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The Ego explained in 1.12 minutes

The Ego Explained in 1.12 Minutes

The Ego is often spoken about and is an illusive beast. The Ego explained in 1.12 minutes. Whole books have been written on the subject which have the capacity to confuse and confound. In this wee film I explain the Ego in the most simplistic terms to help clarify my own thoughts. I hope it helps you too. If you enjoyed this you might find this interesting too. Love Instagram? Join me here. With Love xox

Expletives: “Fuck”, Are You Offended?

I have always enjoyed ribaldrous expletives thoughtfully slipped into sentences for maximum effect. The complete inappropriateness of lewd language, used creatively, when least expected  makes me smile. A tad childish I know but hey, fuck it! To be clear I abhor abusive, anger strewn swearing, spat venomously in the face of recipient; whether deservedly or not. I feel that once a person stoops to foul language in an argument they risk losing the moral high-ground. After-all, it can be difficult to respect a screaming fish wife or roaring bull. I am also not so keen on continual swearing in conversation when other words would better serve. And yet,  I have no issue with colourful language in films or drama especially when used in relevant context. Or an f bomb, or other colourful grenade, dropped nonchalantly for reinforcement. I am no shy, retiring delicate flower; I know much of life is gritty and choose to not be easily offended by a string of seemingly innocuous letters written or uttered.   Everything is Energy Still, truth is …

spiritual codes and ciphers

Spiritual Codes and Ciphers

The other night I received a surprising, revelatory and complex coded message. I spent half the night Googling spiritual codes and ciphers and the other half as excited as a flea. Codes and ciphers create energetic pathways and are tools of wisdom and magic. They are a favourite means of communictaion for the spirits who are masters at veiled messages and analogy. These wisps are real folks, and they are ready to help us all. All you need do is ask with purity in your heart and good intentions. With Love xox Need a little magic in your life? This might inspire you…

ways how spirit communictaes with us

Ways Spirit Communicates With Us.

Since my spiritual epiphany about 15 months ago I have learnt the various ways spirit communicates with us. I have become more self-aware and understand fully that each of us are spiritual beings having a physical experience. Absolutely everything in the Universe is energy and energy can never be destroyed. This means that whilst our physical form, the vehicle, deteriorates and eventually conks out altogether the consciousness that animates the body lives on as a free flowing, energetic wave. My husband Rick is a reluctant psychic and during our 10 years together I have witnessed many strange phenomena. Whilst I always believed that the soul somehow lived on I had no solid personal proof prior to 2016.  Today I am fortunate to be able to speak with my Mum in spirit lucid dream. I had my first lucid dream shortly after a good friend died. He generously showed me that there is no such thing as death, as society generally perceives it. This amused me as he was previously quite adamant that when you died …

10 ways to find your life's purpose

10 Ways To Find Your Life’s Purpose.

I have always felt that I was meant to do something of significance in this world. I wonder if this is something you can relate to. Have you too always known, or had an inkling, that you were destined to make a valuable contribution to our world somehow, someday? If not, in this short piece I suggest 10 ways to find your life’s purpose. For each of us comes with a mission in mind. A Little About Me I can always remember when, as a teen, a friend of mine boldly stated; “I am jealous of you Linda! You know what you want to do, are driven and have a passion; whereas I don’t.” I always believed my contribution would be through my visual art. During the 1990’s, this seemed most likely until divorce, single parenthood and financial obligations cruelly stopped me in my tracks. For 20 years my flame was tamed. Working 60 hours a week, as an antique dealer, I was lost in a hyper materialistic abyss. I was mistaken in the common …

How to Cope When You feel Overwhelmed

How to Cope When You Feel Overwhelmed

At times we can all feel fazed by the magnitude of the work task/mission before us; and this before we even consider the daily doings and jugglings that we are committed to perform as, darling, the show called ‘Life’ simply must go on. So many oranges in the air, so little time! Here I share my thoughts on how to cope when you feel overwhelmed. This very Monday morn I awoke in a stodge, unsure of my next step, with a distinct physical unease in my skull. I have so much I wish to achieve and am acutely aware that time, even though a false concept, is indeed precious. So, in bed I lay fretting. I asked team spirit for guidance but received nothing. (Often I ask and receive not! This happens, I reckon, when I already have the answers within; Busy Wisps have not the inclination to interfere, indulge or mollycoddle).   And so I reached for my journal – a rather posh word for a ratty, dog-eared notebook which is an erratic patchwork …

link between creativity and enlightenment

Is There a Link Between Creativity and Enlightenment?

Years back when I was a graphic designer working in Covent Garden, London, I noticed a direct correlation between creativity and homosexuality. Today I wonder: is there a link between creativity and enlightenment? Back in late 1980’s/early 90’s my life was buzzing and I was surrounded by designers, writers, musicians, dancers and alternative folk. Young and naïve I was surprised by the proportion that were gay. Many years later I watched a scientific documentary which confirmed that the brain of homosexuals is wired with a strong nod to the creative. Following my recent Spiritual epiphany I now find myself looking around and I observe a similar correlation between creativity, spirituality, psychic ability and enlightenment. Creativity is Integral to Human Spirituality. Primitive (wo)man painted on caves and made effigies. Danced and sang summoning Gods and Spirits for love, fertility, health, protection and all manner of wondrous magic. The process of making shelters, tools, pots, baskets and other utilitarian objects was infused with the skill, knowledge and creative energy of the maker. The very act of making …

How to Stay Motivated when the World Doesn’t Seem to Care

How to Stay Motivated when the World Doesn’t Seem to Care

One of my greatest challenges at the moment is the realisation that, despite my best efforts, my message and talents are not truly connecting with folks. I have a solid belief that what I am doing is of value but struggle with the half-baked somewhat apathetic response my work receives. I simply am not connecting with my, and I hate this over used buzzword of our day, tribe. Here I share my thoughts on How to Stay Motivated when the World Doesn’t Seem to Care. There is some consolation in the knowledge that this is not an uncommon path for many creative souls but this does little to solve the issue which is in itself twofold in nature. Firstly how is a person to stay motivated when their honest work is falling on deaf ears and eyes? And second how is a gal to connect with an engaged, appreciative and loyal audience? The other week a member of my spirit team, Jason, popped by to give me a pep talk. He encouraged me to think …

Follow Your Passion

Follow Your Passion

Awake and follow your passion ~ The concept of mindful, clean and caring living is gaining attention these days as many wish to find their own unique path and turn their back on ‘the system’. I believe that our beautiful world is in transition as folks start to question rampant consumerism, corruption, corporate greed and manipulation. Tiny homes, living off grid, freecycling, paying it forward and traveling roots free. On the back of this shift in mass consciousness there are many self-acclaimed experts and guru’s eager to share their knowledge with you for a get rich quick fee. Take note: I urge you to heed the words of my Spirit Team – “Beware the False Prophet”. Money is not inherently bad but its acquisition should be devoid of manipulation and exploitation. And so my guides encourage me to use my natural creative talents to help spread love and light. With this in mind I regularly write and create my art, and have created an affordable range of Spiritually Inspired Cards and Loose Incense. 18 months …

Change Your Thoughts Change Your Life

Change Your Thoughts Change Your Life

Do you get that sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach on a Sunday evening as another work week looms large? You know that sensation, similar to when you were a kid and the holidays were over and your heart was heavy, your stomach queasy at the thought of going back to school. Looking for a new direction? Fed up with the daily grind? Change Your Thoughts Change Your Life. Perhaps you are a slave to the system and in your tripe’s you just know there is another more exciting, perhaps bigly better, way! Well I’m here to tell you there is – and I speak from experience. Self-employed since 1989 I have reinvented myself many times. I am  queen bee at multi-tasking to bring home the bacon. I was pretty successful in my varying roles as Illustrator/Artist/Tutor/Greeting Card Designer and Vintage/Antique Dealer. A demon diva at transferring transferable skills, I now include Writer in my bag of bankable delights. And I have had a blast along the way! OK it’s true that I …