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Selfishness and The Soul

Selfishness and The Soul

The Soul is something that we have been indoctrinated into believing bunkum – but bunkum it is not; for we are spirit, this animates the soul, and soul in temporary physical form. The soul has been elevated to be the prize by the corrupt elite who run the shit show we witness on earth today. Through their cynically evil manipulations they intend to harvest as many souls as possible to strengthen their numbers in the etheric realms. The dark is as real as real can be and here I wish to discuss Selfishness and The Soul and how this feeds dark agendas. What follows may read as a fairy tale but I ask you to keep an open mind for time is running out for humanity. As freethought is to be demonised and those that dare contradict the main dystopian narrative are to be victimised and silenced once and for all. Throughout the Universe all is energy. A soup of vibrational ingredients ranging from high to low frequency. There is much talk of 5D consciousness …

when you self-sabotage

When you Self-Sabotage

You and I, Harry and Harriet are all part of an intricate, infinite jigsaw puzzle and how we each choose to live our lives has a significant impact on the picture of reality of one and all. When you self-sabotage, you inadvertently harm all. This truth is rather shocking and should serve as a wakeup call to be the best we can be for the greater good of all. The Universe is energy and whilst we perceive a rock to be a rock to be a rock, solid and unchanging, this is not actually so. Everything vibrates at different rates and what seems to be still is actually vibrating so slowly as to appear static. The truth is that you and I, as physical beings, are nothing more than energetic bundles of cohesively configured matter, (which is itself energy cohesively configured ad infinitum,) and as such our energy flows in and into, around and through all that is, ever was and ever will be! Hence when you think, feel, do and say your energetic frequency …