Facebook & Mainstream Social Media are Dangerous

facebook and social media are dangerous

I have been active on Facebook for more years than I care to remember and have seen many changes along the way. What seemingly started out as an innocuous means of hooking up with friends for virtual hangouts has morphed into a giant of mind control, data collection and manipulation. Facebook and social media are dangerous. Without going into details too convoluted and long winded to explain in this short piece I tell you that I intuitively know that FB is a perilous platform to wile away valuable time and air contentious views. This was not always so but Zuckerman has sold his soul and integrity for a pretty penny.

All is well for the majority of sleepwalking people who post cheery memes and festive frolics with family and friends but, dare to speak an unsavoury truth and you will, in due course, be flagged up as an unsavoury! facebook and social media are dangerousFacebook is a powerful tool of the elite and monitors us all daily and, for those of us who are awake and challenge the status quo, is a dangerous place to be. It is a puppet of the elite and a valuable tool to identify the ‘troublemakers’ so as they can be targeted first once the full horror of what is to come gathers momentum. The New World Order, globalist agenda, is gathering momentum and in the coming years there will be civil unrest and war and those who continue to blindly air views contrary to the system will be marked men and women. I am quite sure that those of you who still believe that government, church and institution have our best interests at heart will deem me delusional and paranoid. And dismiss my words as foolish. My hope, however, is that those of you who are awake heed them: FB is collecting data on you that will be used against you and your family in the not so distant future and, as in previous times of unrest, those deemed a threat will be rounded up and swiftly dealt with.

Facebook is the acknowledged main player, social media beastie but where FB goes others follow.


Instagram is owned by FB and has lost its sparkle for me as mysterious algorithms play dirty in the sandpit and quality content gets buried through follower manipulation and paid exposure. Pinterest, be still my beating heart, is sadly going the same way. I have never dipped my, not so avian, claw into Twitter – (which happily remains a mystery to me although my guides upstairs tell me this needs to change!) They also advise me to extricate myself from the circus of popular social media: to deftly strike stealth attacks whereby I pop up, post and bugger off, with the goal of driving traffic to my website where, soon, I will be admin’ing a forum where we can interact with one another without the watchful eye of big brother.

Those upstairs have much to say in the comings weeks, months and years and the following is an important message from them about popular social media.  The spirits implore you to listen:

‘We who live in the higher realms wish to warn people of the hidden dangers of Facebook, and such like. These giants of social media are no longer pure of intention and are puppets of the elite who charge them with collecting data for future reference. The data collected will enable them to social score individuals and identify those deemed troublesome to the globalist agenda. Those who are aware of this agenda are foolish to remain on these platforms expressing ideas which will soon be judged undesirable. We warn you of coming danger and beg you to listen as the world is on the edge of great change which is not for the betterment of the common people. In the coming years all that you hold dear will be destroyed through the greed of a few men and most people across the globe will be at the mercy of corrupt officials and governments. It is time humanity awoke to this truth and stepped into their individual power. By refusing to use platforms such as Facebook you start to reclaim your power and extricate yourselves from a system which is rotten to the core.’

If this resonates with you it is time to spread the word and take action and, rather ironically – or hypocritically depending on your assessment, you will find a selection of social media easy share buttons at the foot of this post!

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Be Happy xox

(Since November 2018 my writing is truly collaborative with spirit as I am now a channel for them and charged with bringing truth and hope to humanity.)






Whilst allergic to social media I am still aware of it’s value to spread my message far and wide and so, for the time being, maintain sharing buttons at the foot of my posts – Yeah! I know a tad hypocritical but when you are in the game you have to do what you can to win…