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when you self-sabotage

When you Self-Sabotage

You and I, Harry and Harriet are all part of an intricate, infinite jigsaw puzzle and how we each choose to live our lives has a significant impact on the picture of reality of one and all. When you self-sabotage, you inadvertently harm all. This truth is rather shocking and should serve as a wakeup call to be the best we can be for the greater good of all.

The Universe is energy and whilst we perceive a rock to be a rock to be a rock, solid and unchanging, this is not actually so. Everything vibrates at different rates and what seems to be still is actually vibrating so slowly as to appear static. The truth is that you and I, as physical beings, are nothing more than energetic bundles of cohesively configured matter, (which is itself energy cohesively configured ad infinitum,) and as such our energy flows in and into, around and through all that is, ever was and ever will be! Hence when you think, feel, do and say your energetic frequency melds with all the energies around and influences ‘The All.’ That is to say that your thought interacts with The Universal Subconscious Mind where it attracts the dominant vibration and creates accordingly.

The All, (God – not keen on that word!) is The Universal Subconscious Mind and you and I are imperceptibly small pieces of the puzzle of this uber infinite consciousness where creation, through influencing energy, unfurls. As seemingly insignificant individuals it is easy to think that you and I have no impact upon the creation of reality but this is not so, for, on an accumulative communal scale, we have the power to affect the whole.

With this realisation comes a niggling realisation; that it is impossible to understand the Universal Subconscious Mind and the construct of the Universe, and that it is not so very wise to drop down into a rabbit hole and get lost in navel gazing – searching for an understanding which is beyond the finite mind of man. Some things, my guides tell me, simply have to be taken on trust!

Unpicking this truth has taken me plenty time but, through the acquisition of this knowledge, I can now see quite clearly that I have been self-sabotaging for the last thirty years and, yet worse, I have helped my enemies in my own undoing and contributed to a world reality that is far less than rosy.

Creation is a mental activity and its engines purr on the fuel of thought. At first this seems odd for we wonder about word, deed and emotion, which also contribute to create reality, but nothing comes into being without first a thought. Once we accept that creation is through thought energy, which melds with the Universal Subconscious Mind and swirls and intermingles with all thought that was, is and will ever be, we start to realise the importance of mastering our minds.

Erroneous thought creates bad energetic vibrations whereas correct thought creates good energetic vibrations. All thoughts float out into the etheric soup, which is The Universal Subconscious Mind, where they attract similar vibes and create reality based upon the dominant energetic vibe.


Whilst I write I always verify the accuracy of my chuntering with my Guardian Angel Matthew who now wishes to chip in:

‘Linda please let me explain a little about your own life here to help you and others understand more fully. You Linda have many people who dislike you and throughout your life they have spoken ill of you behind your back. At the same time, you have struggled hard to provide for yourself having chosen to shun ‘the system’ and follow your true creative nature. This has caused you much deprivation which has fed the fires of judgement and scorn upon you from those who chose not to accept your true nature. This has created a low energetic vibration around you that has negatively influenced your reality to the point that your life became so challenging that self-doubt started to slip into your consciousness. By entertaining self-doubt, you started to unwittingly self-sabotage which led to a downward spiral of events to the point that today you are what many would term ‘impoverished.’ And yet Linda you are far richer than those that judge you lacking for you now understand the true nature of The Universe and are on a path to true enlightenment whereby you will outshine all of your detractors. Energy accounts for everything and by understanding this you are now starting to create a bright future for yourself and will rise like the phoenix from the ashes. Your story is a tale applicable to many souls and should not be easily dismissed. We, here in spirit, advise people to listen to your words and think carefully about how they are pertinent to their own lives.’

So, there you have it!

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(Since November 2018 my writing is truly collaborative with spirit as I am now a channel for them and charged with bringing truth and hope to humanity.)







lightworkers should unite

Lightworkers Should Unite

This is a channelled message from the highest spiritual realms who command that all Lightworkers should unite:

‘The All is not pleased with how many of his cherished Lightworkers are behaving. There are a great many important light souls who are not behaving in a manner which befits their station. A Lightworkers duty is to support other Lightworkers along their way and instead we witness the vast majority jealously guarding their own interests and refusing to share the messages of others. Most of you know that the world needs 144.000 engaged Lightworkers to create a shift in consciousness in the world but this does not mean that those 144.000 should be looking for the advantage over one another! Rather the critical 144.000 should be forming alliances to spread their and others light far and wide. Many Lightworkers are falling into the trap of greed selling their abilities and knowledge rather than sharing freely; this does not mean that a Lightworker is not entitled to recompense for service rendered but too many are offering courses on manifestation and the likes which should be available to all for free.

Our main concern here, in the unseen realms, is that those who remain in service and refuse to be sucked into the circus of materialism are not being heard above the bruhaha! So, we ask each and every Lightworker to examine their motives, conscience and way of being and request that each operates from a position of supporting their fellow Lightworkers.

We leave you in love and peace.’

Another channelled message here.


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(Since November 2018 my writing is truly collaborative with spirit as I am now a channel for them and charged with bringing truth and hope to humanity.)








when the past no longer serves you

When the Past No Longer Serves You

Once the years stack up it is all too easy to allow your mind to wander to the past. This is common amongst elderly folks and I recall wondering why my Grandads lived in bygone times when I was a young adult. Since the spirits made themselves known to me in June 2016, and my Mum passed with advanced dementia in August the same year, I have found myself doing exactly this. Not really old, I’m in my early to mid-fifties, my salad days still lie quietly composting in the corner of the garden of my mind, and I find myself turning them over looking for fertile soil. A Spiritual Awakening is like being on a rollercoaster on steroids: add into the mix a death, menopause, troubled relationship with child, discovery that immediate family is not as appears – nor friends, financial crash – failed business, illness and diminished finances and a person finds themselves keen to take stock and put their life in context: yet, there comes a time when the past no longer serves you.

Since my earliest awareness of self, I always knew that I was different from those around me whilst not understanding the how and why. I never quite fitted. Bubbly and full of fun I was popular but side lined, overlooked and bullied. People were always drawn to me but soon exhibited jealousy and tried to destroy me. This has been the pattern of my life from young childhood through to recent times which find me now having pulled the plug on most relationships I still hold dear.

Having dissected and picked through the tripe of my life I see a recurring theme of being misunderstood, harshly judged, undermined and more recently dismissed as a loser despite obvious evidence to the contrary.

And this: because I am a free spirit in the purest form imaginable.

I am a person who has, to their own detriment, lived life on her own terms and been left, uncharitably, to lie in the bed of her own making. This judgement is unwarranted and small minded; it takes no account of the true nature of an individual and their right, whatever, to be appreciated and valued. Nor does it acknowledge their god given gift to be different. Pertinently, it also overlooks the truth that it is those deemed headstrong, wierd and rebellious that most often are instrumental in pushing society forward, onwards and upwards.

Matthew, my Guardian Angel – yes, we all have at least one feathered friend on high who has our back, tells me I have many enemies who resent my resilience and, despite my never having actively sought to harm them, still bear malice towards me. This I find quite astounding. I am not one to hold a grudge and I struggle to understand such long-term animosity, especially as it was I that was smote, so often in the story, not them.


Reality is created through energy. Thought and deed are the fuel that turn the wheels of manifestation. Negative thoughts on a person, whether by self and/or others, can decimate their ability to achieve their highest good and I realise that, for more years than I care to count, I have been handing over my individual power and adding fuel to the embers of resentment already smouldering against me. The Universal Subconscious Mind acts on the dominant thought, in this case pain/suffering/resentment/jealousy/hate which are all erroneous and create evil in varying degrees. I have been unwittingly complicit in my less than desirable, demise. I have been assisting my enemies and self-sabotaging by endlessly regurgitating and gorging on historic slights and smites!

In the early hours Matthew came to talk to me and said;

‘Now listen Linda.’ His favourite way of starting any conversation!

‘You have spent much time contemplating your past but it is now time to turn the page and move forward. I know that you feel lost; that you sense that your previous life is done and that you are awaiting your new life to begin and this is true. For a long-time you have been thinking about all the pain and suffering you have endured at the hands of others which, whilst not horrific, has had a highly damaging accumulative effect on you but, I am now telling you that you must put all of this behind you. You have much to look forward to and work to do and by living in the past you are indeed self-sabotaging and playing into the hands of the dark who wish to extinguish your light. For many years they have meddled in your life sending agents to derail and disrupt you but now is the time for this to stop. You have a unique opportunity to enjoy a second life: at a time when most people are winding down into old age. Your future is to be exciting and successful beyond your wildest imaginings and you are to do great work for humanity. You are therefore to imagine yourself sitting in a wonderful library surrounded by many beautiful books and, when you find yourself thumbing through your book of ‘The Past,’ you are to purposely cross the room and place it in a dusty, forgotten corner. You are then to cross the room and pick up a brightly bound book, touched by sunlight, entitled ‘The Future’ and start to write, in the theatre of your mind, the life you so desire. By doing this you allow the Universal Subconscious Mind to become aware of your intention to succeed and, with your affirmations, things will speedily shift. You have much to do and can no longer waste time on a past that did not serve you well.’

His words rang true and, I believe, are relevant to all.

(Wo)man has a tendency to wallow and dwell on the past and forgets to enjoy and live in the moment, whilst consciously imagining an illustrious future.

This piece is highly personal but my hope is that, my navel gazing helps you gain a little clarity on your own precious life and serves you in some small way.

I wrote about affirmations here. They are key to successful manifestation and you would be wise to take a mo and read this short piece; as much of what is written and sold by manifestation ‘experts’ is overblown twaddle!

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(Since November 2018 my writing is truly collaborative with spirit as I am now a channel for them and charged with bringing truth and hope to humanity.)








Channelled Message from Spirit About the Ego

Channelled Message from Spirit

The Spirits and Angels despair as they witness so very many folks purporting to be spiritual and highly evolved whilst displaying traits that are of a low vibration. I myself struggle with my ego and regularly catch myself posturing in my mind, blowing my own trumpet; but my conscience is finely tuned and I often excuse myself and am embarrassed, by my egotistical ramblings, when I talk to my Guardian Angel Matthew who now offers us the following channelled message from spirit about the ego;

‘Linda, the ego is a form of conscience and an indicator of how open a person is to their own true nature. You, my dear, are finely calibrated and do not indulge your need for aggrandisement despite messages from spirit which would turn the heads of many. You remain humble despite all whereas we despair at those that, rightly or wrongly, believe themselves superior to many others on a similar journey. Each of you is at varying levels of awareness and there simply is no better or more evolved and talk such as this is egotistical and undermines the individual spouting it. Furthermore, those that indulge such chatter are less far along the path to enlightenment than they believe themselves to be for the ego must be controlled to move higher up upon the ladder of ascension. The ego is peculiar to humankind and was placed in man by ‘The All’ to act as an indicator to us here in spirit as to the suitability of a person to ascend. As such it acts as a beacon, an alarm if you will, to us here in the unseen realms and those seen to be egotistical are flagged up for review. This sounds extraordinary to many but those far along the path to enlightenment will know this to be true as you yourself already understand even though you are relatively new to all of this spiritual malarkey as you so often call it! So now to the message from on high.’

‘The All wishes each of you to be aware that the ego is a marker and indication of how well you are doing in life and as such must be paid attention to for no one who claims to be better than another is truly enlightened and as such should be shown up as a false prophet.’


This appears harsh but comes from the top;

‘The egotistical person is acting from a base energetic frequency and should not be indulged, rather they should be ignored but sadly man is drawn to intrigue and conflict and so these individuals garner great response from others, who should know better, whilst those that remain humble are often overlooked.’


You might just enjoy this quick read on no nonsense manifestation here.

Be Happy xox

(Since November 2018 my writing is truly collaborative with spirit as I am now a channel for them and charged with bringing truth and hope to humanity.)

the nature of tr

The Nature of Truth

Truth is like a pesky slippery eel, which wriggles and writhes, slipping through the fingers of all. The nature of truth is ticklish, and nigh on impossible to pin down – for every situation and hypothesis is perceived by those that witness or analyse it from a slightly different standpoint and then processed in an entirely different manner. And this is why there is no such thing as definitive truth in the mind of humankind.

Yet truth does exist in the Universe and is known as Absolute Truth.

Absolute Truth can only be known by ‘God’ or ‘The All’ who is ‘Infinite Mind.’

For the rest of us, with ‘finite’ minds, are unable to comprehend the vast truths held within the Universe and must do our best to understand any given situation with our limited faculties. This does not mean that we are stupid but we are limited.

This is by design; for we cannot know Absolute Truth as this would compromise creation.

Creation is a mental construct and, as such, cannot be understood in it’s entirety by a limited, finite mind and this is so as to protect the Universe from unscrupulous minds or energy.

Truth comes in many degrees ranging from Absolute Truth, known only to ‘The All’, to Relative Truth which is where mankind starts to understand the concept of truth and its varying degrees. Between Absolute and Relative Truth, lie degrees of truth where it takes on many hues and shades depending on conditioning and intellect although this often errs, rather confusingly, towards opinion!


So, it is always imperative that we are tolerant to ‘truths’ which do not tally tidily with those we hold dear as each of us is coming to the party with varying gifts and taste which may, or may not, please the host.

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Be Happy xox

(Since November 2018 my writing is truly collaborative with spirit as I am now a channel for them and charged with bringing truth and hope to humanity.)


The Art of Being Awake

In a world where it serves the elite for us to be a bunch of somnolent morons it is high time that we paid attention to the alarm bells ringing all around. From a tender age we are processed into compliant little sausages: minced and mixed with bland bread to bind us to a system where we are told we are loved and cared for from cradle to deathbed. This, of course, is the biggest pile of poop imaginable to anyone left with a smidgeon of imagination and miraculously able to function outside of the ‘accepted norm!’ After years of systematic indoctrination, being fed untruths and squashed into round holes, there is surely an art to being awake.

It takes a concerted effort to shake off inherited beliefs and slide out from under the soft, snuggly duvet which cosily and conveniently smothers freethought. The path to being a powerful divine being, which is the natural birth right of each and every one of us, is fraught with self-doubt and slippery banana skins aplenty!

To stand in your individual power and shun the accepted rhetoric of government, church, institution, family, friends, colleagues and acquaintances takes courage; but, as the globalists play out their evil end game to cull and enslave the remaining population for their own aggrandisement, it is high time to quit hitting the snooze button. Time is running out for humanity to wake up to the truth that is more and more evident all around. War, famine, disease, poverty, a two tier social system where 1% control 99% of the people and wealth and many are left to die unjust deaths through policy designed to destroy cultures and peoples. It truly is self evident that all is cynically designed to subvert wealth to a few on the backs and misery of the many and anyone who argues otherwise is just one small step away from anniliation and truly sleepwalking through life. I myself often have conversations with folks who believe the false rhetoric of governments peddled through mainstream media, which are in the pay of the elite, and I wonder – how can anyone be so blind? With this in mind I despair for the majority of people who will, no doubt, read this and call me delusional – (if indeed they read this at all!) Harsh words maybe but we live in harsh times and the clock is ticking: and so it is time to rattle cages and the chains of those who, believing themselves free, are actually in bondage.

The world is corrupt to its mantle core – ruled by a bunch of megalomaniacs with an agenda too bizarre for most to believe. Hence: those who foretell truths seemingly more fantastical than fiction are branded delusional or conspiracy theorists. To be enlightened is often to be ridiculed. And yet much of what folks such as David Icke, Corey Goode, Neil Kramer, Regina Meredith, (amongst many illustrious others,) say is based in truth. And yet it must always be remembered that truth comes in many shades and hues. It is a slippery critter and can mean many things to many people and yet, ultimately, there is only one truth and that is Source or God who wishes man to know that what I write here comes to me through his team in spirit. Writing this leaves me feeling deeply uncomfortable, I am open to attack from many quarters, but I have a thick skin and can weather the scorn for the greater good of all.

The Universe is not as we are led to believe. There are irrefutable laws which span space and time and apply equally to our physical reality and realms unseen. We are not alone in this construct and the spirits wish for me to help nudge people into a more encompassing awareness of reality. We are all supported by guides and angels and have it within ourselves to tap into this loving and benevolent source of wisdom and guidance. The spiritual and angelic realms are alternate planes of existence and exist in parallel to our physical plane which is inhabited by many other species of beings throughout the vast Universe. Governments and church are aware of this and, over many years, have systematically denied us all our true heritage. For, to know this truth is to know that you are all powerful and the creator of your own, and shared, reality. The creator of all wishes humanity to know that nothing is as it seems and charges me to shake people from their slumber. This, of course, makes me sound like a nutter but hey – in for a penny in for a pound!

To gently rouse you from your doze my guardian angel Matthew asks me to share with you now a few suggestions to kickstart your awakening;

  • Meditate – This, he tells me, is the simplest way for a person to raise their consciousness and need not be a laborious affair. He advises to simply take 10 minutes a day and to sit quietly and try to empty your mind. Through commitment to this practice a person stills their being and miracles may happen.
  • Get yourself out into nature and quietly observe the seasons and enjoy the tranquillity whilst grounding your physical being. Mother Earth is Gaia’s gift to humanity and is oft overlooked in these busy times. By walking in the outdoor’s a person absorbs loving energy that raises a person’s vibration and allows for a ripple effect to occur within their own small sphere of the world. By raising your personal vibration, and that of the collective, reality can be altered for the greater good of all.
  • Read, or listen, to books related to spirituality. I have a list of important reads here to get you started.
  • Examine your beliefs without fear or judgement and identify how many are actually your own and weed out those that have been placed in your psyche by outside influence.
  • Turn off the news and kick newspapers to touch! Carefully research world affairs independently with an open mind and refuse the biased narrative. Scepticism rules with a dash of faith and belief.
  • Honestly review your life and lifestyle and ask yourself how free you really. Personal freedom is worth far more than a swanky home, car, holiday or designer clothes which we are told will make us happy but, by design, ensnare us into a system of drone work and debt.

To be awake, or consciousness, is a prerequisite for survival in the coming years as things gather momentum and society unravels. It is a foolish soul that po poos this truth but all is not lost as the spiritual realms have a plan which will be revealed in divine and good time. It is audacious and will leave those who have caused the destruction of earth all alone to inherit the mayhem of their own making: it requires that everyone assume responsibility for their own lives and stands against authority regardless of consequence for the spirits wish me to assure you that nothing ever dies and that all that is will always be although clothed in a different guise.

To discover ways in which spirit communicates with us all you might find this here of interest  – and it may even further help you discover the art of being awake.

Be Happy xox

Love of Life Laugh!

In a Universe where everything is energy humour is one of the most valuable attributes for us all to embrace. It keeps a persons’ energetic vibration high and when a person resonates at a high frequency they emanate goodness and joy and influence their own and the collective reality for the better. For the love of life laugh!

Laughter is known to be a great medicine and if more people embraced their happy our world would automatically, with little real effort, become a far more beautiful place. So, everything is energy and science proves it and still many sadly prefer to wander around gloomy and glum sucking up the happy vibes and spitting them out as misery. I myself know many folks like this and, these days, chose to avoid them like the plague. Of course circumstances can get us all down at times but we always have a choice as to how we turn up in our world and should try to remember this truth.

I have always embraced my silly and even though a woman of ‘a certain age’ I cherish my sense of the ridiculous and embrace it fully. Many have erroneously judged me stupid or immature – my response:



I have recently invented a sidekick – Mr Wingding. Mr Wingding is a smiley fella and loves to play dress-up and capture his portraits typographically. He is my alter ego; a suave chap who should appeal to those with a honed aesthetic and sense of fun.

He is available on a bunch of stylish and cheery apparel and can be seen here.

And, talking of happy you might just  appreciate this.

Be Happy xox

The Art of Creation

The Universe is one helluva creation and never stands still. Things that appear to be the same over many years are actually in a constant state of change and this can be witnessed short term, as if watching a speeded-up time lapse film, with the short life of a bloom. As an artist my work has never stood still and I am always looking around the corner for the next creative accident that leads me down unexpected paths – stumbling upon happy accidents showering vibrant, creative sparks. Yet, there is an art to the art of creation which centres upon showing up regularly and putting in the gritty, not so pretty, grunt work.

Recently my Team in Spirit have been gently chivvying me along to establish a routine whereby my spiritual studies, writing, social media, art and husband are all embraced and celebrated! For, they caution me, a life is short and they do not wish for me to pass back to spirit having not fulfilled my true creative potential.

I have committed to listen to my audible books whilst sewing up a storm. This work is small scale, portable, (handy for when on the hoof,) and experimental. I term ‘them’ energetic studies and patiently await grander work to reveal itself. The fabric I use is harvested from French Brocantes, a nod to my previous activity as antique dealer living in France, and each morsel of weave is chosen for colour, stain and story. Houses and things hold the energy of the past and by using old cloth and stitching in hair, crystals, twigs and the likes these wee creations become energetic beacons of a ritualistic nature. They are also studies in quiet subversion as stitch is historically considered to be a process to create things of practical use whereas these delights are created for the sheer delight of creating.

God, Source, Infinite Creator or The All, as the hermeticists term the force behind creation, is a conscious being that champions creativity as the primary reason his ‘evolved, sentient being creations’ are in physical form. Through intelligent play lessons are learned and the soul, over many lifetimes, slowly creeps closer to source. We are all here to ascend and despite what we are taught at school, where we are indoctrinated to be compliant slaves to a system rigged in the favour of the few at the cost of the many, we are meant to live creative lives on our own unique terms.

God is the ultimate creator and as such has made man in his image: to be ultimate kickass creators rather than drones who work in dead end jobs to pay for materialistic shit that is extraneous and unnecessary for an individual to live a happy and creative life. Far better to be materialistically poor and yet free to play than to be enslaved. These words come direct from source!

Spirituality and creativity are sexy bedfellows who dance a merry and romantic fandango to the energetic tunes of The Universe. With this in mind I ask you: have you ever noticed how many artists/writers/dancers/musicians et al are spiritual, not talking religious here, and often light in being?


Many of our feted cultural heroes including John Lennon, Michael Jackson, Mozart, John Constable, Marilyn Monroe, Elvis, Edward Blake to name a few were indeed, my team in spirit tell me, lightworkers extraordinaire! My team continues to inform me that 90% of successful artists, in the broadest sense of the word – think ‘creators,’ are indeed lightworkers!

And yet, sadly, there is a flipside to this coin. For the creative spirit is open to all experiences far more than your average spirit and therefore can be easily seduced into erroneous thought and behaviour and slip into darkness with relative ease. This is where the romantic, yet highly damaging, notion of the impoverished, mad artist in a garret comes into play. Depression and addiction are feted as ‘normal’ behaviour for a person tormented and frustrated by their own creativity – I am thinking of Van Gogh here who ultimately took his own life whilst in the throes of creative despair.

Watercolour by Adolf Hitler. Source Unknown.

Winston Churchill in his studio. Source Unknown.

Darker yet are personages such as Hitler and Churchill who were both extraordinarily creative and talented but chose to use their creativity for evil ends. Both are damned souls. Hitler was an accomplished artist as was Churchill but, both men chose to subvert their creativity and use it against humanity. Mostly everyone knows of the evil of Hitler, but few are aware of the depraved nature of Churchill who has been honoured by the British people as their saviour. Yet Churchill was an evil man who was one of the leading lights in the illuminati in his day, and he is directly responsible for the travesty that is the Middle East we now witness. He was an imperialist and globalist and the ally of the New World Order and as such is in fact worse than Hitler who was simply a depraved man. Churchill was highly intelligent and aware of the end game, which is to cull and enslave humanity for the aggrandisement of the few. As such he is, my team in spirit tell me, one of the worst souls to have walked the earth and has been consigned to the underworld – (think non- recyclable trash can,) where all souls deemed beyond redemption are tossed aside, for eternity.

Creativity is integral to life and it is a foolish trait of society to dismiss it as trivial for it is the foundation of all and as such should be championed in all its various guises. Each of us is born inherently creative but as time passes we can easily lose touch with this truth. Therefore, I challenge you to step into your own particular, peculiar creative being and to blind us all with your own unique diddlings and doings!

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Be Happy xox

(Since November 2018 my writing is truly collaborative with spirit as I am now a channel for them and charged with bringing truth and hope to humanity.)

the art of affirmation

Affirmations are the Key to Kickass Manifestation

Affirmations are the key to kickass manifestation and creating the life you desire and deserve and should be considered as an artist’s brush to paint a picture of the reality you dream of. They have the power to change a persons’ life irrevocably to the point that it becomes unrecognisable to themselves and others. The art of affirmation is creation on steroids!

Copyright 2018. Linda Dacey-Laforge.

Affirmations are a gift from the Universe which allows an individual to create exactly what they wish for through thought which is the main energetic drive of the Law of Attraction. There are many people online selling courses on how to manifest the perfect life but they are mainly false prophets selling false hope.

Anyone can have the life of their dreams by simply adopting the practice of affirmations daily and these affirmations can be as simple or complex as a person desires. For instance, I myself often affirm: I Am Success, I Am Abundance but then throw a more complicated affirmation into the mix such as: I Am a Powerful Divine Being and I emphatically refuse any and all forms of communication with the dark!

These affirmations need to be said daily to gather momentum and power and I try to repeat them, as well as many others, morning and night as a matter of routine. Visual image boards and playing your perfect life scenario out in the theatre of your mind is unnecessary twaddle – all a person needs to do is commit to the practice of daily affirmations and miracles will happen.


The Universe is always listening and has big ears and is happy to oblige but, be careful, for it has no conscience and does not differentiate between good and bad and so wrong thought can easily cancel out the best held and repeated affirmation. Everything is energy and like attracts like and this is the law of attraction which is manifestation of all reality.

And so, to help you on your way I have designed a range of products with simple, super charged affirmations for your delectation and you can browse my full range, which I will be adding to regularly, HERE.

You might find this HERE of value.

Be Happy xox

(Since November 2018 my writing is truly collaborative with spirit as I am now a channel for them and charged with bringing truth and hope to humanity.)

the christmas spirit

The Christmas Spirit

Christmas is a magical time, especially for young children. We were privileged as my parents made sure that the festive season was a wonderful time for brother and me. And so, the anticipation mounted in the weeks running up to Christmas Eve. I have many fond memories of us both rustling around the Christmas tree getting excited for Santa’s imminent visit; how illicit to prod, poke and shake the gifts and how we giggled in delight when, pushing the paper close to the package we managed to decipher clues as to the content of the package! I have vivid and cherished memories of the scent of the first Satsuma of the season. Browsing the TV and Radio Times – (two long forgotten UK publications which scheduled all the Xmas viewings with reviews) – and planning our holiday viewings. Lazy afternoons with sweets and treats watching charmingly innocent and corny Christmas films. Ferrying the dropped pine needles, in Dinky toy dumper trucks, across the mustard coloured embossed carpet which chaffed my knees. In the weeks leading up to festivities we truly embraced the Christmas Spirit.

Then Auntie Olive and Uncle Dave would arrive from Brightlingsea, a small unspoilt seaside town in Suffolk, to do their Christmas shopping. Croydon had one of the first UK indoor shopping centres: The Whitgift Centre, and, in the 1970’s, the first ever UK branch of McDonald’s opened, but that is another story!

Auntie Olive and Uncle Dave would get up early and, for two days, shop until they were just shy to drop. They would return happily laden with bags, for the family in Brightlingsea was large, and would, wearily but full of wonder, settle down to show us all of their purchases. Brother and I were small, I was about 6, and we would enviously ogle and eye the gifts whilst understanding that they were not for us; but, at the bottom of the bags, there was always a little something for myself and brother. I particularly recall a small plastic blister pack brooch, with a small door that opened, which housed a beautiful, small doll with auburn red ringlets.

On Christmas Eve Mum and Dad would boil the Chestnuts for the stuffing and would sit convivially in the backroom scooping the flesh from the steaming skins whilst brother and I grew excited to open the one gift deemed appropriate for us to have before Christmas morning. We were just about fit to burst! After Gran passed Grandad would stay for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day night and sleep in my bedroom. This meant that I would sleep on a camp bed made up in my brother’s bedroom which was a rare and wonderful treat. Getting to sleep was nigh on impossible as we excitedly whispered about what Santa might bring us both. One year my brother, who is two years older than me, startled me from slumber with the words;

‘Quick, quick Linda or you will miss him!’

I speedily scampered to my brother’s side, both peering from behind the curtains at the night sky he sighed;

‘Oh no you missed him! I saw Father Christmas and his sleigh fly by!’

I remember the magic of this moment clearly and thank my brother for this precious gift.

In the early hours Mum and Dad would fill two white pillowcases, which sat at the foot of the stairs, with all manner of delights and, in the ridiculously early hours of the morn, we would creep downstairs to get our sacks! We would then open, always by torchlight to avoid detection, the wrapped gifts as quietly as possible – but each rip and tear amplified and echoed in the still of the night. Once opened, and shared, we would systematically put everything back into the pillowcase and settle down to sleep. My parents were generous and our gifts were always what we asked for with nuts and sweets a plenty.

On Christmas morning we would innocently share what Father Christmas had brought us with Mum and Dad before tucking into a hearty plate of fresh cut ham, and eggs! We would then hurriedly tidy up and rush into the front room where the mound of gifts sat winking and waiting under the tree. By the time the unwrapping was done the floor would be a patchwork of colourful wrappings, rosettes and cellotape which filled a large black bin bag. We were all truly blessed.

Mum would then start the cooking as we readied ourselves for our Aunt, Uncle and cousins to arrive. They would rock up early at about 11.00am and then the fun would really begin! Our stuffed full pillowcases would then be dragged from room to room as we showed and shared our bounty with our cousins. What great Christmas’s we shared with food, games, love and laughter aplenty.

All of these marvellous memories got me thinking about my daughter in spirit, Little One, who never had the opportunity to enjoy such joyous times, for she passed impoverished and without her parents at a very young age. She has a best friend called Jacob who has also never had a Christmas such as I just shared and so I got to thinking – what could I do for these two wee souls to give them a small taste of the spirit of Christmas.

And so I decided to remodel my remembrance alter table into a festive spot for the children to visit. I wanted to share the festive season with them. Initially I imagined a twig with fairy lights and my crystals arranged as gifts underneath but this soon seemed a little sad and the concept grew legs!


Little One and Jacob were most grateful for their Christmas twig but a little disappointed at its haphazard form and this made me realise that my efforts had been a tad lame. They asked if I could find a prettier twig and then Jacob continued by asking if I would be his Mama too! After a bit of a muddle I agreed to be his ‘Special Auntie Linda,’ rather than Mama, explaining that I had no nephew and that this would make my heart sing to be his adoptive Auntie. Happy they then dotted off into the ether to play whilst I considered what I could do to up the ante Auntie!

So, feeling the Christmas Spirit within, I decided to make a small grotto and set to immediately. When Little One and Jacob next visited they were delighted and were so excited that my guardian angel Matthew tells me that they then did the rounds in the spiritual realms explaining how wonderful their Mama/Special Auntie Linda was to have created them their own special winter wonderland.

Matthew then continued;

Knowing how happy these beautiful small souls were with such a trifling gesture made me even more determined to improve on my plan and so, each day just before retiring to sleep I have been adding items to the Xmas winter wonderland so as to delight these children in spirit.

And, Matthew tells me;

‘Delighted they are. As are we Linda for your small trifling gesture is something that we have never before witnessed and it has gladdened all our hearts and added magic to what is already a most wondrous time of year; but Linda there is more for your one small deed has been seen by many here in spirit and next year all lightworkers who speak to us here in spirit are to be encouraged to do the same for the children who passed young and rest with us here! So, in honour of your initiative these winter wonderlands will be known as ‘Linda’s gift to all.’

Amazed at this revelation I am instructed to request that all who read this piece share this article far and wide for, in a world consumed with greed and materialism, it is truly the simple things that count the most and make the difference. I am also asked that those who have lost children at a tender age should commit to doing this too as it brings their lost ones close at what is a very special family time.

Bright Blessings at Christmas.

Be Happy xox

(Since November 2018 my writing is truly collaborative with spirit as I am now a channel for them and charged with bringing truth and hope to humanity.)