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The Purpose of Any Life

The Purpose of Any Life

Most people have little to no idea of the purpose of any life and blunder aimlessly through their days’ acting surprised when things do not go as they would wish. In a world that has been fed lies to encourage a sense of separation and entitlement, coupled with abject Capitalism, man is lost and souls are losing ground. That is to say that souls are descending rather than ascending as planned for in the realm of spirit. This is a channelled message. Life is not as most people believe it to be – for a successful life requires very little except basic needs be met, then love, compassion, creativity and community at heart. Love, compassion, creativity and community are words that fall on deaf ears in societies obsessed with fame, power, status and shiny baubles to the detriment of self and others. And it is a poor soul that values things above people and self above all else. The malady that consumes your world we call ‘The Madness of Men.’ It is not an ailment …

when you self-sabotage

When you Self-Sabotage

You and I, Harry and Harriet are all part of an intricate, infinite jigsaw puzzle and how we each choose to live our lives has a significant impact on the picture of reality of one and all. When you self-sabotage, you inadvertently harm all. This truth is rather shocking and should serve as a wakeup call to be the best we can be for the greater good of all. The Universe is energy and whilst we perceive a rock to be a rock to be a rock, solid and unchanging, this is not actually so. Everything vibrates at different rates and what seems to be still is actually vibrating so slowly as to appear static. The truth is that you and I, as physical beings, are nothing more than energetic bundles of cohesively configured matter, (which is itself energy cohesively configured ad infinitum,) and as such our energy flows in and into, around and through all that is, ever was and ever will be! Hence when you think, feel, do and say your energetic frequency …