Expletives: “Fuck”, Are You Offended?

I have always enjoyed ribaldrous expletives thoughtfully slipped into sentences for maximum effect. The complete inappropriateness of lewd language, used creatively, when least expected  makes me smile.

A tad childish I know but hey, fuck it!

To be clear I abhor abusive, anger strewn swearing, spat venomously in the face of recipient; whether deservedly or not. I feel that once a person stoops to foul language in an argument they risk losing the moral high-ground.

I am also not so keen on continual swearing in conversation when other words would better serve. And yet,  I have no issue with colourful language in films or drama especially when used in relevant context.

Or an F bomb, or other colourful grenade, dropped nonchalantly for reinforcement.

I am no shy, retiring delicate flower; I know much of life is gritty and choose to not be easily offended by a string of seemingly innocuous letters written or uttered.

Still, truth is words have power, they are energy – the currency of communication. Their use/misuse has ramifications. To swear inappropriately is a show of lack of self control and with this in mind it is suggested that all language be considered carefully before utterance.

Swearing though is considered cool by many and this article, due to it’s contoversial title, ‘Expletives: “Fuck”, Are You Offended?’ has garnered a far greater response than any other article I have shared here on my site! This is a sorry indictment of humanity’s base desire for salacious news, gossip and abuse.


We have a duty to be discerning so when my father dismisses a film, on the grounds of bad language, well, this kinda fucks me off! ~ I hate hypocrisy and find it far more hurtful to be told unfair judgements upon my character than to be told to fuck off.

In the end all words are just a string of consonants and vowels conceived to create meaning. They have magnificent power. They have none. It simply depends on how we choose to process them.

(And to wrap it up: some good news! Science indicates that folks that swear are more intelligent than those that claim offence to a jumble of letters given voice! If intrigued you can read more here.) 

Be Happy xox