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Depression is a bastard

Depression is a Bastard

With the world on the cusp of great change depression will become more common amongst the peoples and the system knows this and is striving towards destroying our mental health. By denying us freedom to go about our ordinary everyday lives they have rendered us powerless and whilst, to start with, some may feel that this is a happy event allowing them to do things that otherwise were impossible to do daily, soon enough the reality of confinement, followed by other dictates, will bite. And depression is a bastard! I myself am a happy and energetic person but since being a small child I have abhorred any and all injustice. I was the little girl that stepped in when bullies hounded the weak until, soon enough, I realised that when the pack turned on me, I always stood alone! This latest debacle leaves my blood fizzing like an effervescent Vitamin C tablet without the boost; and I realise I am prone to slip into misery, lethargy and depression – but, like you, I must resist. …

when you self-sabotage

When you Self-Sabotage

You and I, Harry and Harriet are all part of an intricate, infinite jigsaw puzzle and how we each choose to live our lives has a significant impact on the picture of reality of one and all. When you self-sabotage, you inadvertently harm all. This truth is rather shocking and should serve as a wakeup call to be the best we can be for the greater good of all. The Universe is energy and whilst we perceive a rock to be a rock to be a rock, solid and unchanging, this is not actually so. Everything vibrates at different rates and what seems to be still is actually vibrating so slowly as to appear static. The truth is that you and I, as physical beings, are nothing more than energetic bundles of cohesively configured matter, (which is itself energy cohesively configured ad infinitum,) and as such our energy flows in and into, around and through all that is, ever was and ever will be! Hence when you think, feel, do and say your energetic frequency …