How to Cope When You Feel Overwhelmed

How to Cope When You feel Overwhelmed

At times we can all feel fazed by the magnitude of the work task/mission before us; and this before we even consider the daily doings and jugglings that we are committed to perform as, darling, the show called ‘Life’ simply must go on. So many oranges in the air, so little time! Here I share my thoughts on how to cope when you feel overwhelmed.

This very Monday morn I awoke in a stodge, unsure of my next step, with a distinct physical unease in my skull. I have so much I wish to achieve and am acutely aware that time, even though a false concept, is indeed precious.

So, in bed I lay fretting. I asked team spirit for guidance but received nothing. (Often I ask and receive not! This happens, I reckon, when I already have the answers within; Busy Wisps have not the inclination to interfere, indulge or mollycoddle).


And so I reached for my journal – a rather posh word for a ratty, dog-eared notebook which is an erratic patchwork affair filled with all sorts of delights ranging from everyday trivia and idle thoughts to staggering truths shared by spirit. Looking for clarity, pen in paw, I quietly wrote down all my ‘things to do’ as Rick lay beside me, sleeping soundly, blissfully unaware of my turgid stodge.

With a black biro list, a crammed full page of scrawl, now before me I gained a little clarity but remained over whelmed as I realised I now needed to prioritise my deeds. This left me ruminating upon Ye Olde clichés: Chicken/Egg, Cart and Horse.  I then identified my particular issue; each separate task is neatly interwoven and integral to the implementation and success of each prior or subsequent task; they are as one. And as such impossible to prioritise.

This realisation did little to ease my monstrous, monster Over Whelmed-Nessy!

However, these thoughts did – How to Cope When You feel Overwhelmed:


  • Don’t stress.
  • Refuse to panic, breathe.
  • Refuse all worry.
  • Focus on the now.
  • Schedule time to think and reflect.
  • Relinquish the need to control (the details).
  • Trust the process.
  • Surrender to the truth that there is no rush.
  • Know that all is as it should be at any given time.
  • Be flexible about the route you take and your destination.
  • Accept that if ‘it’ isn’t here yet it is because it is not yet time.
  • Continue taking action.
  • And enjoy the journey.

Feeling a little calmer I then rose and started my day.

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Always With Love.