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The old adage goes: with age comes wisdom and yet the world is full of simple folk of a certain age who willingly or unwittingly live their life without questioning their beliefs and the regurgitated dogma of organised society. People so wrapped up with daily living they neglect to think beyond the immediate – I was one such person, so concerned with paying my bills, being a single Mum and dealing with trivia I was, I mistakenly believed, too exhausted at the end of each day to think into my life and results.

Each of us is on a personal journey; we are spirits having a human body experience to allow us to fully experience the polarity of life and allow our soul to grow. We are energy. For that matter all matter is energy and everything is vibrating at different levels, higher and lower, and everything is one and part of the whole – the divine. We can operate on an individual conscious or subconscious basis and we can operate consciously or sub consciously on a collective conscious basis as energy clumps together to manifest thought energy, cause, into effect – what we see and experience.

Energy cannot be destroyed it magically transforms…

quote energy Kedar Joshi

Kedar Joshi.

I have always avoided organised religion damning it as just one more form of societal control which disenfranchises a soul, and yet I have always believed in the divine – you may call this God, Buddha, Mohammed, infinite intelligence – different name same game!

Since 2008, when the last recession hit, until about 18 months ago, I was lost in the midst of a self- created mist. A mist borne from my lack of realisation of the importance of thinking, lack of questioning, reflection and self-analysis. Whilst I had been living my life by my own rules I had not consciously questioned or updated them in many, many years. I never questioned my belief system or whether old habits were indeed still serving me – which btw they weren’t!

I was mighty slow to react to my unravelling circumstances.

I am embarrassed to admit that I had never been exposed to the concept of cause and effect and how we are, quite literally, the masters of our own destinies – creating or manifesting our physical experience by our very thoughts!

By nature upbeat l had, of course, heard of positive thinking but often wondered why, however f’ing positive I was, I still found myself shovelling shite!

Perhaps you can relate to this?

Slowly my mist has started to clear.

A work in progress I have a lot to learn and try and master with regard to this manifesting lark and general self-awareness/growth and thinking game. Perhaps you are ahead of me here? Or, perhaps, like me you are looking for the key to something bigger and more marvellous than that you have so far experienced…

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