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The Spiritual Meaning of the Tiger and Poppy

The Spiritual Meaning of the Tiger and Poppy: The tiger puts a special emphasis on raw feelings and emotions. The tiger spirit animal symbolizes primal instincts, unpredictability, and ability to trust yourself. The Poppy is a recognised symbol for peace, sleep and death. A known source of opium it is synonimus with sleep.The vibrant red colour is evocative of blood and death in battle. In Northern France the fields of the First World War battles are cheered by this native fragile wildflower. In Greek and Roman mythology Poppies were offered to the dead. Source.  To see more of my illustrative work click here. Be Happy xox

The Spiritual Meaning of the Elephant and Mouse

In the kingdom of animals the spiritual meaning of the elephant signifies strength, honor, stability and tenacity, amongst other attributes. To the Hindu way of thought, the elephant is found in the form of Ganesha who is the god of luck, fortune, protection and a blessing upon all new projects. The mouse symbolises the ability to survive the toughest of conditions. Relevant to both light and dark interpretation it may represent innocence or be seen to be a symbol of disease and black magic. This illustration is an original digital collage which I created using Adobe Photoshop. It is available to purchase as a stylish metal canvas here.   If you are interested you can view more of my illustrations here. Be Happy xox

The Spiritual Meaning of the Koi and Water Lily

Below, I briefly explain the spiritual meaning of the Koi and Water Lily which inspired the  recently completed illustration you see above. The Spiritual Meaning of the Koi and Water Lily In the kingdom of spirit animals, the Koi is emblematic of Transformation, Motion, Intuition, Motherly attributes, Patience, Courage, Focus and Prosperity. Revered in Japan these serene fish are recognized not just for their beauty, but for their ability to transform the observer into other-worldly states of perception. These altered states of perception ultimately lead to the attraction of high energy. And this manifests in the form of prosperity of all kinds in our lives. Water Lilies return after rains and as such are associated with optimism and rebirth. They  symbolise fertility, sexulaity and creation. The white flowers are synonymous with purity, peace, pleasure and spiritual enlightenment. The Koi and Water Lily You Can Purchase a Stunning Metal Canvas Print of this illustration Koi and Water Lily Here. And view more of my illustration work here. With Love xox  

Of Bottletops And Barnacles

I have been reviewing my work and thought I would share some of the small body of paintings and sculptures I entitled Of Bottletops And Barnacles which I created back in 2012. The work appears whimsical but is a serious comment on the waste and filthy habits of man. Each piece took inspiration from beachcombed finds from the shorelines of Catalonia, Spain and creates interest from scavenged rubbish.

the power of google

The Power of Google!

So, as a creative you send your work out into the world and have little idea as to it’s subsequent journey. I have always had a vague idea that my work lurks in dusty forgotten corners and so it was a nice surprise to, completely out of the blue, receive an email from Simon who harnassed the power of Google:  Dear Linda    In the early 1990s, which is scarily now 25 years ago, we were passing  through a fair in Ripley and met a young artist who was selling her work.  We took her card as we were penniless at the time having recently got  married. My wife however then phoned and organised to buy a painting  which the artist did to order which was given to me at Christmas by my  lovely partner.  I often wondered what became of the young artist who we chatted to and  who told us about her work. I wonder if it might have been your work?  It’s signed L Dacey and dated ’92. If not, I’m sorry …


As an artist I derive equal thrills and pleasure from an eclectic and diverse range of art practice. I love to sit calmly and stitch pseudo complex textile forms or create spontaneous, hell just go for it Linda, monoprint drawings! Recently I have been battling with acrylics on plywood – I have never liked working on stretched canvas as I am perturbed by the inherent spring. I find the process of painting surprisingly time consuming and rather frustrating as just when I think I am done I tend to balls up and realise that I must continue my painterly wrestle! When I start a new piece I have a very vague idea of the composition and subject but through the process of tickle and coax am often happily surprised by the end result. Today my work is domestic scale but I look forward to, one day, having my vulgarly large studio so as I can scale my work to serious proportions and make a disproportionate daub and splatter mess with a clear conscience. Happy days.

5 Common Traits of an Artist

This is something that I have been considering since age 11. What does it take to be an artist? – (not: What does it take to be a successful artist? or perhaps what is a successful artist!?) – Oh boy I can easily tie myself in knots with this one. Artists come in many creative guises but I believe we all share certain traits. here are my top 5 traits: Artists don’t have a choice: I firmly believe that something, some other energy source outside of me, drives my creativity. I often feel that being an artist is a burden that I would prefer not to carry. Please don’t get me wrong, I love creating and when circumstances align I am happiest when busy in my studio; but there are many days of self doubt, lack of inspiration and lethargy. If I am not creating I feel a heavy weight upon my shoulders. Being creative is crucial for my well being and good health – I am obliged to continue come what may. Artists are …

Sewn Up Delights

I love sewing old fabric scraps into wee sculptural forms which have a natural inherent fragility due to my choice of material and scale. I start with no fixed idea in mind and allow the form to naturally evolve – twisting, turning, snipping and stitching. Whilst sewing I consider the history hidden within the fibres and embrace tears and stains as evidence of a life lived. In my work, as in life, I find wonder in imperfection. I may incorporate an eclectic find into my creation – an old bead, nut, bolt, coin, some hair, fur or bone. Something which resonates with me in the moment. And so with no preconceived idea I am always thrilled and amazed at the final piece which seems to have been birthed through an unconscious burst of creative energy channelled through me. The field of fiber art is undergoing a quiet revolution these days. Often frowned upon by the traditional ‘art establishment’ I scent a whiff of change in the air and look forward to a greater understanding and …