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Conspiracy, Corona and Cavalry

conspiracy corona and cavalry

At the moment, March 2020, things are more than bonkers as the world shudders to a halt due to the virus Covid-19. And social media buzzes of conspiracy, Corona and cavalry.

There is no doubt that this virus is real but it’s origins and true danger we will never know for sure as the uber elite have no intention of letting the truth slip. Meanwhile, we, the plebs, suck up their propaganda and fake news and cling, like drowning fools, to conspiracy theories such as QAnon. Whilst running around, like mindless red assed baboons, emptying the supermarket shelves. And the elite laugh as we kid ourselves the cavalry will save our sorry assed skins!

You see they, the hidden elite, realise now – beyond doubt, how indoctrinated the average common (wo)man is and through this own goal, more on this in a mo, they can see just how bloody easy it is to shutdown and control us all.

Each of us has an opinion but sadly many are lacking critical thinking. Personally I believe that this pesky virus was created in a laboratory and let loose on the world to cull the elderly and vulnerable who are, erroneously, considered a drain on society by those operating in the backroom. However, I reckon things got out of hand and the governments who are not privy to all of the dark machinations of the elite – being but puppets of weightier individuals, panicked and put the world on pause.

This sees industry and commerce suspended which will create a loss of who knows how many billions in the pockets of those who created this debacle. Thus, they will likely resort to hiking prices, interest rates etc to recuperate their losses in the face of their own goal. And governments will commit billions to bail out business, the elite, at the taxpayers expense. And that is what I call a multiple whammy having already been attacked by the virus, experienced a curtailing of civil liberty and endured lack we the peasants will have to foot the bill of the greater ruin.

So, through all of this what can we learn?

I suggest that it would be a wise person that looks upon society and the system as broke and beyond repair. It is blatantly apparent to me that following this incident many more similar crisis will follow in the coming years as the general populace comes under further attack from the elite who plan to kill off most of us and enslave a skeletal crew to do their bidding.

Soon enough we will be microchipped like dogs and will live in a cashless society with social scoring where those that do not fit neatly into a prescribed way of being will find themselves cut off. Ostracised by the ‘compliant citizens.’ Penniless. Destitute – and all too quickly dead.


 Thus, I strongly recommend that each of us looks to ways to sidestep this folly by stepping into our individual power.

Man, and earth are doomed but a soul is eternal and, for this reason alone, it would be wise to live ethically and turn our back on a system that is as rotten as a seething barrel of maggot infested apples.

By Stepping into our Individual Power – I mean:


Refusing to slip down the rabbit hole of conspiracy theories, fear and confusion and to rather spend our time judiciously developing our intuition and ability to think critically for ourselves – and to keep things simple. To refuse to vote for a system that cares not one jot for any of us and instead consider how to foster local community and create transparency, equality and fairness. To shun abject materialism. And debt. And live within our means – for debt sees us hobbled to the system, working for peanuts for the elite who are literally laughing all the way to the bank. To learn to grow and preserve vegetables and herbs and spices for flavour, health and vigour. To keep livestock if appropriate – a cow or goat for milk and cheese, poultry – homesteading. To downsize and live partially or wholly off-grid, (if possible or appealing,) and thus minimise bills and reliance on outside forces. And to fully embrace your God given right to exercise freewill and enjoy nature and freedom whilst resolutely, and peacefully, standing against injustice – for ultimately –

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Be Happy xox

(Since November 2018 my writing is truly collaborative with spirit as I am now a channel for them and charged with bringing truth and hope to humanity.)