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The Spirit of Change is in the Air


2016 has been an extraordinary year for me. To be honest since turning my back on dealing in antiques and vintage wonders, shortly after the 2008 financial crash, my life has been a tad off track. I have joked with friends and family, on too many occassions to recall, that there is not much I cannot do except to ressurect making a decent living! I seem to be have been able to survive not exactly thrive. I have floundered magnificently. I have tried this and I have tried that and yet I have failed to build something of substance and longevity. Along my way I have learnt many lessons and I have grown exponentially. Positively, throughout this period I have remained creative, curious and active. I have embraced each and everyone of my magnificent, erring on the comedic, errors. I have become a thinker. These days I even meditate! Through initially dipping my toe into self awareness and personal development I now find a new life beckoning me with the surprise, and unsolicited, development of regular loving guidance and communication from the bright side spiritual realm. they urge me to write and advise me I have tales to tell. I am in the process of rebranding my social media accounts and, acknowledging the integral role my partner Rick plays in my new found enlightenment – (He is a reluctant psychic), I am joining the hypen brigade and adopting his name. Linda Dacey Artist is crawling out of her crysalis and emerging bright-winged as Linda Dacey Laforge Artist Writer. She continues to paint and diddle around creatively but is also committed to writing her first book – “Mama, Mama are you there”. A non fiction tale of love across the ages and realms which is truly extraordinary and miraculous. I would love for all of you open minded light folks to join me on my incredible journey which reveals broad bright vistas and horizons to explore together with gratitude and awe.

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