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Please Support Me

I would be beyond grateful for your support…

It has been a while since I have been successful financially and my confidence has taken a battering and is bruised – my bank balance is scanty. When people see my work online I have reason to believe that they automatically assume that, as a professional, I am solvent and have little need for encouragement or patronage. This is not true.

Brightsoul – Spiritually Inspired cards.

With busy lives it can easily slip minds to buy a card for Auntie Dot’s birthday or baby Alfie’s christening. The simple solution is to have a selection of cards in the draw for any/all occasions. Brightsoul cards are visually appealing and non-occasion specific. With metaphysical and esoteric imagery they are open for individual interpretation and perfect for giving. They are also great to frame and hang on your wall or display on your altar – (if that is your kinda thing)!

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Brightsoul’s mission is to create beautiful cards with a subtle, yet inherent, bright message to help promote love, happiness, wellbeing, tolerance, trust, faith, confidence, enquiry and a solid belief in our own ability to shine bright.


I would truly appreciate and welcome your support and custom.

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