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Psst – I have a Secret or Two.

I lived and worked as an antique dealer in France for 10 years before selling up and buying a Finca about an hour south of Barcelona, Spain.

I love Spain and the Spanish people, with their love of life and living outdoors with siesta and fiesta high on their list of priorities compared to the French who, in the North at least, live behind closed doors and keep it in the family.

However, with regards to making a living, Spain has proved to be a less than easy nut to crack.

When I bought my l’il finca I carefully cut my cloth accordingly but by 2011 selling vintage online was a doomed and done deal due to the proliferation of folks hopping on the bandwagon, (the cow was truly milked), and today I live with Rick in a touring caravan in Felixstowe, UK – a temporary arrangement as we rethink/regroup in readiness to return to the olive and almond Finca in the sun.

So, number one secret sssshush – I am, for now, a kind of gypsy living in a field and my summer studio is an embarrassingly humble in a tent kind of affair.

my studio 840


And number two secret is my grandiose dream – to live in an apartment with an integral large scale studio in Barcelona. Here I will grow old creatively.

The following inspirational images are sourced from Pinterest.


1 = The studio of artist Manon Gignoux / 2 = Anon / 3 = J Morgan Puett

Michael Borremans

The Studio of Michael Boremanns.

(Two secrets I prefer you keep to yourself! Promise me not to tell a soul).

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