; this is nothing but a further form of taxation that people accept as normal. Ask yourself where does this money go, does it filter back into the infastructure offering viable, affordable solutions to travel to town in comfort without having to use a car? This is not normal but there is another way. Imagine this – instead of driving to town you cycled or jogged and when shopping you coop with neighbours and carpool. These ideas are not new, nor are they radical, but the aspect that is ground breaking is the suggestion that man does away with organised big government and creates local community initiatives. This is not only possible but highly effective and is the way of society for many other alien species throughout the universe. In fact, humanity is the only specie that allows for colossal control by governments which don’t actually serve the people.

Five: It is time to refuse to vote for representatives who are purely in positions of power for personal gain. Politics/Smolitics – disempowering nonsense designed to confound and create bad energy and disillusion. You may counter that this fellow or that is better than he or she but we tell you the very fact that they work within a corrupt institution means that they themselves are open to be coerced or strong armed into less than favourable policy. All government, church and institution are self-serving and need to be toppled.

Six: Man must become more active in the education of their children. Of course, this is nigh on impossible for most families as both parents are required to work to keep ahead of the bills and luxuries society tells them they need to live a successful life. Or the single parent who is going solo. Still, it is possible. Mainstream education is indoctrination and, in certain countries, home schooling is now illegal which shows you the importance of filling young minds with doctored swill! It is imperative to share the art of freethought and speech with your young and to encourage them to meditate and sit in nature which is The All’s gift of wellbeing to humanity. At the end of the day take time to talk about the true nature of the universe and share what you yourself are committed to learning on your path to self-discovery. The world needs people capable of pure thought, and creativity, for these are the fuel of creation. (You can read more about this HERE.)

Seven: Once you realise that your life is compromised by a system designed to make unthinking, compliant worker citizens you might wish to step outside of the circus ring – this is when you need to grow elephantine, elephant balls! For you will undoubtedly have to make some fierce choices about your lifestyle and be obliged to stop being a consumer of falsehoods. We suggest you look to ways to limit your financial outgoings – tiny houses are all the rage but these are not practical for a large family but we ask, do you really have to live in the swankiest district and drive the smartest car? Would you be any less happy living in a less expensive postcode in a more modest house, driving a five years old Ford? Is it viable for you to live off grid and save on utility bills? Do your kids regularly need new bikes, phones or game consoles? Could you holiday more modestly? We are not saying that these things are inherently bad, but we are saying that if they leave you enslaved and impoverished, are they really worth your life on a day to day basis? – something to consider eh!?

Eight: Your health should be a priority and with the imminent roll out globally of the 5G communication network, which pollutes the environment with dangerous levels of radiation, you will need to look to ways to stay healthy without having to rely on privatised medical care – for this is the global plan for the near future. Again, we counsel you that earth has all that man needs to be happy and healthy, and we urge you to educate yourself about diet and natural ways to remain well. Of course, doctors are important, (both conventional and holistic), but once a diagnosis is received, you would be well advised to look for natural alternatives, whenever feasible, rather than becoming a victim of big pharma which creates clients rather than cures.

Nine: Laughter and humour are the way to happiness and health and you should make it a priority to watch comedy on television, mess around and feed your silly. When a person laughs it is infectious and raises the collective energy which goes a long way to creating a better reality for one and all.

10 Ways to Live The Life You Deserve.

Ten: We ask you to take a moment to stop in the aisle of any big supermarket and take stock of the shit on the shelves that you are encouraged to consume! Food is energy and we tell you that 90% of the products offered are of a low vibration being made of refined ingredients which are laden with pesticides and antibiotics; if they are not genetically modified! It is time to look to ways to grow your own food; it is possible to have a vegetable garden in pots on a small terrace and grow essential, healing herbs on windowsills. Water is polluted and filters should be used before consuming. Meat, preferably organic and sourced locally, should be consumed occasionally – if at all, and should be sourced from a supplier that protects the welfare of the animals and quality of product. You would be well advised to omit sugar from your diet and eat locally produced honey for your sweet fix, if your finances allow. Bees are endangered so you might consider a few hives in your yard to help both yourself, for honey is a cure all elixir from heaven, and the environment.

These suggestions are designed to prompt you into a greater awareness of your right to live a wonderful life, free from outside control. We urge you to review your lifestyle as a matter of urgency to allow you to live your best life possible. The human lifespan is short, and we do not wish for you to pass back to spirit with eternal regrets.

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Be Happy xox

(Since November 2018 my writing is truly collaborative with spirit as I am now a channel for them and charged with bringing truth and hope to humanity.)