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lightworkers should unite

Lightworkers Should Unite

This is a channelled message from the highest spiritual realms who command that all Lightworkers should unite: ‘The All is not pleased with how many of his cherished Lightworkers are behaving. There are a great many important light souls who are not behaving in a manner which befits their station. A Lightworkers duty is to support other Lightworkers along their way and instead we witness the vast majority jealously guarding their own interests and refusing to share the messages of others. Most of you know that the world needs 144.000 engaged Lightworkers to create a shift in consciousness in the world but this does not mean that those 144.000 should be looking for the advantage over one another! Rather the critical 144.000 should be forming alliances to spread their and others light far and wide. Many Lightworkers are falling into the trap of greed selling their abilities and knowledge rather than sharing freely; this does not mean that a Lightworker is not entitled to recompense for service rendered but too many are offering courses on …