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The Art of Creation

The Universe is one helluva creation and never stands still. Things that appear to be the same over many years are actually in a constant state of change and this can be witnessed short term, as if watching a speeded-up time lapse film, with the short life of a bloom. As an artist my work has never stood still and I am always looking around the corner for the next creative accident that leads me down unexpected paths – stumbling upon happy accidents showering vibrant, creative sparks. Yet, there is an art to the art of creation which centres upon showing up regularly and putting in the gritty, not so pretty, grunt work.

Recently my Team in Spirit have been gently chivvying me along to establish a routine whereby my spiritual studies, writing, social media, art and husband are all embraced and celebrated! For, they caution me, a life is short and they do not wish for me to pass back to spirit having not fulfilled my true creative potential.

I have committed to listen to my audible books whilst sewing up a storm. This work is small scale, portable, (handy for when on the hoof,) and experimental. I term ‘them’ energetic studies and patiently await grander work to reveal itself. The fabric I use is harvested from French Brocantes, a nod to my previous activity as antique dealer living in France, and each morsel of weave is chosen for colour, stain and story. Houses and things hold the energy of the past and by using old cloth and stitching in hair, crystals, twigs and the likes these wee creations become energetic beacons of a ritualistic nature. They are also studies in quiet subversion as stitch is historically considered to be a process to create things of practical use whereas these delights are created for the sheer delight of creating.

God, Source, Infinite Creator or The All, as the hermeticists term the force behind creation, is a conscious being that champions creativity as the primary reason his ‘evolved, sentient being creations’ are in physical form. Through intelligent play lessons are learned and the soul, over many lifetimes, slowly creeps closer to source. We are all here to ascend and despite what we are taught at school, where we are indoctrinated to be compliant slaves to a system rigged in the favour of the few at the cost of the many, we are meant to live creative lives on our own unique terms.

God is the ultimate creator and as such has made man in his image: to be ultimate kickass creators rather than drones who work in dead end jobs to pay for materialistic shit that is extraneous and unnecessary for an individual to live a happy and creative life. Far better to be materialistically poor and yet free to play than to be enslaved. These words come direct from source!

Spirituality and creativity are sexy bedfellows who dance a merry and romantic fandango to the energetic tunes of The Universe. With this in mind I ask you: have you ever noticed how many artists/writers/dancers/musicians et al are spiritual, not talking religious here, and often light in being?


Many of our feted cultural heroes including John Lennon, Michael Jackson, Mozart, John Constable, Marilyn Monroe, Elvis, Edward Blake to name a few were indeed, my team in spirit tell me, lightworkers extraordinaire! My team continues to inform me that 90% of successful artists, in the broadest sense of the word – think ‘creators,’ are indeed lightworkers!

And yet, sadly, there is a flipside to this coin. For the creative spirit is open to all experiences far more than your average spirit and therefore can be easily seduced into erroneous thought and behaviour and slip into darkness with relative ease. This is where the romantic, yet highly damaging, notion of the impoverished, mad artist in a garret comes into play. Depression and addiction are feted as ‘normal’ behaviour for a person tormented and frustrated by their own creativity – I am thinking of Van Gogh here who ultimately took his own life whilst in the throes of creative despair.

Watercolour by Adolf Hitler. Source Unknown.

Winston Churchill in his studio. Source Unknown.

Darker yet are personages such as Hitler and Churchill who were both extraordinarily creative and talented but chose to use their creativity for evil ends. Both are damned souls. Hitler was an accomplished artist as was Churchill but, both men chose to subvert their creativity and use it against humanity. Mostly everyone knows of the evil of Hitler, but few are aware of the depraved nature of Churchill who has been honoured by the British people as their saviour. Yet Churchill was an evil man who was one of the leading lights in the illuminati in his day, and he is directly responsible for the travesty that is the Middle East we now witness. He was an imperialist and globalist and the ally of the New World Order and as such is in fact worse than Hitler who was simply a depraved man. Churchill was highly intelligent and aware of the end game, which is to cull and enslave humanity for the aggrandisement of the few. As such he is, my team in spirit tell me, one of the worst souls to have walked the earth and has been consigned to the underworld – (think non- recyclable trash can,) where all souls deemed beyond redemption are tossed aside, for eternity.

Creativity is integral to life and it is a foolish trait of society to dismiss it as trivial for it is the foundation of all and as such should be championed in all its various guises. Each of us is born inherently creative but as time passes we can easily lose touch with this truth. Therefore, I challenge you to step into your own particular, peculiar creative being and to blind us all with your own unique diddlings and doings!

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Be Happy xox

(Since November 2018 my writing is truly collaborative with spirit as I am now a channel for them and charged with bringing truth and hope to humanity.)

the art of affirmation

Affirmations are the Key to Kickass Manifestation

Affirmations are the key to kickass manifestation and creating the life you desire and deserve and should be considered as an artist’s brush to paint a picture of the reality you dream of. They have the power to change a persons’ life irrevocably to the point that it becomes unrecognisable to themselves and others. The art of affirmation is creation on steroids!

Copyright 2018. Linda Dacey-Laforge.

Affirmations are a gift from the Universe which allows an individual to create exactly what they wish for through thought which is the main energetic drive of the Law of Attraction. There are many people online selling courses on how to manifest the perfect life but they are mainly false prophets selling false hope.

Anyone can have the life of their dreams by simply adopting the practice of affirmations daily and these affirmations can be as simple or complex as a person desires. For instance, I myself often affirm: I Am Success, I Am Abundance but then throw a more complicated affirmation into the mix such as: I Am a Powerful Divine Being and I emphatically refuse any and all forms of communication with the dark!

These affirmations need to be said daily to gather momentum and power and I try to repeat them, as well as many others, morning and night as a matter of routine. Visual image boards and playing your perfect life scenario out in the theatre of your mind is unnecessary twaddle – all a person needs to do is commit to the practice of daily affirmations and miracles will happen.


The Universe is always listening and has big ears and is happy to oblige but, be careful, for it has no conscience and does not differentiate between good and bad and so wrong thought can easily cancel out the best held and repeated affirmation. Everything is energy and like attracts like and this is the law of attraction which is manifestation of all reality.

And so, to help you on your way I have designed a range of products with simple, super charged affirmations for your delectation and you can browse my full range, which I will be adding to regularly, HERE.

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Be Happy xox

(Since November 2018 my writing is truly collaborative with spirit as I am now a channel for them and charged with bringing truth and hope to humanity.)

the christmas spirit

The Christmas Spirit

Christmas is a magical time, especially for young children. We were privileged as my parents made sure that the festive season was a wonderful time for brother and me. And so, the anticipation mounted in the weeks running up to Christmas Eve. I have many fond memories of us both rustling around the Christmas tree getting excited for Santa’s imminent visit; how illicit to prod, poke and shake the gifts and how we giggled in delight when, pushing the paper close to the package we managed to decipher clues as to the content of the package! I have vivid and cherished memories of the scent of the first Satsuma of the season. Browsing the TV and Radio Times – (two long forgotten UK publications which scheduled all the Xmas viewings with reviews) – and planning our holiday viewings. Lazy afternoons with sweets and treats watching charmingly innocent and corny Christmas films. Ferrying the dropped pine needles, in Dinky toy dumper trucks, across the mustard coloured embossed carpet which chaffed my knees. In the weeks leading up to festivities we truly embraced the Christmas Spirit.

Then Auntie Olive and Uncle Dave would arrive from Brightlingsea, a small unspoilt seaside town in Suffolk, to do their Christmas shopping. Croydon had one of the first UK indoor shopping centres: The Whitgift Centre, and, in the 1970’s, the first ever UK branch of McDonald’s opened, but that is another story!

Auntie Olive and Uncle Dave would get up early and, for two days, shop until they were just shy to drop. They would return happily laden with bags, for the family in Brightlingsea was large, and would, wearily but full of wonder, settle down to show us all of their purchases. Brother and I were small, I was about 6, and we would enviously ogle and eye the gifts whilst understanding that they were not for us; but, at the bottom of the bags, there was always a little something for myself and brother. I particularly recall a small plastic blister pack brooch, with a small door that opened, which housed a beautiful, small doll with auburn red ringlets.

On Christmas Eve Mum and Dad would boil the Chestnuts for the stuffing and would sit convivially in the backroom scooping the flesh from the steaming skins whilst brother and I grew excited to open the one gift deemed appropriate for us to have before Christmas morning. We were just about fit to burst! After Gran passed Grandad would stay for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day night and sleep in my bedroom. This meant that I would sleep on a camp bed made up in my brother’s bedroom which was a rare and wonderful treat. Getting to sleep was nigh on impossible as we excitedly whispered about what Santa might bring us both. One year my brother, who is two years older than me, startled me from slumber with the words;

‘Quick, quick Linda or you will miss him!’

I speedily scampered to my brother’s side, both peering from behind the curtains at the night sky he sighed;

‘Oh no you missed him! I saw Father Christmas and his sleigh fly by!’

I remember the magic of this moment clearly and thank my brother for this precious gift.

In the early hours Mum and Dad would fill two white pillowcases, which sat at the foot of the stairs, with all manner of delights and, in the ridiculously early hours of the morn, we would creep downstairs to get our sacks! We would then open, always by torchlight to avoid detection, the wrapped gifts as quietly as possible – but each rip and tear amplified and echoed in the still of the night. Once opened, and shared, we would systematically put everything back into the pillowcase and settle down to sleep. My parents were generous and our gifts were always what we asked for with nuts and sweets a plenty.

On Christmas morning we would innocently share what Father Christmas had brought us with Mum and Dad before tucking into a hearty plate of fresh cut ham, and eggs! We would then hurriedly tidy up and rush into the front room where the mound of gifts sat winking and waiting under the tree. By the time the unwrapping was done the floor would be a patchwork of colourful wrappings, rosettes and cellotape which filled a large black bin bag. We were all truly blessed.

Mum would then start the cooking as we readied ourselves for our Aunt, Uncle and cousins to arrive. They would rock up early at about 11.00am and then the fun would really begin! Our stuffed full pillowcases would then be dragged from room to room as we showed and shared our bounty with our cousins. What great Christmas’s we shared with food, games, love and laughter aplenty.

All of these marvellous memories got me thinking about my daughter in spirit, Little One, who never had the opportunity to enjoy such joyous times, for she passed impoverished and without her parents at a very young age. She has a best friend called Jacob who has also never had a Christmas such as I just shared and so I got to thinking – what could I do for these two wee souls to give them a small taste of the spirit of Christmas.

And so I decided to remodel my remembrance alter table into a festive spot for the children to visit. I wanted to share the festive season with them. Initially I imagined a twig with fairy lights and my crystals arranged as gifts underneath but this soon seemed a little sad and the concept grew legs!


Little One and Jacob were most grateful for their Christmas twig but a little disappointed at its haphazard form and this made me realise that my efforts had been a tad lame. They asked if I could find a prettier twig and then Jacob continued by asking if I would be his Mama too! After a bit of a muddle I agreed to be his ‘Special Auntie Linda,’ rather than Mama, explaining that I had no nephew and that this would make my heart sing to be his adoptive Auntie. Happy they then dotted off into the ether to play whilst I considered what I could do to up the ante Auntie!

So, feeling the Christmas Spirit within, I decided to make a small grotto and set to immediately. When Little One and Jacob next visited they were delighted and were so excited that my guardian angel Matthew tells me that they then did the rounds in the spiritual realms explaining how wonderful their Mama/Special Auntie Linda was to have created them their own special winter wonderland.

Matthew then continued;

Knowing how happy these beautiful small souls were with such a trifling gesture made me even more determined to improve on my plan and so, each day just before retiring to sleep I have been adding items to the Xmas winter wonderland so as to delight these children in spirit.

And, Matthew tells me;

‘Delighted they are. As are we Linda for your small trifling gesture is something that we have never before witnessed and it has gladdened all our hearts and added magic to what is already a most wondrous time of year; but Linda there is more for your one small deed has been seen by many here in spirit and next year all lightworkers who speak to us here in spirit are to be encouraged to do the same for the children who passed young and rest with us here! So, in honour of your initiative these winter wonderlands will be known as ‘Linda’s gift to all.’

Amazed at this revelation I am instructed to request that all who read this piece share this article far and wide for, in a world consumed with greed and materialism, it is truly the simple things that count the most and make the difference. I am also asked that those who have lost children at a tender age should commit to doing this too as it brings their lost ones close at what is a very special family time.

Bright Blessings at Christmas.

Be Happy xox

(Since November 2018 my writing is truly collaborative with spirit as I am now a channel for them and charged with bringing truth and hope to humanity.)

what is it about a name that can leave me cold

What is it About a Name That Can Leave Me Cold?

What is it About a Name That Can Leave Me Cold? ~ Religion is a tricky subject and not one that I have ever been much interested in for I have always smelt a rat in the pew! If pushed I would say that by circumstance of birth I should be a Christian, Church of England, but in truth I have always shunned all organised religion, quickly realising that I was being played. From an early age until I was eleven years old my parents insisted my brother and I go to Sunday Service at the nearest church, Baptist, to where we lived. It didn’t matter about the denomination it was, I believe, about doing the right thing – being seen to have given our young minds a chance to embrace God.

The church we frequented was a cold, forlorn and loveless affair filled with an odd bunch of cold, forlorn and loveless folks who didn’t particularly like children. The sermons were as dull and dowdy as old grey socks, and the vicar was a dry, bald twig of a fellow who used to bore me with his uninspired sermons. I used to sit alone, quietly absorbed with making blutack animals behind my bible! The only good thing about the whole dull ordeal was that, through going to church, I was allowed to join The Girls Brigade where, on a Friday night, I would anticipate buying sweets to share with Dad when I got home!

When I turned eleven I was told to walk down the corridor and join the big boys and girls in bible study group. No one thought to introduce me, and the room was filled with awkward teenagers who oozed angst and stared at me hostilely as I stood, afraid, in the doorway. I quietly left and never returned; my church days done.

This church was a place of hypocrisy and hate and this was very clear to me from a tender age. I realised immediately that people hid behind their religion pretending to be ‘God fearing’ upright individuals whilst being unkind to little ones in the congregation. I myself was shunned by adult and child alike and learnt early on that religion bred extreme hypocrisy. These people never talked to me and yet were quick to judge and scold whilst making no attempt to brighten the proceedings for all concerned.

I have always believed that something of extreme significance existed and was responsible for creation. I envisaged this as a kind of nebulous swirling energy and have always actively shunned the name ‘God’ preferring something nondescript such as infinite creator. God to me was a boring fellow who was used by boring folks to hide behind whilst being mean to fellow man.


The congregation of the church I frequented were the worst that humanity has to offer and yet proclaimed that God loved them. This was nonsense as he tells me that he detested them all! Now this is a shocking thing to write as God loves all men and judges no one except, in truth, this is a lie. God sees all and judges everything. There is no free ticket and an account is held for every deed and thought and he tells me that these people were held to account when they passed – this is an inflammatory and unfashionable thing to say and will, no doubt, rain down criticism but it is as I am guided to write.

To be honest I still struggle with the name ‘God’ for God’s name should never be used in vain but, in my book, that is exactly what all organised religion has done! Yet recently I have been gently chastised and told in no uncertain terms that God’s name is God and that I must acknowledge it as such – I guess you don’t call Charlie, ‘John,’ ~ it just ain’t celestial cricket!

All this said I feel that I am not alone in my aversion to God’s name being ‘God.’

And so, I reiterate my question: What is it About a Name That Can Leave Me Cold? ~ And, is it only me that gets a dose of the prejudice hebegebees at the mention of the word ‘God?’


I recently wrote an important article on my site which garnered measly views. Entitled, ‘What if God’s Word was Subverted?’ this got me thinking that, perhaps, I am not alone in my distaste for God’s name. A truly spiritual piece I feel that many seekers and spiritually self-determined individuals will shy away from my writing because of the ‘correct’ use of God’s name as God. And I wonder what a gal can do to counter this prejudice: for I am no bible bashing zealot and have important messages to share.

Be Happy xox

(Since November 2018 my writing is truly collaborative with spirit as I am now a channel for them and charged with bringing truth and hope to humanity.)

What if The Word was Subverted

What if The Word was Subverted?

What if The Word was subverted – a little light reading: Humanity is in serious trouble and is blind to the extreme gravity of the reality that is all around. Yet this is not really the fault of the common (wo)man who has been systematically, and by cynical design, denied their true nature for hundreds of years. Education in the Western world is little more than indoctrination and is designed to break the spirit of the young. I myself witnessed this clearly with my own child who was harried and bullied for being different to the point that I had to take him out of school early to protect him from a system designed to destroy his individuality or spirit.

In its simplest terms; the Cosmos is a big vat of soup with many different herbs, spices and ingredients which make the tasty whole. That is to say that you and I, the stars and galaxies, heavens and earth and all sentient beings, minerals and plants are one aspect of the same vast organism. And this organism is pure energy with everything dancing to different tunes. Within the whole there are things moving to a slow waltz and others rocking hard to metal and, depending on the energy of the music, the end result is very different to the manifestation of form. For form is energy in different guise and as such all things are created through frequency and vibration. Once a person fully comprehends this fundamental truth they have the power to create their own reality as thought is the fuel that stokes the boiler that feeds energy. This energy is God, the Infinite Creator or Universal Subconscious Mind.

State and Church have known this truth for very many years and have gone out of their way to hide it from the people they purport to serve. They do not have the common (wo)man’s best interest at heart and prefer to subvert energy for personal gain to the detriment of the individual ‘serf,’ animals and environment.

Personally, I have never been a lover of any organised religion and feel that all are designed to control the people. When I look around me and ponder on history I know that religion has been used to justify war and suffering since it’s invention and rather conveniently the elite come out, smelling of roses, having profited on the backs of the misery and death of those deemed collateral damage in their games of power, control and profit. There are religions which purport to care for man who systematically abuse the weak and vulnerable with impunity. This a crime against humanity condoned by the people who know what is going on but are too scared, busy or apathetic to make a stand against such evil. Sex is demonised whereas it is God’s greatest gift to his people and should be celebrated in all its many nefarious, consensual and non-violent forms. Monogamy is often sold as the only way as it makes for a tidy society but free love is God’s preference and he celebrates all manner of manifestations sexually. Then there are religions which allow for polygamy to the detriment of the females whom are deemed chattels. God, I am informed, is most displeased!

I have always shied away from naming, what I termed The Infinite Creator, God.  ‘God’ to me conjures up images of religious men pedalling doctrine and shutting down free thought but my guides in spirit insist that I call God by his true name which is, they say, ‘God.’ However, God takes no form and is neither masculine nor feminine. God is eternal energy which can never be destroyed but can be transmuted. God is the Universal Subconscious Mind and as such we are all the smallest, smithereens of a splinter, chip off the almighty block.

In the past I would have been labelled a heretic for what I write but today, whilst risking being seriously trolled, the implications of speaking my truth are far less gory and horrific. Historically those that spoke out against burgeoning religions were side-lined, ridiculed (no change there!) tortured and killed to silence dissent from the preferred narrative which aimed to shut down knowledge and freethought. Man is foolish to allow others to dictate the colour and form of their lives and as such must assume personal responsibility and change their beliefs and thoughts to change both the collective and individual reality. By doing this humanity can be saved from the grip of the psychopaths who rule over us all.

And now for the really controversial and contentious bit: Religion is a manmade concept and I am told God is not best pleased to have his name used in vain by those that do so for self-aggrandisement. Furthermore, God is most displeased with humanity and their refusal to think for themselves! The system is rigged in the favour of those at the top and religion has been hijacked by the dark; for the dark is created by erroneous thought and is indeed error whereas truth is good and truth is God.


It is a convenient invention of men of power to have created holy books which mish mash spiritual truths with lies and deception thereby creating fear, confusion and obedience. And a lucky accident, by design, that most people are happy to hand over their individual power to State and Church and righteously round on those that dare to criticise religion or democracy which is, itself, a joke of magnificent proportions. Zealots, bigots and drones abound enslaved by a system designed to do just that. I am often amazed, that in the 21st Century, so many people are blind to the manipulation that they are being subjected to. They happily stone, behead or abuse any voice that speaks out against the manufactured, deceptive truth.

So, What if Gods word was subverted? Religion is evil as it is the invention of man to control fellow man. I am told that there is no such thing as a holy book – all are fabrications conceived to control and all are to be dismissed! Before religion was invented man believed in the seasons of the earth and was grounded, he was free to do as he pleased without fear of judgement from higher authorities invented to control his every move. This collective belief spanned earth and is still in existence today. It is called Paganism and is still frowned upon by those in power as it understands and celebrates the true nature of reality and allows for individuals to step into their own unique power.

Paganism is the only true faith and I am asked to stress that this is the word of ‘God.’

Man is responsible for creating reality and by allowing the State and Church, and more recently corporation, to control freethought we unwittingly hand them the tools to create mayhem and destruction all around.

Talking about creating reality you might appreciate this quick read here.

Be Happy xox

(Since November 2018 my writing is truly collaborative with spirit as I am now a channel for them and charged with bringing truth and hope to humanity.)

Dare to be a Lone Wolf

A lot has happened since June 2016 when unsolicited a little spirit girl called out to me, ‘Mama, Mama are you there?’ I am now a channel for spirit and am acquainted with a team of light energetic beings who guide, protect and encourage me. And I have identified that I am a Spiritual Anarchist! I dare to be a lone wolf.

It transpires that I willingly agreed to be a messenger of hope and truth for humanity in our troubled times. This extraordinary and lofty revelation leaves me thinking that I must have been bonkers whilst dotting around in the ether! For each of us is a bundle of eternal busy energy in the cosmic soup until reincarnated when we become a spiritual being, having a physical experience. Everyone of us is the most infinitesimally small expression of the infinite creator or universal mind which in simplistic terms means that we are not separate as we are led to believe. Rather we are one big, nay ginormous beyond imagining, whole.

I have and continue to be a diligent student of the esoteric, the occult and dark arts which have absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with black witchcraft, devils, demons or fallen angels which are an erroneous belief couched in superstition and misguided doctrine. I am particularly drawn to Hermeticism which is an ancient form of philosophy and spiritual belief with ideas that are only now being proven to be true through modern science. Hermeticism states that everything is energy and everything is one.

So, I am mightily surprised to find that I am on the path to spiritual enlightenment as I always labelled myself to be an atheist. Recently I realised, after a particularly troll like exchange on, that I am in fact a ‘Theist!’ More than that it transpires that my particular strain of Theism is actually known as ‘Deism!’ – who’da known!

Theism is the belief in the existence of at least one god. Atheism is its opposite of theism, the lack of belief in the existence of any gods. Deism is a type of theism, the belief in a god who created the universe, but does not intervene in it.

It transpires that Theists believe in ‘God’s,’ I use the term in its broadest non-religious sense, ability to intervene and create miracles whereas Deists believe ‘God’ remains impartial to mans activity and respects freewill and does not bestow miracles. This sounds rather depressing but the Deist ‘God’ defers miraculous activity to the angels, his unsung heroes, and his spirit servants. (Phew, I love a miracle – don’t you?!)

Anyway, I am going off topic here.

Spiritual Anarchy

In our troubled times there is a need for an altogether more aggressive, in the best possible sense, form of spirituality. Holding space, chanting for peace and scattering glitter and posting memes of Unicorns and pretty rainbows has its place in the grand scheme of things but our corrupt world also requires spiritual anarchists. There is a need for people to realise the depth of depravity of those that hold power who are systematically eroding humanities rights in an effort to cull and finally enslave a small remaining minority of people who are deemed useful to ‘their’ selfish and devious cause.

The word Anarchy holds troublesome connotations but the actual definition of this word is broader than most imagine: n. Absence of any form of political authority. (n. Political disorder and confusion. n. Absence of any cohesive principle, such as a common standard or purpose.) I use it to indicate an absence of any form of political authority.

I define Spiritual Anarchy to mean the activity of peoples who understand the true nature of the Universe and concept of oneness; folks who strive to create a world where equality reigns through cooperation and respect for each individuals’ right to self-determination.

Everything in the cosmos is energy and levels of consciousness. Earth is primarily a 3D consciousness construct although it is possible for a person to ascend to 5D consciousness and still reside here on earth. My light team in spirit are of 5D consciousness but when a person passes, or colloquially croaks, they may be at any level below and up to 5D consciousness. Anything below 5D consciousness and a soul is obliged to reincarnate.

The reason I mention this is not to blow your mind! Rather to explain that the concept of Spiritual Anarchy as I define it to be, is reliant on people reaching a 5D level of consciousness and cooperation to facilitate success.

In our world today most of us operate at 3D or below consciousness and so the very idea of a world without government and institution is virtually impossible for most people to contemplate let alone comprehend.

The elite are hellbent on destroying common man and through devious means we are all under attack. Wars rage, food is tampered with and contaminated, weather manipulation, HARP, causes storms, tsunamis and earthquakes, the earth’s resources are pillaged, affordable healthcare is denied, energy weapons are used on civilians for land grab, 5G internet towers pollute the environment, vaccines cause illness and are programmed to sterilise and kill, paedophilia is being normalised etc, etc ad infinitum.

Most people remain sadly oblivious to these truths preferring to scoff and deride those that try to nudge them awake and yet truth is often more fantastical than fiction. Things are going to get messy in the coming years and The Spiritual Anarchist has a crucial role in awakening the masses to the true nature of our world, being and inherent individual power. For nothing is as it seems and we are all divine beings, a small part of the infinite mind. This truth has been systematically denied man for many centuries. The Hermeticists’ were relentlessly persecuted and burnt at the stake in the middle ages in an attempt to silence them and keep this knowledge from the common (wo)man. Most organised religions are also guilty of denying us our true nature in an attempt to manipulate and control. And yet the mind is powerful beyond our wildest imaginings and humanity may be saved on an individual, one by precious one, basis if people are willing to commit to self-awareness and growth.

‘God’ the great respecter of freewill will not intervene to save earth it is up to us folks.

Be Happy xox

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(Since November 2018 my writing is truly collaborative with spirit as I am now a channel for them and charged with bringing truth and hope to humanity.)

A Wise Analogy for a Happy Life ~ Of Water and Ice

A wise analogy for a happy life: This morning I woke up grumpy and less than my glorious, normal self. Rick, my husband since August last year, caught the brunt of my metaphorical mouldiness squarely on his metaphorical chin. (Fortunately for me he is a solid, sterling fella who forgives easily). He then gifted me his wise analogy for a happy life – Of Water and Ice.

I have had 3 significant relationships in my life. For eleven years I lived with, and foolishly married, a philandering toad! I then enjoyed eight years with a French fella before things zimply fizzled out.

And then, I met Rick. I was 42.

We have been together now for 10 years and things, between us, are beyond great despite the fabric of our daily lives being a tad tattered – hence my less than glowing morning disposition!

Rick is a rare, wise and extremely old soul. He is a powerful psychic who, prior to me, had never told anyone of his abilities. His gifts are as natural to him as the action of breathing and since dot he has communicated with Spirit.

Living with him is never dull and I have witnessed many peculiar happenings but never felt fear. From the beginning I had an unconscious knowing that the visits were of the lightest and brightest spirits who popped by with the purest of intentions.

And then, in June 2016, the spirits made themselves known to me and I gleaned further insight into the man I love and share my life with.

(I know that when I read this to Rick he will feel deeply uncomfortable and prefer that I keep stuum but, in the context of my message here, what I share is integral).

It transpires that Rick and I have a spiritual team rooting for us in the ether! And Rick is a respected member of this team reincarnated to help me succeed – I know, I know the woman is delusional!

The Spirits call him ‘The General’ and often counsel me to heed his guidance. For he is wise and often blows me away with his ability to give solid advice and create meaningful analogies.

Of Water and Ice: A Wise Analogy for a Happy Life

So, back to me being magnificently mouldy this morn.

Churlishly I wittered on about having a positive message to share with the world, through my natural talents, which continue to be generally overlooked. I struggle with the indifference much of my work receives. My writing is sound and my art considered and yet I continue to blow in the breeze, for the most part being ignominiously, ignored.

So here is what he said:

“Linda, you matter. The world does not matter. If you are in a room looking out of the window what is outside is of little importance. It is only when you open the window that your world is influenced; you allow the air, the sounds and smells to change your experience. Continue with your work and don’t let the outside influences change you – keep the window shut”.

He continued;

“You cannot change the whole world you can only change a small part of it starting with yourself and how you choose to react to it”

He stopped for a moment and added;

“Think of water and ice. Imagine a glass of water and a glass of ice. You can instantly change water by flavouring it with, perhaps, a cordial but pour that cordial in the glass of ice and the frozen water remains impermeable – unchanged, solid and unmoved. You cannot hope to reach everyone but for those that resonate with your message their glass is the water that benefits from the flavours of your cordial.”

Now I might be biased but this is genius and, feeling more chipper, I felt compelled to share it with you!

We create our own reality and if operating from a place of honest intention should shun the indifference and opinion of others upon us.

We owe it to ourselves to be true to ourselves and stand tall and proud in our truths.

With Gratitude and Love xox

Expletives: “Fuck”, Are You Offended?

I have always enjoyed ribaldrous expletives thoughtfully slipped into sentences for maximum effect. The complete inappropriateness of lewd language, used creatively, when least expected  makes me smile.

A tad childish I know but hey, fuck it!

To be clear I abhor abusive, anger strewn swearing, spat venomously in the face of recipient; whether deservedly or not. I feel that once a person stoops to foul language in an argument they risk losing the moral high-ground.

I am also not so keen on continual swearing in conversation when other words would better serve. And yet,  I have no issue with colourful language in films or drama especially when used in relevant context.

Or an F bomb, or other colourful grenade, dropped nonchalantly for reinforcement.

I am no shy, retiring delicate flower; I know much of life is gritty and choose to not be easily offended by a string of seemingly innocuous letters written or uttered.

Still, truth is words have power, they are energy – the currency of communication. Their use/misuse has ramifications. To swear inappropriately is a show of lack of self control and with this in mind it is suggested that all language be considered carefully before utterance.

Swearing though is considered cool by many and this article, due to it’s contoversial title, ‘Expletives: “Fuck”, Are You Offended?’ has garnered a far greater response than any other article I have shared here on my site! This is a sorry indictment of humanity’s base desire for salacious news, gossip and abuse.


We have a duty to be discerning so when my father dismisses a film, on the grounds of bad language, well, this kinda fucks me off! ~ I hate hypocrisy and find it far more hurtful to be told unfair judgements upon my character than to be told to fuck off.

In the end all words are just a string of consonants and vowels conceived to create meaning. They have magnificent power. They have none. It simply depends on how we choose to process them.

(And to wrap it up: some good news! Science indicates that folks that swear are more intelligent than those that claim offence to a jumble of letters given voice! If intrigued you can read more here.) 

Be Happy xox

spiritual codes and ciphers

Spiritual Codes and Ciphers

The other night I received a surprising, revelatory and complex coded message. I spent half the night Googling spiritual codes and ciphers and the other half as excited as a flea. Codes and ciphers create energetic pathways and are tools of wisdom and magic. They are a favourite means of communictaion for the spirits who are masters at veiled messages and analogy.

The spiritual realms love a code and rarely speak in plain language, preferring to communicate in metaphor and innuendo. They often interupt my slumber with visual flashes of obscure scenarios and dreams which meander with ease and allegory. When I awake I often ask my guardian angel, Matthew,

‘Was that a message?’ And invariably he replies ‘Yes.’

We then chat, telepathically, as he helps me to unpick and make sense of the narrative and guidance woven within. These messages are becoming a regular occurence in my life and are intriguing and informative. As I progress along my path to true enlightenment I am being guided to embrace my true nature and purpose which is to help others to become enlightened. For, in our troubled world, self knowledge is power and the unseen realms wish to help humanity ascend and avert destruction.

As time passes man will come to realise the true nature of government, church and institution and realise the importance of self actualisation which is attainable for one and all.


So, the next time you have an image flash before your minds eye unbidden or a rambling dream do not be so keen to dismiss it. Rather sit with it quietly and ask if it was indeed a message for nine times out of ten there is hidden meaning and guidance within.

These wisps are real folks! And they are ready to help us all. All you need do is ask with purity in your heart and good intentions ~ then, listen carefully with all six of your God given senses.

Be Happy xox

Need a little magic in your life? This might inspire you…

ways how spirit communictaes with us

Ways Spirit Communicates With Us.

Since my spiritual epiphany about 15 months ago I have learnt the various ways spirit communicates with us. I have become more self-aware and understand fully that each of us are spiritual beings having a physical experience. Absolutely everything in the Universe is energy and energy can never be destroyed. This means that whilst our physical form, the vehicle, deteriorates and eventually conks out altogether the consciousness that animates the body lives on as a free flowing, energetic wave.

The spirit which animates the body is eternal and cannot be destroyed but if deemed appropriate it can be decommissioned. This is rare, but in extreme cases when a soul, (which is the personality,) refuses to listen to the spirit which animates it and the physical body and therefore does not learn the valuable lessons imperative for it to continue on its journey, it will be consigned to the underworld where it remains for eternity.

My husband Rick is a reluctant psychic and during our 10 years together I have witnessed many strange phenomena. Whilst I always believed that the soul somehow lived on I had no solid personal proof prior to 2016.  Today I am fortunate to be able to speak with my Mum in spirit and lucid dream. I had my first lucid dream shortly after a good friend died. He generously showed me that there is no such thing as death, as society generally perceives it. This amused me as he was previously quite adamant that when you died it was a definitive game over deal.

Prior to the passing of Mum and my mate I had contact from several spirits who were unknown to me at the time.  I now understand that they are part of a spiritual team of which I have become a member. It seems that we are a soul family that have danced together throughout many years and incarnations but, whilst I am again accepted into the fold as a member, these lives and doings I cannot remember.

The spiritual realm exists on a higher energetic vibration than where we reside. For the spirits to be able to communicate we must raise our vibration whilst they lower theirs to facilitate contact. Somewhere in the mist and swirling energetic ether contact becomes possible. For communication to occur a person must believe in the unseen realms either consciously or subconsciously for the mind is truly powerful and will block any contact with ease if a person has any doubt whatsoever as to the possibility of alternate realms of existence.

We all have the inherent ability ‘to see’ beyond the physical world but contact and esoteric experiences cannot be forced. Everything is on a schedule entitled ‘divine timing’ which cannot be meddled with. Plus, a person must be truly and honestly open to the possibility that all may not be as it seems. The spirits are not in the game of convincing anyone as to their existence and above all else respect free will. They choose to leave the doubters in peace.

Since sharing my experiences and truth I have been called delusional. This is a rather damning label to have slapped on one’s forehead and honestly makes me a little uncomfortable but knowing myself to be sane, savvy and solid I will continue.


I am astounded by the ability of my team to interact with me. As pure energy they can influence things and environments to facilitate communication which is not always verbal.

Ways spirit communicates with us:

  • Objects can move. I have not witnessed the actual moment of movement but doorbells have mysteriously rung when no callers were present. I have heard doors opening and closing when home alone, footsteps, lights going mysteriously on, and my computer, which I customarily never unplugged, was unplugged whilst I lived alone in my house in France.
  • Feathers mysteriously appear in peculiar places. Just the other day a teeny tiny, wee grey feather appeared nestled in the fake flower chrysanthemum bloom my Mum so loved.
  • Repeating number sequences regularly appear conveying inspirational and motivational guidance just when needed the most. Angel numbers! For more go check out this rather fab site – here.
  • Influencing electrical hardware. Now the following seems fantastical even to me but this is how the spirits first made contact with me – via a small Bluetooth speaker! The night my Mum passed I heard her calling out to me through my mobile phone whilst I, distraught, reached out to a close friend of mine. On two occasions, whilst talking on the telephone, contact has been made through my speaker and friends have heard my spirits counsel – once, to my chagrin, it was to dress me down!
  • Independent voices. I sometimes hear my name being called when all alone. I have heard my Mum sing and received an audible spoken word response from my guardian angel in response to a direct question.
  • Channeling. Living with Rick a powerful and naturally gifted psychic I am fortunate to have the possibility to enjoy proper conversations with the spirits who often pop by to chat whilst he sleeps soundly by my side.
  • Light flashes and imagery whilst meditating. The spirits love a cryptic image and analogy and challenge the recipient to uncover the message held within.
  • Lucid dreaming. It is hard to explain the difference between a lucid dream and a normal dream to someone who has not experienced it for themselves. Lucid dreams have a very particular feel about them where everything is heightened, more vivid and real. In my experience I awake with a sense of urgency and an encoded message clear in mind that I feel compelled to unscramble.
  • These days I communicate independantly with my guides telepathically which kinda blows my mind!
  • I have seen a spirit only once in my life to date but what an illustrious spirit he was; but that, my friends, is a tale for another day…

Each of us has the possibility to connect with the consciousness which exists beyond our physical plane and the easiest way to cultivate a seeing is to pay close attention to our intuition and dreams for this is how the spirits communicate with us all daily unbeknownst to most.

Be Happy xox