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higher consciousness the soul and spirit

Higher Consciousness, The Soul and Spirit

I learnt something rather rad and groovy about the higher consciousness the other day which is actually pretty obvious – still, I am going to share what I gleaned as it may be of interest to you. I also thought I’d clear up any possible confusion about the difference between the soul and the spirit which are fungible, (ha! A new word to me! Meaning: interchangeable,) and therefore potentially confusing. And discuss their relevance in the context of higher consciousness, the soul and spirit. Here is what the feathery fella on high told me yesterday – (my guardian angel in case I lost you there): ‘The terms Soul and Spirit are interchangeable and often this causes confusion. In the most simplistic terms; the soul is animated by spirit but in fact the soul and spirit are one and the same. The spirit breathes life into the soul, the personality, which holds all the memories of previous lives and experiences but, once in physical form, ordinarily has no recollection of this. In essence: The Soul is …