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The Ego explained in 1.12 minutes

The Ego Explained in 1.12 Minutes

The Ego is often spoken about and is an illusive beast. The Ego explained in 1.12 minutes. Whole books have been written on the subject which have the capacity to confuse and confound. In this wee film I explain the Ego in the most simplistic terms to help clarify my own thoughts. I hope it helps you too.

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A Wise Analogy for a Happy Life ~ Of Water and Ice

A wise analogy for a happy life: This morning I woke up grumpy and less than my glorious, normal self. Rick, my husband since August last year, caught the brunt of my metaphorical mouldiness squarely on his metaphorical chin. (Fortunately for me he is a solid, sterling fella who forgives easily). He then gifted me his wise analogy for a happy life – Of Water and Ice.

I have had 3 significant relationships in my life. For eleven years I lived with, and foolishly married, a philandering toad! I then enjoyed eight years with a French fella before things zimply fizzled out.

And then, I met Rick. I was 42.

We have been together now for 10 years and things, between us, are beyond great despite the fabric of our daily lives being a tad tattered – hence my less than glowing morning disposition!

Rick is a rare, wise and extremely old soul. He is a powerful psychic who, prior to me, had never told anyone of his abilities. His gifts are as natural to him as the action of breathing and since dot he has communicated with Spirit.

Living with him is never dull and I have witnessed many peculiar happenings but never felt fear. From the beginning I had an unconscious knowing that the visits were of the lightest and brightest spirits who popped by with the purest of intentions.

And then, in June 2016, the spirits made themselves known to me and I gleaned further insight into the man I love and share my life with.

(I know that when I read this to Rick he will feel deeply uncomfortable and prefer that I keep stuum but, in the context of my message here, what I share is integral).

It transpires that Rick and I have a spiritual team rooting for us in the ether! And Rick is a respected member of this team reincarnated to help me succeed – I know, I know the woman is delusional!

The Spirits call him ‘The General’ and often counsel me to heed his guidance. For he is wise and often blows me away with his ability to give solid advice and create meaningful analogies.

Of Water and Ice: A Wise Analogy for a Happy Life

So, back to me being magnificently mouldy this morn.

Churlishly I wittered on about having a positive message to share with the world, through my natural talents, which continue to be generally overlooked. I struggle with the indifference much of my work receives. My writing is sound and my art considered and yet I continue to blow in the breeze, for the most part being ignominiously, ignored.

So here is what he said:

“Linda, you matter. The world does not matter. If you are in a room looking out of the window what is outside is of little importance. It is only when you open the window that your world is influenced; you allow the air, the sounds and smells to change your experience. Continue with your work and don’t let the outside influences change you – keep the window shut”.

He continued;

“You cannot change the whole world you can only change a small part of it starting with yourself and how you choose to react to it”

He stopped for a moment and added;

“Think of water and ice. Imagine a glass of water and a glass of ice. You can instantly change water by flavouring it with, perhaps, a cordial but pour that cordial in the glass of ice and the frozen water remains impermeable – unchanged, solid and unmoved. You cannot hope to reach everyone but for those that resonate with your message their glass is the water that benefits from the flavours of your cordial.”

Now I might be biased but this is genius and, feeling more chipper, I felt compelled to share it with you!

We create our own reality and if operating from a place of honest intention should shun the indifference and opinion of others upon us.

We owe it to ourselves to be true to ourselves and stand tall and proud in our truths.

With Gratitude and Love xox

Expletives: “Fuck”, Are You Offended?

I have always enjoyed ribaldrous expletives thoughtfully slipped into sentences for maximum effect. The complete inappropriateness of lewd language, used creatively, when least expected  makes me smile.

A tad childish I know but hey, fuck it!

To be clear I abhor abusive, anger strewn swearing, spat venomously in the face of recipient; whether deservedly or not. I feel that once a person stoops to foul language in an argument they risk losing the moral high-ground. After-all, it can be difficult to respect a screaming fish wife or roaring bull.

I am also not so keen on continual swearing in conversation when other words would better serve. And yet,  I have no issue with colourful language in films or drama especially when used in relevant context.

Or an f bomb, or other colourful grenade, dropped nonchalantly for reinforcement.

I am no shy, retiring delicate flower; I know much of life is gritty and choose to not be easily offended by a string of seemingly innocuous letters written or uttered.


Everything is Energy

Still, truth is words have power, they are energy – the currency of communication. Their use/misuse has ramifications.

We have a duty to be discerning so when my father dismisses a film, on the grounds of bad language, well, this kinda fucks me off! I hate hypocrisy and having recently, unprovoked, called my husband “A vile man”, and subsequently chosen not to apologise to him I feel he has no right to then claim bad language to be offensive. This is, in itself, mightily fucking offensive!

In the end all words are just a string of consonants and vowels conceived to create meaning. They have magnificent power. They have none. It simply depends on how we choose to process them.

(And to wrap it up: some good news! Science indicates that folks that swear are more intelligent than those that claim offence to a jumble of letters given voice! If intrigued you can read more here.) 

spiritual codes and ciphers

Spiritual Codes and Ciphers

The other night I received a surprising, revelatory and complex coded message. I spent half the night Googling spiritual codes and ciphers and the other half as excited as a flea. Codes and ciphers create energetic pathways and are tools of wisdom and magic. They are a favourite means of communictaion for the spirits who are masters at veiled messages and analogy.

These wisps are real folks, and they are ready to help us all. All you need do is ask with purity in your heart and good intentions.

With Love xox

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ways how spirit communictaes with us

Ways Spirit Communicates With Us.

Since my spiritual epiphany about 15 months ago I have learnt the various ways spirit communicates with us. I have become more self-aware and understand fully that each of us are spiritual beings having a physical experience. Absolutely everything in the Universe is energy and energy can never be destroyed. This means that whilst our physical form, the vehicle, deteriorates and eventually conks out altogether the consciousness that animates the body lives on as a free flowing, energetic wave.

My husband Rick is a reluctant psychic and during our 10 years together I have witnessed many strange phenomena. Whilst I always believed that the soul somehow lived on I had no solid personal proof prior to 2016.  Today I am fortunate to be able to speak with my Mum in spirit lucid dream. I had my first lucid dream shortly after a good friend died. He generously showed me that there is no such thing as death, as society generally perceives it. This amused me as he was previously quite adamant that when you died it was a definitive game over deal.

Prior to the passing of Mum and my mate I had contact from several spirits who were unknown to me at the time.  I now understand that they are part of a spiritual team of which I have become a member. It seems that we are a soul tribe that have danced throughout many years and incarnations but, whilst I am again accepted into the fold as a member, these lives and doings I cannot remember.

The spiritual realms exists on a higher energetic vibration than where we reside. For the spirits to be able to communicate my understanding is that we must raise our vibration whilst they lower theirs to facilitate contact. Somewhere in the mist and swirling energetic ether communication becomes possible.

We all have the inherent ability ‘to see’ beyond the physical world but contact and esoteric experiences cannot be forced. Everything is on a schedule entitled “divine timing” which cannot be meddled with. Plus, a person must be truly and honestly open to the possibility that all may not be as it seems. The spirits are not in the game of convincing anyone as to their existence and above all else respect free will. They choose to leave the doubters in peace.

Since sharing my experiences and truth I have been called delusional. This is a rather damning label to have slapped on one’s forehead and honestly makes me a little uncomfortable but knowing myself to be sane, savvy and solid I will continue.


I am astounded by the ability of my team to interact with me. As pure energy they can influence things and environments to facilitate communication which is not always verbal.

Ways spirit communicates with us:

  • Objects can move. I have not witnessed the actual moment of movement but doorbells have mysteriously rung when no callers were present. I have heard doors opening and closing when home alone, footsteps, lights going mysteriously on, and my computer, which I customarily never unplugged, was unplugged whilst I lived alone in my house in France.
  • Feathers mysteriously appear in peculiar places. Just the other day a teeny tiny, wee grey feather appeared nestled in the fake flower chrysanthemum bloom my Mum so loved.
  • Repeating number sequences regularly appear conveying inspirational and motivational guidance just when needed the most. For more go check out this rather fab site – here.
  • Influencing electrical hardware. Now the following seems fantastical even to me but this is how the spirits first made contact with me – via a small Bluetooth speaker! The night my Mum passed I heard her calling out to me through my mobile phone whilst I, distraught, reached out to a close friend of mine. On two occasions, whilst talking on the telephone, contact has been made through my speaker and friends have heard my spirits counsel – once, to my chagrin, it was to dress me down!
  • Independent voices. I sometimes hear my name being called when all alone. I have heard my Mum sing and received an audible spoken word response from my guardian angel in response to a direct question.
  • Channeling. Living with Rick a powerful and naturally gifted psychic I am fortunate to have the possibility to enjoy proper conversations with the spirits who often pop by to chat whilst he sleeps soundly by my side.
  • Light flashes and imagery whilst meditating. The spirits love a cryptic image and analogy and challenge the recipient to uncover the message held within.
  • Lucid dreaming. It is hard to explain the difference between a lucid dream and a normal dream to someone who has not experienced it for themselves. Lucid dreams have a very particular feel about them where everything is heightened, more vivid and real. In my experience I awake with a sense of urgency and an encoded message clear in mind that I feel compelled to unscramble.
  • I have seen a spirit only once in my life to date but what an illustrious spirit he was; but that, my friends, is a tale for another day…


With Love xox

10 ways to find your life's purpose

10 Ways To Find Your Life’s Purpose.

I have always felt that I was meant to do something of significance in this world. I wonder if this is something you can relate to. Have you too always known, or had an inkling, that you were destined to make a valuable contribution to our world somehow, someday? If not, in this short piece I suggest 10 ways to find your life’s purpose. For each of us comes with a mission in mind.

A Little About Me

I can always remember when, as a teen, a friend of mine boldly stated;

“I am jealous of you Linda! You know what you want to do, are driven and have a passion; whereas I don’t.”

I always believed my contribution would be through my visual art. During the 1990’s, this seemed most likely until divorce, single parenthood and financial obligations cruelly stopped me in my tracks. For 20 years my flame was tamed. Working 60 hours a week, as an antique dealer, I was lost in a hyper materialistic abyss. I was mistaken in the common misassumption that I was what I earned and owned.

It took nearly losing everything and, what I now know to be an intervention by the spirits, to create a vacuum for me to refill and get back on track. It is only now that I am able to finally, somewhat tentatively, step up and into my true purpose with the support of Rick and Team Spirit.

Today I find that I am quietly charged with lightworking duties. Through my creative endeavours I am encouraged to spread awareness of the miraculous nature of our Universe. And, open eyes to the inherent corruption of our world systems, contribute to raising the collective energetic vibration and share love and light whilst shining bright.

No mean feat!

With the passing years the joyous conviction of youth has evaporated and, today, I am no longer so sure of the shape and size of the vehicle I am to utilise to fulfil these obligations. Rather confusingly writing has been added into the mix.

I honestly have no idea how things will pan out in the longterm but am OK with this.

I have come to know that there is a delicious, divine order and scheduling at play in all our lives.

Whilst we all have freewill to choose our path, hence me losing my way for 20 years, each of us will get hints, signs, nudges and boots up the backside to set us upon the path of our true life’s purpose. All we need do is be aware and open to the possibility that greater forces are at play in all our lives.


10 Ways to Find your Life’s Purpose

  • Remember what you dreamed of being and doing as a child.
  • Sit quietly and reflect upon what really makes your heart sing.
  • Schedule me time.
  • Consider what comes easy to you.
  • Feel rather than think. I recently read our hearts have been clinically proven to have some of the same neurons in them as the brain which means that the heart is actually a second brain!
  • Ask yourself the following question – “If I could do anything I wanted to do, without the constraints of everyday life and commitments, what would I wish to do?”
  • Be quiet and allow yourself time to reflect; meditation is highly beneficial.
  • Tune into your intuition. The greater, unseen, forces at work in all our lives are sending us prompts and suggestions all the time. We just need to be awake and aware and not be so quick to dismiss what we so readily term ‘coincidences’.
  • Work on self-development as through a greater understanding of self, things automatically, become clearer.
  • Ask “how may I serve?” What do you wish your legacy to be when you are no longer living and breathing here in physical form.

With Love xox

How to Cope When You feel Overwhelmed

How to Cope When You Feel Overwhelmed

At times we can all feel fazed by the magnitude of the work task/mission before us; and this before we even consider the daily doings and jugglings that we are committed to perform as, darling, the show called ‘Life’ simply must go on. So many oranges in the air, so little time! Here I share my thoughts on how to cope when you feel overwhelmed.

This very Monday morn I awoke in a stodge, unsure of my next step, with a distinct physical unease in my skull. I have so much I wish to achieve and am acutely aware that time, even though a false concept, is indeed precious.

So, in bed I lay fretting. I asked team spirit for guidance but received nothing. (Often I ask and receive not! This happens, I reckon, when I already have the answers within; Busy Wisps have not the inclination to interfere, indulge or mollycoddle).


And so I reached for my journal – a rather posh word for a ratty, dog-eared notebook which is an erratic patchwork affair filled with all sorts of delights ranging from everyday trivia and idle thoughts to staggering truths shared by spirit. Looking for clarity, pen in paw, I quietly wrote down all my ‘things to do’ as Rick lay beside me, sleeping soundly, blissfully unaware of my turgid stodge.

With a black biro list, a crammed full page of scrawl, now before me I gained a little clarity but remained over whelmed as I realised I now needed to prioritise my deeds. This left me ruminating upon Ye Olde clichés: Chicken/Egg, Cart and Horse.  I then identified my particular issue; each separate task is neatly interwoven and integral to the implementation and success of each prior or subsequent task; they are as one. And as such impossible to prioritise.

This realisation did little to ease my monstrous, monster Over Whelmed-Nessy!

However, these thoughts did – How to Cope When You feel Overwhelmed:


  • Don’t stress.
  • Refuse to panic, breathe.
  • Refuse all worry.
  • Focus on the now.
  • Schedule time to think and reflect.
  • Relinquish the need to control (the details).
  • Trust the process.
  • Surrender to the truth that there is no rush.
  • Know that all is as it should be at any given time.
  • Be flexible about the route you take and your destination.
  • Accept that if ‘it’ isn’t here yet it is because it is not yet time.
  • Continue taking action.
  • And enjoy the journey.

Feeling a little calmer I then rose and started my day.

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Always With Love.


The Spiritual Meaning of the Tiger and Poppy

The Spiritual Meaning of the Tiger and Poppy

The tiger puts a special emphasis on raw feelings and emotions. The tiger spirit animal symbolizes primal instincts, unpredictability, and ability to trust yourself.

The Poppy is a recognised symbol for peace, sleep and death. A known source of opium it is synonimus with sleep.The vibrant red colour is evocative of blood and death in battle. In Northern France the fields of the First World War battles are cheered by this native fragile wildflower. In Greek and Roman mythology Poppies were offered to the dead. Source.

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link between creativity and enlightenment

Is There a Link Between Creativity and Enlightenment?

Years back when I was a graphic designer working in Covent Garden, London, I noticed a direct correlation between creativity and homosexuality. Today I wonder: is there a link between creativity and enlightenment?

Back in late 1980’s/early 90’s my life was buzzing and I was surrounded by designers, writers, musicians, dancers and alternative folk. Young and naïve I was surprised by the proportion that were gay. Many years later I watched a scientific documentary which confirmed that the brain of homosexuals is wired with a strong nod to the creative. Following my recent Spiritual epiphany I now find myself looking around and I observe a similar correlation between creativity, spirituality, psychic ability and enlightenment.

Creativity is Integral to Human Spirituality.

Primitive (wo)man painted on caves and made effigies. Danced and sang summoning Gods and Spirits for love, fertility, health, protection and all manner of wondrous magic. The process of making shelters, tools, pots, baskets and other utilitarian objects was infused with the skill, knowledge and creative energy of the maker. The very act of making was spiritual allowing time for reflection and meditation.

As man became more ‘civilised’, much art was commissioned by religious institutions. Our religious orders became the main patron of artists who whipped up wildly fantastical tableaus showcasing angels, devils and gods with, seemingly, devout conviction.

Man is made to create and creative activity, in its many guises, is spiritual and has the potential to soothe the soul.

I know that when I procrastinate and stagnate, stepping away from my creative endeavours, my mood takes a deep, despairing dive. It is as if I have a literal weight pressing down upon me. A black, heavy and oppressive cloud hanging ominously above my head. To be whole I must create. I am only truly content, and at ease in my physical body, when this primeval urge is heeded and honoured.

To be human is to be creative.

Each and every one of us constantly creates on a minute by minute, hour by hour, daily basis. Try to imagine how far you would go without the ability to creatively solve everyday doings, diddles and dilemmas. And yet this does not mean that we are all artists.

True artists are people who are super-charged creative. They present in many guises although we tend to think of them primarily as visual or performing artists. I include writers, inventors and scientists, chefs, gardeners, architects, inspired teachers, number crunchers et al in my broader definition. All are inquisitive souls open to the latent possibility unseen by the majority.

This open mind and heart characteristic is a prerequisite for creating from seemingly thin air.  Inspiration, I now know, comes from spirit and is an intuitive gift insistently whispered to the recipient from higher consciousness.

So, I suggest that artists are a breed apart, not better, but different from the perceived general populace norm. Myself, I have always felt as if I am walking a path less well trodden and have lamented that no sane person would actually choose to be an artist! I have felt that an artist has somehow accepted the burdensome role as oddball creator. That they have agreed to accept the inevitable indifference and often accompanying, damning judgement with stoic resignation. An artist must have broad shoulders and cultivate a Rhino skin and strong belief in their work and mission.

Creators must have faith.

Faith is a word with strong spiritual and religious connotations and I use it carefully here and with due consideration.

Finding conventional religions prescribed and a form of societal control I, for many years, labelled myself atheist. Yet I always maintained that somewhere, perhaps lurking behind a burning bush, there existed an infinite creator and, strangely, I had an inner knowing that ghosts, (or as they now  tell me they prefer to be called ‘Spirits’), really existed.

In June 2016 I experienced a spiritual epiphany and heard the voice of a little spirit girl who simply called to me;

“Mama, Mama Are You There?”

Today I no longer call myself atheist. I am Spiritual. Not to be confused with religious. I realise that I was born not only to be creative but to be a ‘natural psychic’. Sadly, through fear and free will, I thwarted this part of my true nature and destiny for many years. Through establishing contact with the beyond I have gained clarity on my life and purpose and many things now make greater sense to me. I always felt different and refused society dogma and rules. I am a free spirit in the purest sense and since age 11 have known that I had something of creative relevance to do in this lifetime.

Today I am still not sure what the Universe has planned for me. There is no way for me to yet know the manifest form my contribution to the world will take but, I am sure that my role and nature as an artist is directly linked with my connection to the spiritual realm. I have a deep seated knowing and faith that, throughout each physical life we are protected and that divine timing is always in play.

I also have an inkling that spirituality and creativity go hand in hand and will be investigating this notion further in the coming months.

If intrigued you may view a small selection of my paintings here.

With Love xox

The Spiritual Meaning of the Elephant and Mouse

In the kingdom of animals the spiritual meaning of the elephant signifies strength, honor, stability and tenacity, amongst other attributes. To the Hindu way of thought, the elephant is found in the form of Ganesha who is the god of luck, fortune, protection and a blessing upon all new projects.

The mouse symbolises the ability to survive the toughest of conditions. Relevant to both light and dark interpretation it may represent innocence or be seen to be a symbol of disease and black magic.

This illustration is an original digital collage which I created using Adobe Photoshop.

It is available to purchase as a stylish metal canvas here.


If you are interested you can view more of my illustrations here.

With Love xox