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when I am successful

When I Am Successful

I often dream of when I am successful. Then think upon the general state of the world and the people who inhabit it – and to be honest it makes for uneasy reflection. Now, before I continue I wish to clarify that I am fully aware that each soul is here on earth to learn different lessons required to step closer to ascension and of this I am tolerant but still I despair at the mass lack of self-awareness, apathy and selfishness of the vast majority of folks these days. Man used to be a tribal people and we have forgotten what it is to be part of a cohesive gathering which supports one another. We are no better than dogs fighting for the top spot and most are obsessed with getting ahead regardless of the cost upon another’s well-being.

When I was in my early twenties I was enraged by the injustice I witnessed in the world and keen to fight for the underdog but I soon realised that those I rubbed shoulders with, both socially and professionally, were not at all interested in what I had to say – preferring to party and shop for latest designer label delights. And so, I shut up. Realising that my voice was but air carried by the wind I vowed to get ahead, be successful and help others when powerful.

Alas my success has been illusive and I am still working towards getting my voice heard above the general mindless bruhaha but worse than this is the lack of support from those I love who see me as a failure. This stings like a bleedin’ ruby red chilli in the eye but makes me even more determined to finally hit my stride and succeed. Oh, how I look forward to the day that I can help those less fortunate than myself, to the tune of serious money, to allow them to shine bright. I already have a list of those whom will benefit from my imminent success! For successful I will be my team in spirit assure me. They also tell me that I will be successful way beyond my wildest imaginings and, as I type this, it feels rather unlikely and foolish for I live a humble life in a house without a proper kitchen and an infestation of mice! Yet I am, on balance, happy – but for the erroneous and constant judgement upon me from people who sadly know no better – which brings me full circle for each of us is on our own unique journey of discovery. And this is the way of the world and ok by me.

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(Since November 2018 my writing is truly collaborative with spirit as I am now a channel for them and charged with bringing truth and hope to humanity.)

emotions v feelings

Emotion Versus Feeling

Emotion versus feeling are easily confused but there is a distinct and pertinent difference between the two. To be honest I struggle to elucidate this subtle nuance efficiently and so I defer to the guys in the skies:

‘Yes, we are talking nuance here but it is an important shading that is worth contemplating, for once a person fully grasps the difference between emotion and feeling they are better prepared to be masters of their own house.

Imagine this – you are walking down the street, the sun is shining – there is a pleasant breeze and all is well in your world at that moment: you FEEL happy and grateful for the day. Suddenly a commotion breaks out and a young man punches another in the face and you are angry, this EMOTION takes you by surprise and colours your experience. You no longer feel happy, you allow yourself to be overwhelmed by unwanted emotion – sadness/frustration/anger.

You see EMOTION is as a result of an outside event colouring and eliciting a response from you whereas, FEELING is an independent way of being which is wholly of your choosing.

The clue is in the words:

(e)motion – motion an act that moves. Or in this case elicits a response/emotion.

Whereas feeling is a word which expresses the sense of state of being and is similar to the word sensing as in I sense danger/I sense trouble.

The trick in life is to master your responses to people/situations/etc outside of yourself and assume control over your emotions whilst acknowledging your right to assess any given event and feel legitimate feelings.

For feelings are your inner guidance system, intuition, and are your compass to find your way to an enviable state of being – a harmonious life. ‘


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(Since November 2018 my writing is truly collaborative with spirit as I am now a channel for them and charged with bringing truth and hope to humanity.)

code and cipher

Spiritual Codes and Ciphers

The other night I received a surprising, revelatory and complex coded message. I spent half the night Googling, (actually I use Presearch – a blockchain search engine free from snoopers,) spiritual codes and ciphers and the other half as excited as a flea. Codes and ciphers create energetic pathways and are tools of wisdom and magic. They are a favourite means of communictaion for the spirits who are masters at veiled messages.

The spiritual realms love a code and rarely speak in plain language, preferring to communicate in metaphor and analogy. They often interupt my slumber with visual flashes of obscure scenarios and dreams which meander with ease and allegory. When I awake I ask my guardian angel, Matthew,

‘Was that a message?’ And invariably he replies ‘Yes.’

We then chat, telepathically, as he helps me to unravel and make sense of the narrative and guidance knitted within. These messages are now a regular occurence in my life and are intriguing and informative. As I progress along my path I am being guided to embrace my true nature and purpose which is to help others to edge towards enlightenment. For, in our troubled world, self knowledge is power and the unseen realms wish to help humanity ascend and avert destruction.

As time passes man will come to realise the true nature of government, church and institution and realise the importance of self actualisation which is attainable for one and all.


So, the next time you have an image flash before your minds eye unbidden or a rambling dream do not be so keen to dismiss it. Rather sit with it quietly and ask if it was indeed a message for nine times out of ten there is hidden meaning and guidance within.

They now wish to chip in:

‘Man is a pragmatic creature and is often quick to dismiss or rationalise the unexplainable. We here in the realms of spirit walk by your sides constantly and use all manner of ways to try and catch your attention and lend you a helping hand as you bumble along your way. If you get an intuitive flash or feeling take a moment to reflect upon it for there will be wisdom woven within. You see we speak to all of you, often in code and cipher, but few care to listen – this is a crying shame for together we can work to save earth and humanity from the worst deprivations which loom on the horizon and assist you to fulfil your own truest potential and  purpose.’

These wisps are real folks! And they are ready to help us all. All you need do is ask for their help with purity in your heart ~ then, listen carefully with all six of your God given senses: sight, hearing, smell, taste, touch and extrasensory perception.

Be Happy xox

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The Law of Attraction is Bunkum

The Law of Attraction is Bunkum

For some long while I have had a niggling feeling that the Law of Attraction is bunkum for, if it were a Bona fide law, there would be a glut of highly motivated individuals bathing in their warranted success rather than scratching around like frustrated chickens.

I truly am sorry to burst your bubble but I have this truth confirmed from on high! And, to be honest I feel rather like I did when forced to tell my eleven year old son, (yes eleven!) that Father Christmas was not real – but hey, it’s dirty work but some sucker has to do it!

There are only 7 Universal Laws in the Universe of which The Law of Attraction is notable by its absence. Not so long ago I wrote a piece on this and accredited The Law of Attraction as an eighth law which stood apart from it’s seven brothers! I was wrong – my bad. (You can read it here if you fancy.)

It is nigh on impossible for man to understand the true nature of reality – which remains, on balance, beyond even the most erudite of minds. Many have and continue to try and unpick the construct of the Universe but trying to do so is like frying an egg in a sieve! There are some things, my team in spirit advise me, that man is not meant to know and as such they advise me to keep things simple and concentrate on all that consumes a physical being on a day to day basis rather than pontificate on imponderables’.

We are each and every one of us skipper of our own vessel; meaning that, whilst The Law of Attraction is a preposterous pile of poop, you are still responsible for your own reality. For instance: my lifestyle is somewhat impoverished by accepted western standards – and so, I have a choice: I can either lament my lack and skulk around, demoralised, with a face like a wet washing day in June or I can find joy and gratitude for the small things which I experience daily whilst holding faith and continuing to stoically work towards my goals. These two differing attitudes create entirely different realities; the first is a gloomy affair, the second shows acceptance in the face of adversity and the ability to be grateful whilst living in hope. In short, we create our reality by how we chose to process all things and consequently we manifest what we truly ‘are’ into our existence. And now I defer to Matthew, my guardian angel:

‘What Linda says is true and for some time we have been considering blowing the lid off of The Law of Attraction pot; for there are many self-proclaimed experts spouting nonsense to folks desperate to succeed. One of the greatest proponents for The Law of Attraction is Abraham with Esther and Jerry Hicks, all of whom are valued messengers who serve for the greater good of all. And yet, their teachings are erroneous on many levels primarily because people have chosen to cherry pick the poster boy highlights and distil them down to a worthless blend of mind mush!
I counsel people to be wary of any that claim to have succeeded by applying the fundamentals of The Law of Attraction and encourage you to, instead, familiarise yourself with the legitimate 7 Universal Laws of The Universe. (HERE.) By so doing you cut out the need for all LOA teachers who are little more than grifters selling false hope to millions – albeit unwittingly!
By appraising yourself of the 7 Universal Laws of The Universe you are well equipped to lead a successful and happy life but I caution you that not all men are born equal and, as such, not everyone is destined to strike gold! This is a highly unpopular truth but true it is for each and every one of you is on a personal journey to enlightenment which spans more lives than crystals of sugar in a cup of tea. As such each and every-one has to experience rich man/poor man/beggar man/thief -an unpalatable truth which should help one to be more accepting of those that err in life and ones’ own lot.’
The Higher Angelic Realms.


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(Since November 2018 my writing is truly collaborative with spirit as I am now a channel for them and charged with bringing truth and hope to humanity.)

Loving the Underdog

Loving the Underdog

Every winner has a story and it is easy to imagine that many people are overnight successes without realising the years of grunt work which contributed to their success. And then there are those that remain unrecognised, ignored or even worse bullied and ostracised for being different. To love a winner is easy but loving the underdog is, I truly believe, a far more noble act.

I live in a beautiful, small village inhabited with, less beautiful but, equally small minds. This sounds rather sad but I am happy with my lot – a fantastic husband and mini menagerie of other animals! Soon after we arrived in early springtime a stray, emaciated dog, resembling a Chocolate Labrador, started to cross our garden forlornly. This animal was in trouble – drooling and with crusty weeping eyes, his ribs resembled a finished meal. Over the course of several days we became friends and Rick and I decided to feed him. Covered in tics he was a beleaguered, sad beast but was desperate to be accepted.

Boris, as I called him, was the village street dog. Our neighbour, George, told us that he had been abandoned, many years ago, by a family that left him, with their rubbish. when they up sticks and moved on. Since this day he had begged, foraged and rummaged his days away and, after a particularly harsh winter, was on his last legs when he appeared at our house. Boris became my friend and the angels told me we were a gift to one another – both outcasts in our own different ways.

Boris Bog-Off, so called for his initial habit of crashing mealtimes and then promptly clearing off was, like me, a true free spirit; he had no desire to come into the home – except for a swift warmup by the fire in the biting cold of the winter.

This klutzy, smelly hound, everything in a dog that I did not really favour, captured my heart completely. I looked forward to seeing him in the morning and eve for mealtimes and he soon became a fixture of our household. We insulated an old washing machine carcass into a kennel for him and he often slept, cosy, on our terrace. He was always so excited to see me when we returned home and, eager to please with not a bad bone in his fragrant body, was my best buddy.

Sadly, the village folks hated Boris. There was a price on his head! Whoever killed him was guaranteed a bottle of the local brew and in the course of a year this poor animal often came ‘home’ bruised, battered and traumatised. It broke my heart to hear him whimper in pain and left me furious that people would choose to so abuse such a pure and innocent soul. I bought him numerous collars to protect him from tics and fleas but, each time he would wander, he would come home having been robbed. Boris had a huge heart and was so docile as to allow people to approach him and simply take the collar from around his neck.

The other day he came home in the worst state we have witnessed. Physically the righthand side of his face was swollen, his right leg was seemingly fractured at the ankle but, worse still, Rick sensed that his spirit was broken. I fed and fussed him and resolved to call the vet later having left him in the shade of the Walnut tree to rest.

At some point he took himself off and Rick told me he sensed that he had come ‘home’ to say goodbye before quietly retiring to die. We have not seen Boris for four days now and I fear that my mate has gone to pastures anew with the guys in the skies. My guardian angel says:

‘Boris was a wonderful soul gifted to our messenger, Linda, to help her adjust to unfavourable circumstances. Like Linda, Boris was a survivor – they were kindred spirits. As Linda channels my words she cries for her unlikely friend and for humanity. For how can anyone believe it admissible to so mistreat any other sentient being?

Boris did not die from his physical injuries rather from the wounds inflicted upon his soul since being abandoned. This poor dog survived freezing winters with near starvation but was killed by the cruelty of man who refused to take him into their hearts. Rather than treat him as a pariah the village people should have adopted him as their mascot and taken turns to feed him, but they chose not to do so. This is a sorry reflection on man and those that actually abused him are guilty of a mortal sin. Those that chose to standby and say nothing are enablers!

It took an outsider to help Boris and this is a shameful indictment on man. To commit abuse on any sentient being is highly frowned upon in the spiritual realms and these particular abusers will pay a hefty price for their actions for Boris is one of our messengers sent to teach the village kindness and empathy. The village not only failed him but they also failed themselves and a mortal sin against an animal is punishable by karma or retrograde reincarnation; which is to say that a serial dog abuser will reincarnate as a dog in the next lifetime! This is a surprising and little-known truth which many will deride and scoff at: at their peril.

Linda too is an underdog and although not physically abused has suffered at the hands of many who have systematically undermined her at every turn – but this is all about to change and I advise you to stop listening to ego driven teachers and listen to our true messenger. For, in the coming years, Linda will become a voice of hope and redemption for humanity. And yet, for now she remains buried under all the wannerbes who steal the light for personal aggrandisement.

I caution you all to choose wisely those you listen to.’


RIP Boris we love you xox

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(Since November 2018 my writing is truly collaborative with spirit as I am now a channel for them and charged with bringing truth and hope to humanity.)

Self Sabotaging Soul

Self Sabotaging Soul

For some time now I have been aware that I am my own greatest obstacle to success. This might sound peculiar, or sadly familiar to some, but my guides tell me, and I concur, that I have a self-sabotaging soul. This was not meant to be for, from a very young age, I always had a niggling inkling that I was here on earth to do something significant and my true nature was thus wired for success. And yet, over the years, I have been bullied, undermined, abused and stymied to the point that the stuffing has been knocked out of me and I am all too easily derailed from my purpose. Knowledge is a powerful thing but only of use if applied and here I wish to disclose the reasons I self-sabotage in the hope of gaining clarity and reaching a point where I can finally turn the page on this folly. Picking scabs in public is perhaps not the done thing but, just maybe, my personal ruminations may help you in some small way to also hit your stride.

Since a very little girl I always sensed that I was somehow different from those I encountered in my daily doings: this was a strange unformed feeling – intuition at work. As I grew up, I simply knew that I had important work to do but living in a suburban home, in South London, with a brother who disliked me and parents who found me difficult – a free spirit, my chances of shining bright were seriously compromised from the get go!

A happy child I hated injustice and always stuck up for the underdog but as I grew so too did the bullies and, soon enough, they targeted me. This saw me in sticks at school and had it not been for my Mum stepping in things would surely have gotten dirty. Mum always had my back whereas, since her passing I now have no doubt, my Dad was pretty much uninterested in me; having eyes only for my brother who was a chip off the boring, conformist block.

Intelligent and inquisitive my constant questioning, a ploy to get attention I now believe, was irritating to my parents. And my affinity for hanging out in my bedroom was judged as laziness whereas I was, in truth, always busy drawing, sewing, reading or studying. My Dad thought my brother so smart and was proud when he came home with 5 average grade O Levels; less so when I passed 9 with better grades! Both my parents sadly underestimated me and neither truly tried to better understand the cuckoo in the nest. If they had had their way, I would have worked in an office for forty years and now be looking to an early retirement with a full pension!

Looking back over the last 50ish years I can clearly see patterns of behaviour directed towards me from all quarters. Literally everyone I have trusted and loved has slighted and smitten me by varying degrees and the law of cause and effect has been at play. For, with a constant fugue of negativity and harsh judgement bombarding a soul – the cause, injury is inflicted and the effect is damaged self esteem and disillusionment with all and self; for a person starts to think that not everyone can be wrong! The truth though is that they often are and, speaking for myself, this has definitely been the case historically and remains so even to this day.

We live in a peculiar world where empaths are perceived weak and those that accumulate material wealth are valued above those that have not even if they have had to sell their soul to the 9am – 5pm devil, or worse! Self- employed since 1989, I have weathered several financial crashes, divorce, single parenthood, living alone with my son abroad, bought a home for cash and so much more and, by my less material standards, I reckon lived an interesting, diverse and successful life.

So, why is it that I still allow the naysayers to hold sway over me and undermine my equilibrium to the point that I self-sabotage? Now, my Guardian Angel Matthew has wisdom and insight to share:

‘You Linda are what we call a self-sabotaging soul for, throughout the years, your self confidence has been eroded so badly by people sent by the dark to destroy you that now you are in a constant cycle of damage limitation and despair followed by periods of enormous productivity. This means that the road is never smooth and each time you gather positive forward momentum someone crops up to shove you off the road onto the bumpy hard shoulder! Until you finally recognise that you are the driver of your own vehicle and that no one else holds any power over you this will continue – but, unless you break this cycle you will remain in oblivion – whereby your talents and messages from the higher angelic realms, will fall on deaf ears for in your world today people blindly follow the winners whilst overlooking the true teachers and messengers who struggle similarly to you! Your world is corrupt to the core and until the lightworkers and angels who walk amongst the people refuse all judgement upon them they will remain in obscurity and this cannot be allowed for the clock is ticking and mankind is on the precipice of major destruction.’


So, having identified the problem how is a wise crone to kick this dysfunction to touch? This is where things get mighty sticky for me, for whilst I do not value the opinion of those whose life choices do not resonate with me, I find myself still wishing for their approval. This is absolute piffle and nonsense and finds me on the rinse and repeat cycle of the self sabotaging soul I so need to bust to allow me to move forward with grace and confidence.

And this is what I promise myself to do from hereon in: I will treat these folks as mild irritants and as teachers showing me how not to be. I will see my interactions with them as a sport and revel in my difference and metaphorically be the itching powder in their underpants! I will confound them with my brilliance, step fully into my purpose, and leave them in my wake wondering: how the fuck did she do that?!

I suggest you do the same.

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(Since November 2018 my writing is truly collaborative with spirit as I am now a channel for them and charged with bringing truth and hope to humanity.)

The Shadow Side

The Shadow Side

I have never understood the idea of the shadow side and sense that it is nowt but new age nonsense designed to confuse and cash in on peoples need for guidance and greater understanding. My opinion may well be about as welcome as a rabid dog in your backyard but, I have it on good authority, that I am correct in my assessment. The Shadow Side is conceived to confuse and control people looking for greater truths and has the power to tie one in tangled knots forever and a day!

I could chunter on here but prefer to defer to those that know more than you or I; and so, the following is channelled from The Higher Angelic Realms:

‘Linda is right with her assessment that the shadow side is a falsity designed to confuse and disempower people for there simply is no such thing – and it is time that man stopped this nonsensical truth from being propagated. Souls are either light, dark or grey, (indifferent,) and with this FACT the idea of any one soul having a shadow side is immediately and irrefutably debunked!

Of course, there will be those that try to argue differently with linguistic nuance and tricky arguments but when something is something it cannot be otherwise; which is to say that a tree is a tree with or without its shadow!

To take the analogy of the tree one step further let us consider a young sapling planted alone in the middle of a field.  Imagine this tree as it grows and more trees are planted all around. Until one day it is a mighty Oak and is King of the woods! Now this tree has light from above yet casts shadows upon all the other trees. Does this make this tree dark or is it just that it is bigger than the others? My point here is a tree is a tree is a tree – just as, a soul is a soul is a soul.

To continue this analogy, for we here in The Higher Angelic Realms love a carefully crafted analogy, this tree stands tall and now towers above all the other small trees in the forest and yet it does not wish them harm but through its presence other smaller trees wilt and die through lack of nutrients and light. Does this make the mighty Oak ‘dark’ or is this just a nuance of nature? Of course, this a nuance of nature. And so, it is with people! People are born with their soul and spirit fixed but have the opportunity through the life they are gifted to learn and step towards becoming self actualised; which is to say that they move into the light or higher up the ladder to enlightenment and ascension.

The concept, for that is all it is, of the shadow side was cooked up by the Catholic Church to steep people in sin and thus wield power over them through creating fear for a soul damned for eternity – this is complete and utter tosh and bunkum and you would be well advised to step away from any religion which operates with a God that demands fidelity whilst threatening ruin.

There are leaders, losers and followers in life and each soul has unique lessons, carefully conceived prior to incarnation, to learn – be that soul light, dark or grey. Any one soul is acting strictly in accordance to its true nature and therefore there simply is no shadow side to explore for it truly does not exist! Those that say otherwise are either seriously confused or charlatans and, in both cases, should be dismissed as false prophets.

In the Universe there are 7 Universal Laws one of which is The Law of Polarity which allows us to understand that similar states are one and the same by degrees. It is this law that may be misrepresented to substantiate the existence of the shadow side but this is self-defeating: for, whilst The Law of Polarity discusses the extreme states of being of, for instance happy/sad, light/dark –  these states of being are actually one and the same – by degrees. Therefore, The Law of Polarity succinctly demonstrates that the concept of a shadow side is nothing more than nonsense conceived by cunning minds to deceive and control; for a person in turmoil, and fear, is easy pickings for those that wish to rule and exploit them.

To finish I wish to caution you to be wary of those that, through good or bad intention, lead you to endless navel gazing pondering your shadow side. We tell you this: your time, and money, would simply be better spent getting on with your daily living – watching comedy reruns or walking in nature, rather than picking scabs and exposing flesh and soul to soreness – thus allowing yourself to become diminished.’

The Higher Angelic Realms

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(Since November 2018 my writing is truly collaborative with spirit as I am now a channel for them and charged with bringing truth and hope to humanity.)

The Law of Attraction is Over Simplified Bunkum!

The Law of Attraction is Over Simplified Bunkum!

If positivity was all that was required to successfully practice the Law of Attraction I would be a millionaire several times over by now – but, of course, there is much more to this manifesting malarkey than most would have you believe. To successfully and consciously manifest your hearts desires a person has to bust all self-limiting beliefs and work on self-awareness. And even then, a well-rounded individual who strives purposely with intent towards their goals can be undone; for much of what is pedalled about the Law of Attraction is over simplified bunkum!

Yes, you can visualise, create boards and fake it until you make it but all of this fundamentally ignores the unsavoury truth about the Universe which is a lesson in polarity. For, in our world today, there are 1000 dark souls to every 1 light which means that there is one helluva lot more, low vibrational, dense energy being pumped out daily into the ether than light, bright and shiny delight! (Yet please, do not despair, for one small glimmer of light is equal to 1000 gobs of dark and can illuminate the way – phew.)

Have you ever looked around you and wondered why the scoundrels are sitting pretty whilst those of a fairer nature are struggling to survive? Are you a light soul battling to hit your stride? Why is it, so often, that those that are the most compassionate and generous have the least in a world of plenty?

The answers to these questions are multifaceted but I will answer them in a simple fashion for complexity is used to confound and confuse by design:

The scoundrels are sitting pretty because they rarely have a conscience and care not one jot for who they step upon to achieve their goals – harsh but true. These people are degrees of dark and as such pose no threat to the dark. The dark I here you say – pah! – we create our own reality, you parrot! Like attracts like, and fear attracts dark. Want more want, lack more lack etc, etc ad infinitum – you see I know my onions! Yet what the Law of Attraction teachers omit to mention is The Universal Subconscious Mind. The Universal Subconscious Mind is like an etheric, energetic soup where all that was, is and will ever be floats around eternally- good rubs shoulders with bad and like clumps together with like to make bigger clumps of energy with which God, The All as he prefers to be called, can create anew and housekeep The Universe. Each and everyone of us is responsible for the energy we funnel out daily into the USM, we are co-creators of reality, but there is an enormous imbalance between light and dark energies within the USM and this allows for lack and evil to manifest into our reality.

Folks who are light struggle in our world for, believe me or not, there is an unseen war raging between the forces of light and dark throughout The Universe. Humankind is part of this war and responsible for most of the dark energy in the USM. Those that are the lightest shine the brightest and are like beacons in the USM, dark energy is drawn to light like moths are to lamps, and they are actively targeted by the dark who fear and despise their power and purity.

I myself have been a victim, all my life, of the dark who have sent agents to derail and hijack me to stop me from stepping into my true nature and power and exposing truth. It transpires that I am a powerful messenger for The Higher Angelic Realms, (blimey, who’da guessed,) and shining like a beacon in the USM was deemed worthy, by the dark, to destroy! For years I was in destructive relationships with men who were dark and sent to extinguish my light. Family, so called friends and acquaintances were and continue to be quick to judge and add to the negative fugue that swirls around me. Doubters and haters have been a fixture of my life ever since I can remember and yet I have remained balanced, on balance, and never given up on myself, my dreams and true essence.

Thus, those that identify themselves as empaths and lightworkers, the good guys and gals, most often have troubled lives and suffer emotional and material deprivation.

And yet still things are even more malevolent than that! For with each negative comment, judgement or call against a person negative energy is funnelled out into the USM where it is actively used against the recipient of the abuse. Bonkers eh?! Yet true.

Understanding this truth allows a person who relentlessly strives, with limited success, to make sense of things, as you comprehend that your efforts are being undermined at best/cancelled out at worst by the dark energies directed to you via the USM.

Once one gets this it becomes a mild irritant when in response to an admission of lack someone erroneously, yet with good intention, asks you

‘What is it you need to change in your life to achieve your heart’s desire?’

And my answer? –

‘I need my nemesis’ to shut the fuck up, whilst I shine brighter than a firefly on speed on a wet Sunday.’

And so, you see, a powerful lightworker who understands this is a great threat to the dark. And it is therefore open season on the pure souls capable of blowing to smithereens the smoke and mirrors of our reality. For it is these people who are helping facilitate the ascension of many which will undermine the dark’s grubby grip on our world and universe.

The guys in the skies now wish to add something:

‘What Linda has shared is important and blows much of the understanding of The Law of Attraction to pieces! It does not matter how positive and proactive towards attaining your goals you are if you are being targeted by the dark; but please, do not despair for there is a simple fix for this dilemma.

And it is this: a prayer, reaching out to your guides and angels. If you are experiencing blocks simply say the following each night before retiring to bed;

Father I ask that you surround me with auspicious, loving light and make me invisible to the dark so that I may step into my power and serve the greater good whilst attaining my heart’s desire. I ask this with love and gratitude in my heart, in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost, Amen.’

With this prayer we will then be able to assist you in your life and endeavours; but until you reach out, we remain hobbled – for freewill is always respected and we will never interfere in a life unless directly asked.  Believe in yourself and hold the faith.’


Be Happy.

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Higher Consciousness, The Soul and Spirit

I learnt something rather rad and groovy about the higher consciousness the other day which is actually pretty obvious – still, I am going to share what I gleaned as it may be of interest to you. I also thought I’d clear up any possible confusion about the difference between the soul and the spirit which are fungible, (ha! A new word to me! Meaning: interchangeable,) and therefore potentially confusing. And discuss their relevance in the context of higher consciousness, the soul and spirit.

Here is what the feathery fella on high told me yesterday – (my guardian angel in case I lost you there):

‘The terms Soul and Spirit are interchangeable and often this causes confusion. In the most simplistic terms; the soul is animated by spirit but in fact the soul and spirit are one and the same. The spirit breathes life into the soul, the personality, which holds all the memories of previous lives and experiences but, once in physical form, ordinarily has no recollection of this. In essence:

The Soul is the character and the Spirit is the director of the play of life – breathing life into the personality.’

The soul, consisting of spirit, is a conscious energy which is both aware and unaware of itself. As I sit here writing this, I am consciously aware of where and what I am doing and yet, at times, the words flow so effortlessly as I tap into my higher consciousness which, whilst tethered to me, metaphorically speaking, remains in spirit in the etheric realms or Universal Subconscious Mind. That is to say that I am split spiritually between the physical and spiritual plane, as is everyone.

With the realisation of this comes great power for acting on this premise, or truth, a person can talk to the higher consciousness of any that were, are or will ever be for everything is but a small piece of the whole which is The Universal Subconscious Mind.

And now, right on cue, feather face wishes to chirp in;

‘Hah Linda you are a bugger! But seriously what you say has great implications and is open for abuse by those of less than scrupulous ways and therefore we are compelled to add a warning label: The Universal Subconscious Mind, or astral planes, can be a dangerous place for naïve souls and a person should never mess around with things that they do not fully comprehend for all is mind and mind is energy and energy comes in many forms. Within the USM are dark energies waiting to meddle with unprotected souls and therefore we caution people not to play with fire.

That said a person may communicate with the higher consciousness of others by prayer coming from pure intention. For instance, imagine:

Your teenage son is experimenting with drugs or perhaps your aging parent is afraid to let go and pass back to spirit. In the first example you might say; ‘Father I wish to talk to the higher consciousness of my son and advise him that he is endangering himself by indulging bad habits. Please tell him that I love him dearly and ask him to be on his guard and use his better judgement to kick drugs to the curb, Amen.’ Whereas in the second you could say something like this; ‘Dear Father, I humbly request that you please tell my Mum to let go and let be. I ask that you let her know that I love her dearly and that upon her parting all will be well, I will be well, Amen.’

For those who might consider communicating with the higher consciousness of another for evil ends we simply say that all is noted for the final assessment, and there is always a price to pay for actions less than illustrious. Aside from this truth, which is enough to scare most people off, we also wish to add that dark energies can attach themselves to you and wreak havoc on an unprotected mind even, in extreme circumstances leading to psychosis and death; we do not share this to engender fear rather to let you know the complexity of the unseen realms and hidden dangers within the Universe – for man is a veiled specie and knows very little of truth.’

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(Since November 2018 my writing is truly collaborative with spirit as I am now a channel for them and charged with bringing truth and hope to humanity.)







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Choose Our Teachers Wisely

I have been thinking about what it really means to be enlightened and have come to the conclusion that, whilst contentious to say, there are very few genuinely enlightened souls around. Since 2016 I have slowly been introduced to my team in spirit and, without meaning to sound immodest, they are an illustrious bunch and I am blessed. Since making themselves known to me they have gently coached me and opened my eyes to truth that I had never before even considered considering! I have failed and quietly triumphed through challenges designed to test my mettle and assess whether I am of sufficient calibre for the message I am to share in the coming weeks, months and years. I am a work in progress and will, forever, remain so. My esoteric education is unique and privileged. I have not, nor never will, pay for spiritual knowledge for my teachers reside in the Higher Angelic Realms. And it is they that caution us to choose our teachers wisely whilst asking me to share as I go. Thus, the student becomes the teacher and the messenger rolled into a convenient whole.

The team have asked me to write this piece for you today and wish to chip in with the following:

‘Today in your world spirituality is big business and there are many teachers selling knowledge to those willing and foolish enough to pay them. We say foolish for there are actually very few genuine teachers alive, at this time, on earth and most that set themselves up as such are false gurus who are regurgitating and reformatting ancient knowledge that is available for all, for free, online. Many are operating from ego, their messages overblown and purposely confusing so as to appear to be more erudite and learned than they actually are. When challenged these teachers bristle magnificently and throw their toys out of the pram. They claim to be enlightened but are clearly not for to be a truly enlightened soul they would not need their egos massaged nor be selling spirituality like bananas!

Now before you say something akin to ‘Yeah, but everyone needs to make a living,’ please allow us to elaborate: the true spiritually enlightened do not sell rehashed wisdom as if it is their own and actually shun making profit from information that is already in the public domain. They would rather go without, or find another way to finance their lifestyles – such as writing paid articles or books which explain more fully any given area of expertise and are a fraction of the cost of self important, shallow courses.

The truly enlightened who walk amongst you are those that garner the least respect for they speak truth which is often less than welcome. They then tend to give up trying to nudge people into a greater awareness and retreat into the shadows where their greater understanding is lost to those that seek it. This is a travesty for it is these rare gems that deserve attention, not the showbiz, self-styled gurus pedalling ancient truth as if they mined it themselves just yesterday.

So, look around you and try to be discerning for courses on how to access The Akashic Records, mastering manifestation or contacting your spirit guides are predominantly nonsense. We advise you to choose your teachers wisely for certain things are not meant for all and those that are destined to have access to such things will, guaranteed, find their way independent of lining charlatans’ pockets.’

– The Higher Angelic Realms

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(Since November 2018 my writing is truly collaborative with spirit as I am now a channel for them and charged with bringing truth and hope to humanity.)