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Change Your Thoughts Change Your Life

Change Your Thoughts Change Your Life

Do you get that sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach on a Sunday evening as another work week looms large? You know that sensation, similar to when you were a kid and the holidays were over and your heart was heavy, your stomach queasy at the thought of going back to school. Looking for a new direction? Fed up with the daily grind? Change Your Thoughts Change Your Life.

Perhaps you are a slave to the system and in your tripe’s you just know there is another more exciting, perhaps bigly better, way!

Well I’m here to tell you there is – and I speak from experience. Self-employed since 1989 I have reinvented myself many times. I am  queen bee at multi-tasking to bring home the bacon. I was pretty successful in my varying roles as Illustrator/Artist/Tutor/Greeting Card Designer and Vintage/Antique Dealer. A demon diva at transferring transferable skills, I now include Writer in my bag of bankable delights.

And I have had a blast along the way!

OK it’s true that I have not had what most folks would call a proper holiday in too many years to accurately recall but hey, when everyday feels like a holiday, why would I need one? I also don’t have a pension, (other than a UK state one, which may just about keep me in lips and butthole sausages and dodgy Custard Creams in my dotage.) Yet hey, I love my daily doings and don’t actually plan on retiring.

So, if you enjoy being secure, love your routine, and anticipate early retirement, quality scoffing and quaffing, I suggest that you don’t bother reading on.

If however you are kinda fearless, love a calculated risk and wish for an alternative, challenging and uncommon life outside of the norm roll up, roll up.

And now to the nub of my rambling – this I wish I had known 25 years ago!

Any business is only as good as the mind at the helm.

Regardless of your education and skills set the key to success is to devote time to developing yourself in equal, if not higher, proportion to any actual business activity.

This means becoming self-aware and committing to working on self-development daily. Through becoming self-aware you will more easily be able to identify your life mission, creatively troubleshoot, and use your talents wisely for the greater good of all. For the greater good of all, yes! For it is through giving and serving that the Universe will share it’s bounty with you.

A Cautionary Aside: There is a veritable smorgasbord of coaches and gurus ready to part you from your valuable cash – this I know from bitter experience.


Yep, you can learn this stuff alone in the comfort of your armchair. To help you get started here are 10 of my most favouritist, (I know it’s not actually a real word), reads – including a few classics which may have, if you are like me, slipped under your radar. Happy reading my super savvy, talented friends:

  • Think and Grow Rich – Napoleon Hill.
  • The New Psycho Cybernetics – Maxwell Maltz, edited by Dan S. Kennedy.
  • Theatre of the Mind – Matt Fury.
  • The Untethered Soul – Michael A. Singer.
  • Conversations with God 1, 2 and 3 – Neale Donald Walsh.
  • Intentional Living – John C. Maxwell.
  • Big Magic – Elizabeth Gilbert.
  • I Can See Clearly Now – Dr Wayne Dyer
  • The Law of Attraction – Esther Hicks/Jerry Hicks.
  • Real Magic – Dr Wayne Dyer.

Looking for further inspiration? This might help.

With Love xox