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Five Little Letters with the Power to Create Reality

Five Little Letters with the Power to Create Reality

Words – (five little letters with the power to create reality,) are the effect of the cause called thought and are mighty, energetically charged doobries!  Words are infused with meaning and intent, although most people sling them around liberally without knowledge of the power of tongue, the string of consonants and vowels given voice or script given form in ink.

Words are potent, and potentially fatal, and humanity must wake up to this truth to outwit those of a lower vibration who toss insults and hate like candy in their wake. Whilst the spoken word is supercharged energetically the written word also has great power and should be scrawled with care.

Everything in The Universe is energy which is collated and given form as this, that or the other and language is a main contributor to the process of creation. Whilst thought is a powerful manifester word is high octane manifestation chug-chug juice and therefore it is necessary to watch what comes out of our mouth scrupulously: for an idle aside, or quip, can cause a ripple effect and harm the recipient and have further reaching implications for the whole of reality.

Those that are thoughtless with what passes their lips, or flows through their pen, add to the misery and devastation we all witness in our beautiful world.


The guys in the skies have this to say:

‘People have little care for language and are all too easily offended by chosing to misinterpret and twist genuine messages. This is a mere reflection of how that individual choses to see their world. When someone is erudite it does not mean that they are trying to belittle. Nor does it mean that you should try to outwit them for language is easily misconstrued and arguing over semantics futile. Be respectful of others and treat them as you yourself wish to be treated and, for goodness sake, stop judging those that speak truth as being deserving of your contempt.’

– The Higher Angelic Realms.

And so, the next time someone needlessly causes harm by tossing out thoughtless words consider politely telling them to take their scurvy ass elsewhere for their energy is not required, nor appreciated, in your vicinity.

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(Since November 2018 my writing is truly collaborative with spirit as I am now a channel for them and charged with bringing truth and hope to humanity.)






meditation is all in the mind

Meditation is all in the Mind

Since being contacted by a small spirit child, The Little One, back in June 2016 I have been hot-housed, by my A Team in spirit – (yep! we all have a team routing for us in the ether) – for a purpose that I would never have suspected in a trillion, billion years! They have taught me much and guided me to knowledge that I never even knew existed but, despite all this, they often reiterate that when it comes to meditation a gal has to go solo and, in all honesty, this meditation malarkey continues to have me somewhat flummoxed. For meditation is all in the mind and sadly my mind is messy like a drawer full of mismatched socks.

Meditation comes in many forms and a person can get tangled into knots very easily trying to unpick, decide and follow this practice versus another. There are 7 main forms of meditation (Transcendental Meditation/Heart Rhythm/Kundalini/Guided Visualisation/Qi Gong/Zazen and Mindfulness,) that people bang on about, all of which have value. Sadly, all are too academic for my simple tastes. I tell myself that I am too busy to meditate as I bumble through my days, and wonder what chance have I of following a more structured practice routed in minacious self-discipline?

No, meditation for me is a personal thing and despite a less than illustrious start, I feel that I have made a breakthrough in my understanding of my purpose to meditate: for not all men are made equal in purpose purporting to meditation. A person may meditate for medical reasons, to alleviate stress and relieve anxiety and depression. It is great to heighten self-awareness and for some opens gateways to realms unseen. I have no issues regarding my well being that necessitate meditation and my goal is to ultimately draw spirit closer so as I may strengthen my ability to channel the higher realms message of hope to humanity.

Some while back my husband, who is a powerful psychic in his own right, explained to me how he meditated, achieving peace in his mind and arriving in his ‘Place of Perfect.’ His explanation was an eloquent, step by step, guided visualisation kinda meditation which, whilst beautiful, left me untouched. And confused, for although I understood the concept intellectually of his ‘Place of Perfect’ I remained unsure of where this state was to be found and what it bleedin’ felt like!

Meditation like most things these days is consciously over complicated to allow less than scrupulous teachers to sell courses/audios etc ad infinitum to folks less confident in their own inherent abilities.

Here I tell you all you need to know to achieve peace in your mind:

Sit/Lie or sprawl as the mood takes you – ideally outside where you connect more easily with the energy of the earth. Close your eyes and concentrate on the sounds around you. And focus your eyes upwards to an imaginary spot in the middle of your forehead. Rest still and if you mind wanders reconnect with the sounds and the spot in the middle of your forehead. In time you will find that you reach a state of being where you are aware of being aware – but feel as if you are hanging, suspended, between the waking state and that of sleep – the internal chatter will be gone and you can hang out here at will. And this, my friends, is ‘The Place of Perfect’ where miracles may happen. These miracles will vary from person to person and may be mind blowing or mundane in reach but meditation is meditation and the benefits are far reaching.


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Be Happy xox

(Since November 2018 my writing is truly collaborative with spirit as I am now a channel for them and charged with bringing truth and hope to humanity.)







7 universal laws of the universe

The 7 Universal Laws of The Universe in a Nutshell

The Universe is an ordered place to hang out and once a person understands the laws that govern all creation and life it becomes far easier to live a life that most can only dream of. There are 7 Universal Laws of The Universe and then The Law of Attraction. These laws are the backbone of The Hermetic tradition which is an ancient wisdom which, through contrived elitism, is known by very few. My guides, in the Angelic Realms, wish these laws to be shared far and wide for once understood man has the key to stepping into their individual power.

1: The Law of Mentalism

This law simply tells us that everything we perceive as real is but a construct of The Universal Subconscious Mind where everything that was/is and will ever be exists.

2: The Law of Correspondence

As above so below/As below so above: This law makes it relatively easy to understand the unseen realms as it succinctly tells us that things are pretty similar up, down and around. This allows us to better understand things which few of us will ever experience whilst in physical incarnation.

3: The Law of Vibration

Everything within The Universe is energy vibrating at different rates which are responsible for how a thing turns up in the world – for everything is made up of the same stuff dancing to a different tune. Once a person understands that anger/greed/selfishness etc is of a dense energy whereas joy/love/compassion etc are of a light energy the key to manifesting a cheery reality for one and all becomes a possibility. Energy hangs out with like energy, in the Universal Subconscious Mind, where it gathers momentum until it is utilised to create reality on both the micro and macrocosm.

4: The Law of Polarity

This law allows us to understand that the whole construct of The Universe relies on opposites at play which are but degrees of the same thing. For instance, Love and Hate are to be found on the same metaphorical line – far on the left/far on the right; and in between lay all the varying degrees of extreme.

5: The Law of Rhythm

This law reminds us that to experience any emotion we must, by default, be familiar with, through experience ordinarily, the opposite. So, to fully embrace our happy we are to know what sad is. Life is like a pendulum swinging between the two.

6: The Law of Cause and Effect

In essence everything that happens, or is, is because something triggered it into being. This tells us to be mindful of our thoughts, words and deeds which are the fuel of all creation and, as such, powerful beyond our imaginings.

7: The Law of Gender

Everything in The Universe is both male and female and should express both aspects of being if to be balanced and healthy. This law has nothing to do with sex in the gender or carnal sense but rather tells us that we are a combination of the feminine and masculine despite how we present ourselves to the physical world.

And then there is:

The Law of Manifestation

This law is the poster boy of the Universe’s Universal Laws but not actually of them, for it can only exist when in harmony with the 7 leading Universal Laws. The Law of Manifestation is in essence about how we can, by applying the previous 7 laws, become the master of our own lives and destiny and draw all that we desire, when pure of intention, into our life. It is a law that is open for misunderstanding and abuse and is only possible to be successful when a person commits to living by the previous 7 Universal Laws – (consciously or subconsciously!) To be a badass manifester a person must first concentrate and commit to living a harmonious existence whereby one manages feelings and emotions with consummate ease. The 7 Universal Laws help to hone this ability and thereby allow each of us to become formidable beings living extraordinary lives.

All 7 Universal laws, plus the bonus ball, are the basis of our existence. When applying them, to create the life you wish, beware: for, should you abuse them, you will be obliged to repay karma and reincarnate. Know that nothing slips by spirit unnoticed and each of us is held to account for our good doings and misdemeanours.

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(Since November 2018 my writing is truly collaborative with spirit as I am now a channel for them and charged with bringing truth and hope to humanity.)






definition of 5D consciousness

Definition of 5D Consciousness

Within spiritual communities there is an incessant buzz around the concept of 5D consciousness with some self- proclaimed teachers confidently spouting verbose misinformation and creating confusion. In this short piece the spirits wish to share their definition of 5D consciousness which is succinct and to the point.

First though my take: To be a spiritually aware person does not automatically stamp the visa to 5D consciousness. Most folks who have no idea about the esoteric actually achieve 5D consciousness without ever even being aware of the concept! Once a soul reaches 5D consciousness they are no longer obliged, upon passing from the physical to the spiritual, to reincarnate – unless they actually desire to do so. There are many planes of existence within The Universe and these exist at different vibratory levels of consciousness – all within The Universal Subconscious Mind. 5D consciousness is the entrant level to the unseen realms. A person has only to live a kind, unselfish and loving life to be in with a chance to be accepted into the club in the clouds!

My guardian angel, Matthew, says;

‘Here in the spiritual realms we despair as we see many talking overblown tripe about 5D consciousness and our blood, if we had any, would boil at those who preach falsehoods to gullible people! 5D consciousness is nothing more than a rite of passage for each and every soul to attain before being accepted into the realm of spirit. As Linda says many achieve 5D consciousness without being aware that they have, let alone that this is the goal of the soul to reach such a level of self- mastery as to allow a closeness with ‘The All,’ or God. To achieve 5D consciousness is a simple thing and requires no teacher to achieve and the only prerequisite is that a soul live a life of love and caring for all that was/is and will ever be; that is to say that all individuals must strive to live lives beyond reproach. It is not even necessary to do great deeds for humanity – it is simply enough to spread love and kindness on your way.’

And so there you have it.

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Be Happy xox

(Since November 2018 my writing is truly collaborative with spirit as I am now a channel for them and charged with bringing truth and hope to humanity.)








10 Ways to Live The Life You Deserve

10 Ways to Live The Life You Deserve

In a world where all is compromised, and life is increasingly stressful and tough for most people, The Higher Realms wish to share: 10 Ways to Live The Life You Deserve. For, they say:

‘Man was not put on earth to struggle, nor be enslaved by a system askewed in the favour of the few on the backs of the many.’


You might find what they have to say challenging, radical and even unspiritual in a world swamped by New Age tamborines and glitter but they ask that you keep an open mind.

Here are their suggestions:

One: The way to immediately reclaim your individual power is to refuse to consume news, and all mainstream media, which is designed to hook you into fear and the concept of scarcity. Earth is a bountiful planet and we wish you to know that everything that everyone needs to survive can be sourced for free.  Furthermore, there is more than enough of everything for everyone to live an equitable and happy, long life.

Two: We advise you to look inwards and learn about the true nature of reality which is far more fantastical than any fictional tale. This site is a great place to start your journey as we continue to share wisdom and truth with clarity and a distinct lack of BS.

Three: We suggest you look around and ask yourself if you are living the life you truly wish to live. Honestly assess your day to day routine and pose the following question to yourself: ‘If I died tomorrow would I have any regrets about how I chose to spend my time?’ If the answer is yes, make a list of your dreams and aspirations and consider ways to bring them into your reality.

Four: We urge you to refuse to be a societal slave; that is to say, we suggest you look to legal ways to extricate yourself from a system designed to erode your individual power and hobble you through monetary demands. Taxation is legalised theft as most of the money is hived off for illicit gain. For example, one of the biggest rackets on earth, in towns and cities, is the exorbitant fees charged to park your car in certain zones; this is nothing but a further form of taxation that people accept as normal. Ask yourself where does this money go, does it filter back into the infastructure offering viable, affordable solutions to travel to town in comfort without having to use a car? This is not normal but there is another way. Imagine this – instead of driving to town you cycled or jogged and when shopping you coop with neighbours and carpool. These ideas are not new, nor are they radical, but the aspect that is ground breaking is the suggestion that man does away with organised big government and creates local community initiatives. This is not only possible but highly effective and is the way of society for many other alien species throughout the universe. In fact, humanity is the only specie that allows for colossal control by governments which don’t actually serve the people.

Five: It is time to refuse to vote for representatives who are purely in positions of power for personal gain. Politics/Smolitics – disempowering nonsense designed to confound and create bad energy and disillusion. You may counter that this fellow or that is better than he or she but we tell you the very fact that they work within a corrupt institution means that they themselves are open to be coerced or strong armed into less than favourable policy. All government, church and institution are self-serving and need to be toppled.

Six: Man must become more active in the education of their children. Of course, this is nigh on impossible for most families as both parents are required to work to keep ahead of the bills and luxuries society tells them they need to live a successful life. Or the single parent who is going solo. Still, it is possible. Mainstream education is indoctrination and, in certain countries, home schooling is now illegal which shows you the importance of filling young minds with doctored swill! It is imperative to share the art of freethought and speech with your young and to encourage them to meditate and sit in nature which is The All’s gift of wellbeing to humanity. At the end of the day take time to talk about the true nature of the universe and share what you yourself are committed to learning on your path to self-discovery. The world needs people capable of pure thought, and creativity, for these are the fuel of creation. (You can read more about this HERE.)

Seven: Once you realise that your life is compromised by a system designed to make unthinking, compliant worker citizens you might wish to step outside of the circus ring – this is when you need to grow elephantine, elephant balls! For you will undoubtedly have to make some fierce choices about your lifestyle and be obliged to stop being a consumer of falsehoods. We suggest you look to ways to limit your financial outgoings – tiny houses are all the rage but these are not practical for a large family but we ask, do you really have to live in the swankiest district and drive the smartest car? Would you be any less happy living in a less expensive postcode in a more modest house, driving a five years old Ford? Is it viable for you to live off grid and save on utility bills? Do your kids regularly need new bikes, phones or game consoles? Could you holiday more modestly? We are not saying that these things are inherently bad, but we are saying that if they leave you enslaved and impoverished, are they really worth your life on a day to day basis? – something to consider eh!?

Eight: Your health should be a priority and with the imminent roll out globally of the 5G communication network, which pollutes the environment with dangerous levels of radiation, you will need to look to ways to stay healthy without having to rely on privatised medical care – for this is the global plan for the near future. Again, we counsel you that earth has all that man needs to be happy and healthy, and we urge you to educate yourself about diet and natural ways to remain well. Of course, doctors are important, (both conventional and holistic), but once a diagnosis is received, you would be well advised to look for natural alternatives, whenever feasible, rather than becoming a victim of big pharma which creates clients rather than cures.

Nine: Laughter and humour are the way to happiness and health and you should make it a priority to watch comedy on television, mess around and feed your silly. When a person laughs it is infectious and raises the collective energy which goes a long way to creating a better reality for one and all.

10 Ways to Live The Life You Deserve.

Ten: We ask you to take a moment to stop in the aisle of any big supermarket and take stock of the shit on the shelves that you are encouraged to consume! Food is energy and we tell you that 90% of the products offered are of a low vibration being made of refined ingredients which are laden with pesticides and antibiotics; if they are not genetically modified! It is time to look to ways to grow your own food; it is possible to have a vegetable garden in pots on a small terrace and grow essential, healing herbs on windowsills. Water is polluted and filters should be used before consuming. Meat, preferably organic and sourced locally, should be consumed occasionally – if at all, and should be sourced from a supplier that protects the welfare of the animals and quality of product. You would be well advised to omit sugar from your diet and eat locally produced honey for your sweet fix, if your finances allow. Bees are endangered so you might consider a few hives in your yard to help both yourself, for honey is a cure all elixir from heaven, and the environment.

These suggestions are designed to prompt you into a greater awareness of your right to live a wonderful life, free from outside control. We urge you to review your lifestyle as a matter of urgency to allow you to live your best life possible. The human lifespan is short, and we do not wish for you to pass back to spirit with eternal regrets.

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Be Happy xox

(Since November 2018 my writing is truly collaborative with spirit as I am now a channel for them and charged with bringing truth and hope to humanity.)








new age nonsense and navel gazing

New Age Nonsense and Navel Gazing

Am I alone in thinking that much of spirituality has been hijacked by folks for selfish, dark ends? I am a member of many online spiritual groups and am constantly saddened by the new age nonsense and navel gazing which occupies so many, and the cliché platitudes trotted out as salve for the walking wounded. It appears to me that truth is convoluted and self-proclaimed experts expound rehashed wisdom to adoring followers who stroke egos which are vehemently denied. The followers then proclaim to be angels/demons or prophets and amongst all the claptrap, truth is lost. And truth, for the finite human mind, is really rather simple ~

The Universe is multifaceted with many forms of life, energy and consciousness and it is not mans’ job to understand all of this, intriguing, and self-absorbing, as it may be to do so. Self-awareness is really all that is required and the ability to live a good life and spread joy and happiness whilst helping others on the way. Whether angels/spirits/demons or aliens exist, (for the record they do,) is not of any real concern to man who has bigger fish to fry – For earth and humanity are facing dangerous days ahead and so each person should be looking to ways to protect themselves and loved ones from the corruption and greed of the elite who intend on destroying us all. This sounds distinctly unspiritual but man is co-creator, with all other sentient, intelligent beings of The Universe and should not be wasting valuable energy in erroneous debate about things that can never be proved or disproved. Time is in short supply and the higher realms tell us this:

‘Peoples of earth stop discussing and squabbling over truths beyond your comprehension and concentrate your thoughts to more local concerns. Ask yourself if you are master of your own destiny? Or whether you have handed over your individual power to faceless bureaucrats in the service of corrupt governments, corporations, religious orders and institutions. There is a war raging in The Universe between light and dark forces and man is on the precipice of disaster. We simply ask that you go within, examine your way of being and make changes which err towards philanthropy and kindness to all for we are one and need man to help co-create a better world and Universe. Everything is energy and by accepting new age hyperbole and endlessly debating beliefs as if truth you create bad energy which feeds the dark agenda and creates a less than desirable reality for all. It is time to stop arguing and reach consensus. Everything you need to know will become apparent over time. Stop listening to false prophets and look within and know that whilst you are precious your life is but a smaller than small part of an organised, symbiotic organism, the Universal Subconscious Mind, and as such you have only to concern yourself with your immediate reality to live a successful and meaningful life. The Universal Subconscious Mind is all that was/is and will ever be and is like a huge vat of etheric soup; it is where we all reside on different planes of consciousness and we wish to clarify that man lives on 3D conscious earth whereas other beings live on other, varying levels of planes of consciousness. At the moment many are talking of 5D consciousness but are confused as to the truth of this construct which is leading to much erroneous debate. Man has the capacity to ascend to 5D consciousness but a sure sign that a person has not ascended to such a level is their proclaiming to have done so for to proclaim such is a manifestation of ego and, the ego no longer holds sway at 5D consciousness! We hang our heads in despair when we hear talk of people claiming to be angels or having ascended to 10D consciousness which is foolish to say the least and wish to remind you all to concentrate your efforts on mindfully extricating yourself from a system designed to enslave.’

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Be Happy xox

(Since November 2018 my writing is truly collaborative with spirit as I am now a channel for them and charged with bringing truth and hope to humanity.)






creativity go go juice of the universe

Creativity – The Go-Go Juice of The Universe

Go-Go juice! The stuff that stokes the furnace which generates the energy to allow for creative endeavour on both the macro and microcosm. When I was a vintage dealer, living in France and upcycling myself into an early grave, my go-go juice of preference was a cheeky Bordeaux: creativity is the preferred go-go juice of The Universe.

Our world is but one of many worlds within the infinite Universe which is akin to the largest vat of soup imaginable to the finite mind. In this etheric soup are all the constituent, conscious and unconscious energetic ingredients that go to make the whole which is the infinite mind. This mind is all that ever was/is and will be and relies on thought, word and deed to housekeep and create anew within The Universe. The etheric soup is known as The Universal Subconscious Mind and relies on creativity of all to itself create. Creativity is the currency required for The All, or God, to create and so we are one, beyond ginormous, symbiotic organism. However, realising this does not elevate all the constituent, conscious ingredients to the level of The All yet rather gives each of us an invested stake in the process of creation.

Take a look around you and assess whether your personal sphere of reality is as you would wish. Go beyond your personal life and look out at the world and see the beauty and purity that is daily threatened by the mindless greed and hunger to dominate of the few.

All is mental, which is to say that everything we witness and experience starts with a thought. Correct thinking equates to an equitable world. Erroneous thinking equates to a world of darkness and deprivation.

When we create purely for the joy and pleasure of creating, we raise our vibration and send delightful glugs of creative go-go juice out into the etheric soup, The Universal Subconscious Mind. These pure energetic waves attract similar until they reach critical mass and allow for significant, grand scale beautiful creation. Sadly, the converse is also true – and it is for this reason that our world is consumed by wrongdoing for there are many folks operating from a selfish standpoint. Many more sleepwalking and very few aware of the construct of The Universe and how creation, or reality, is actually brought into being.

Creativity comes in many forms. It is not exclusively the domain of a few bright lights feted by society. Next time you mow your lawn consider how you might mow a pattern into the grass for the sheer joy of pattern making! Or perhaps: consider building a pond and dancing the fandango in the moonlight whilst juggling a few oranges to the sound of contented frogs! Creativity is an inherent characteristic of humanity and must be celebrated by all in ways beyond those normally acknowledged as creative.

You get the gist.

Think a thought bring forth a fun filled, creative action and help create a better world and Universe for all.

Something else to consider here.

Be Happy xox

(Since November 2018 my writing is truly collaborative with spirit as I am now a channel for them and charged with bringing truth and hope to humanity.)







facebook and social media are dangerous

Facebook & Mainstream Social Media are Dangerous

I have been active on Facebook for more years than I care to remember and have seen many changes along the way. What seemingly started out as an innocuous means of hooking up with friends for virtual hangouts has morphed into a giant of mind control, data collection and manipulation. Facebook and social media are dangerous. Without going into details too convoluted and long winded to explain in this short piece I tell you that I intuitively know that FB is a perilous platform to wile away valuable time and air contentious views. This was not always so but Zuckerman has sold his soul and integrity for a pretty penny.

All is well for the majority of sleepwalking people who post cheery memes and festive frolics with family and friends but, dare to speak an unsavoury truth and you will, in due course, be flagged up as an unsavoury! facebook and social media are dangerousFacebook is a powerful tool of the elite and monitors us all daily and, for those of us who are awake and challenge the status quo, is a dangerous place to be. It is a puppet of the elite and a valuable tool to identify the ‘troublemakers’ so as they can be targeted first once the full horror of what is to come gathers momentum. The New World Order, globalist agenda, is gathering momentum and in the coming years there will be civil unrest and war and those who continue to blindly air views contrary to the system will be marked men and women. I am quite sure that those of you who still believe that government, church and institution have our best interests at heart will deem me delusional and paranoid. And dismiss my words as foolish. My hope, however, is that those of you who are awake heed them: FB is collecting data on you that will be used against you and your family in the not so distant future and, as in previous times of unrest, those deemed a threat will be rounded up and swiftly dealt with.

Facebook is the acknowledged main player, social media beastie but where FB goes others follow.


Instagram is owned by FB and has lost its sparkle for me as mysterious algorithms play dirty in the sandpit and quality content gets buried through follower manipulation and paid exposure. Pinterest, be still my beating heart, is sadly going the same way. I have never dipped my, not so avian, claw into Twitter – (which happily remains a mystery to me although my guides upstairs tell me this needs to change!) They also advise me to extricate myself from the circus of popular social media: to deftly strike stealth attacks whereby I pop up, post and bugger off, with the goal of driving traffic to my website where, soon, I will be admin’ing a forum where we can interact with one another without the watchful eye of big brother.

Those upstairs have much to say in the comings weeks, months and years and the following is an important message from them about popular social media.  The spirits implore you to listen:

‘We who live in the higher realms wish to warn people of the hidden dangers of Facebook, and such like. These giants of social media are no longer pure of intention and are puppets of the elite who charge them with collecting data for future reference. The data collected will enable them to social score individuals and identify those deemed troublesome to the globalist agenda. Those who are aware of this agenda are foolish to remain on these platforms expressing ideas which will soon be judged undesirable. We warn you of coming danger and beg you to listen as the world is on the edge of great change which is not for the betterment of the common people. In the coming years all that you hold dear will be destroyed through the greed of a few men and most people across the globe will be at the mercy of corrupt officials and governments. It is time humanity awoke to this truth and stepped into their individual power. By refusing to use platforms such as Facebook you start to reclaim your power and extricate yourselves from a system which is rotten to the core.’

If this resonates with you it is time to spread the word and take action and, rather ironically – or hypocritically depending on your assessment, you will find a selection of social media easy share buttons at the foot of this post!

Meanwhle, should you fancy quotidian Word From Spirit – Daily Guidance From The Unseen Realms, direct to your inbox please signup here.

Be Happy xox

(Since November 2018 my writing is truly collaborative with spirit as I am now a channel for them and charged with bringing truth and hope to humanity.)






Whilst allergic to social media I am still aware of it’s value to spread my message far and wide and so, for the time being, maintain sharing buttons at the foot of my posts – Yeah! I know a tad hypocritical but when you are in the game you have to do what you can to win…

A World of Indoctrination

A World of Indoctrination

Ask anyone whether they are awake, aware, free thinking and free and most will, without taking a moment to think into this proposition, answer with a resounding and adamant ‘Yes.’ And yet we live in a world of indoctrination. Intrigued by my opening gambit I ask Mr GA, Guardian Angel, Matthew what percentage of folks are considered unindoctrinated by the spirits upstairs and he speedily responds;

‘Ah Linda, this is indeed an interesting question and one we are happy to discuss with you. It is a difficult one to answer with any degree of accuracy as not only are there degrees of indoctrination but there are many people who are intuitively aware of ‘truth’ and yet unaware that they are! On a quick reckoning we here in spirit feel that, of the world population, there are only about 20% of the people who are free thinking and who clearly see the games that are being played by those in positions of power. This is a paltry number of aware souls who are usually side-lined and scorned for being clear thinking. For, in truth, society does not like those who are different and chose to live life on their own terms. As time passes these people will be proved right with their predictions of control and misery but for now, they are condemned as delusional and branded conspiracy theorists. In the coming years, rather than be revered, they will be hunted and silenced but, for now, these people are those that others should be listening to if anyone is to have a chance at surviving the elites plans to destroy 98% of humanity.’


Those in power play us for fools. Relentlessly trotting out dirty tricks to confuse, divide and conquer. This all starts from earliest childhood when young, malleable minds are seized and force fed a diet of half- truths in stuffy classrooms where all dissent is ruthlessly squashed.

Indoctrination is rife.

In my life time I have seen great social change and realise that the generation of my parents, and to a lesser degree that of my own, were blessed. We inherited the golden years on the back of great suffering and sacrifice of those of previous generations who fought hard for the rights of the average (wo)man and child. And yet, by design, all the hard-won rights of the common (wo)man and child are being systematically destroyed as the globalists steer the ship cynically onto the rocks. And the thing I find most troubling is the younger generations complete insouciance in the face of danger!

Now please, do not get me wrong: A person can only know what they know. The lack of discernment, knowledge or the ability to think clearly through indoctrination is not the fault of the individual. Whilst we are all powerful divine beings we are under constant attack.


Yet, I am here to tell anyone willing to listen that clear thinking, and the ability to see plainly, are the order of the day if humanity is to have any meaningful chance of survival in the coming years.

Our rights are slowly being eroded under our very noses and most are blindingly unaware of this truth. Those of us of a certain age are, on balance, somnolently blundering through our days and the younger generations have been duly denied free thought, and freer more flexible social systems and hence know no better. As time passes our basic human rights will be so diminished as to leave us floundering as we starve and die of disease and wars which will soon touch ‘civilised’ shores.

The other day I experienced a run in with a company that sold me a plugin for this very website which illustrated succinctly all that is unravelling before our closed eyes! Without boring you with the less than scintillating details of my annoyance, I tell you that I was mightily unimpressed with their lack of personal service and ability or willingness to be discerning or flexible in their dealings with me. Indeed, they justified their lack of flexibility in the face of a wholly reasonable request by quoting that their stance was industry standard and that profits were paramount! They even went so far as to tell me that I was wrong to expect an individual service and that this again was how their industry operated – and that, was pretty much that! The three individuals that dealt with me were all, judging by their profile pictures, in their twenties and were adamant that this was the way of the world. Whilst polite they were intransient and could not understand my desire for a society where personal service reigned: this is likely something that they have rarely experienced as profits for shareholders today trump the rights of customers across the board. They had been successfully indoctrinated to accept a less than consumer friendly company policy and, willingly, sold their personal integrity to uphold the directive.

This got me thinking about the time I went to my Bank Manager as a young woman to ask for an extension on my business overdraft. I waltzed into my local branch and was ushered into the Bank Managers office where we discussed my needs. After a convivial chat the manager agreed to my request of $1000 increase on my overdraft despite my account being less than rosy. He said;

‘Miss Dacey your account does not warrant an overdraft extension ordinarily but I have faith in you and,’ beaming, he continued, ‘what are rules for if not to be broken?!’


Back in the day loans, mortgages etc were considered on an individual basis and the character and track record of an individual was assessed and taken into account before making a decision. These days finance is governed by computer algorithms and credit scoring and, in China, they now also have social scoring – (coming to a country near you soon!) Through monitoring an individuals’ movements, shopping habits, work records etc a score is assigned which allows, or disbars them, from certain activities such as travel!

There is a movement gaining momentum to undermine our human rights but infringements, such as personal microchipping, are already being sold to the young as a means to improve their safety and make life easier; imagine – no keys and instant access by swiping your hand at a cash machine to get your funds or go shopping with ease. What is omitted is the true agenda of GPS tracking and complete control over the individual – the ability to turn a person ‘off’ if deemed undesirable.

Through indoctrination, and normalisation, abominations become accepted as people refuse to think for themselves and quietly hand over their autonomy to state and institution.

Times are getting desperate and now, the spirits tell me, it is time for people to wake up.

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(Since November 2018 my writing is truly collaborative with spirit as I am now a channel for them and charged with bringing truth and hope to humanity.)







when you self-sabotage

When you Self-Sabotage

You and I, Harry and Harriet are all part of an intricate, infinite jigsaw puzzle and how we each choose to live our lives has a significant impact on the picture of reality of one and all. When you self-sabotage, you inadvertently harm all. This truth is rather shocking and should serve as a wakeup call to be the best we can be for the greater good of all.

The Universe is energy and whilst we perceive a rock to be a rock to be a rock, solid and unchanging, this is not actually so. Everything vibrates at different rates and what seems to be still is actually vibrating so slowly as to appear static. The truth is that you and I, as physical beings, are nothing more than energetic bundles of cohesively configured matter, (which is itself energy cohesively configured ad infinitum,) and as such our energy flows in and into, around and through all that is, ever was and ever will be! Hence when you think, feel, do and say your energetic frequency melds with all the energies around and influences ‘The All.’ That is to say that your thought interacts with The Universal Subconscious Mind where it attracts the dominant vibration and creates accordingly.

The All, (God – not keen on that word!) is The Universal Subconscious Mind and you and I are imperceptibly small pieces of the puzzle of this uber infinite consciousness where creation, through influencing energy, unfurls. As seemingly insignificant individuals it is easy to think that you and I have no impact upon the creation of reality but this is not so, for, on an accumulative communal scale, we have the power to affect the whole.

With this realisation comes a niggling realisation; that it is impossible to understand the Universal Subconscious Mind and the construct of the Universe, and that it is not so very wise to drop down into a rabbit hole and get lost in navel gazing – searching for an understanding which is beyond the finite mind of man. Some things, my guides tell me, simply have to be taken on trust!

Unpicking this truth has taken me plenty time but, through the acquisition of this knowledge, I can now see quite clearly that I have been self-sabotaging for the last thirty years and, yet worse, I have helped my enemies in my own undoing and contributed to a world reality that is far less than rosy.

Creation is a mental activity and its engines purr on the fuel of thought. At first this seems odd for we wonder about word, deed and emotion, which also contribute to create reality, but nothing comes into being without first a thought. Once we accept that creation is through thought energy, which melds with the Universal Subconscious Mind and swirls and intermingles with all thought that was, is and will ever be, we start to realise the importance of mastering our minds.

Erroneous thought creates bad energetic vibrations whereas correct thought creates good energetic vibrations. All thoughts float out into the etheric soup, which is The Universal Subconscious Mind, where they attract similar vibes and create reality based upon the dominant energetic vibe.


Whilst I write I always verify the accuracy of my chuntering with my Guardian Angel Matthew who now wishes to chip in:

‘Linda please let me explain a little about your own life here to help you and others understand more fully. You Linda have many people who dislike you and throughout your life they have spoken ill of you behind your back. At the same time, you have struggled hard to provide for yourself having chosen to shun ‘the system’ and follow your true creative nature. This has caused you much deprivation which has fed the fires of judgement and scorn upon you from those who chose not to accept your true nature. This has created a low energetic vibration around you that has negatively influenced your reality to the point that your life became so challenging that self-doubt started to slip into your consciousness. By entertaining self-doubt, you started to unwittingly self-sabotage which led to a downward spiral of events to the point that today you are what many would term ‘impoverished.’ And yet Linda you are far richer than those that judge you lacking for you now understand the true nature of The Universe and are on a path to true enlightenment whereby you will outshine all of your detractors. Energy accounts for everything and by understanding this you are now starting to create a bright future for yourself and will rise like the phoenix from the ashes. Your story is a tale applicable to many souls and should not be easily dismissed. We, here in spirit, advise people to listen to your words and think carefully about how they are pertinent to their own lives.’

So, there you have it!

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(Since November 2018 my writing is truly collaborative with spirit as I am now a channel for them and charged with bringing truth and hope to humanity.)