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So, what about those negative, self-limiting beliefs?

We are often unaware of our beliefs and operate, on a daily basis, without being conscious of our own particular limitless limiting gremlins, the cause, which have the power to influence our experience – the effect.

The experience of living a life leaves us all open to the possibility of having our self-confidence and self-image eroded and through this process self-limiting beliefs are born.

For some time I have been in the process of struggle to fully identify my self-limiting beliefs. I say struggle as they are sneaky snakes well camouflaged in my deepest psyche.

For me, as a newbie to the thinking game , I am having trouble unpicking my experiences to date.

Life, generally, is a rollercoaster of highs/lows, successes and failures – (the law of polarity in play) – and my life has been one helluva a ride! My mind is thus having difficulty identifying why at times I tasted success, (and, indeed, what is success?), and why at times I did not – surely I held the same deep rooted self-limiting beliefs? Or did I?

Mahatma Gandhi

One of my greatest self-limiting beliefs that I have managed to uncover is this:
I have always said that I would never Sell my Soul to the Devil – that is to say that I readily accepted the possibility of financial lack in exchange for my everyday freedom; I have refused to work at anything I did not enjoy for monetary gain. This, I now realise was erroneous and a self- sabotaging belief of monumental proportions because the inference in this is that one cannot have both financial and physical freedom.

This self-limiting belief has had a huge negative impact upon my bank account and freedom financially!

Whilst I thought I had a healthy attitude to money I am starting to realise that in my mind money equates to having to do something in exchange for it that is less than desirable. The converse means that as I only do what I love I have mistakenly programmed myself with the self-limiting belief that I cannot have both physical and financial freedom and have therefore created monetary lack in my life.

The world in which we all live is a place of infinite abundance and there is no reason why we cannot all have a generous slice of the cake with icing and rainbow hued sprinkles on top.

The life we desire can be ours through a shift in consciousness and by the willingness to think and build a self-awareness upon which we move forward.

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