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Have you ever really thought about the word Emotion? – Until recently I hadn’t and I cannot take credit for what follows; although I should point out it is my present moment interpretation of what I have heard:

E-Motion or Energy in Motion.

If everything is energy vibrating at different levels then emotion has the power to cause effect.

Energy vibrates at many levels and, we are told, attracts the same – bad energy/negative vibes attracts the similar – good energy/positive vibes attracts the similar.

On a basic level we all know this but somewhere along the way battling with daily doings our clarity of vision is lost. We may believe ourselves to be positive but underlying self-limiting beliefs hidden in the subconscious can be, unwittingly, responsible for our undoing! That is to say that whilst we may believe ourselves to be cheery individuals with a positive attitude the power of the subconscious has the power to over-ride this perceived state of being and thus the believed positive emotion/E Motion/energy in motion is negated!


If we want, we attract more want into our lives! – that is to say that by thinking about what we do not have we actually push the possibility of having away from our physical realm of experience.

Instead of wanting we should state our intention to have or offer gratitude for what we imagine we have to welcome it into our actual bodily physical experience.

And what about our negative beliefs rooted deep within our subconscious?

We are, and experience, what we think. Our thoughts are energy that attracts like. We are literally the cause of the effect or in a more simplistic phrase: what we see is what we believe – what we see in the physical world is brought into being by what we truly believe; cause and effect.

From a young age we soak up criticism and opinion from outside sources which has the potential to override our true sense of self and worth, and colour our opinion of our true identity and true potential. It has the power to bring forth struggle and negative experience.

I know this to be true through personal experience!

Whilst I can honestly say that my parents gave me the gift of a happy, loving and supportive childhood I cannot say that, as everyday-honest-workaday-simple-folks, they really understood or appreciated and encouraged my highest nature.

I can remember the day I thought anything possible! I honestly believed I would, one day, own and reside in the detached, four storey beauty of a Georgian house in Dulwich – South East London, later owned by Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman. I believed I would be an Artist of note – (actually, for what it is worth, I still believe this but I am having a little difficulty convincing others of this truth! – but, believe me, I will or I will die trying!)…

Throughout my salad days I can, upon deep and quiet reflection, identify certain situations, people, casual phrases and experiences which chipped away at my younger self’s indomitable spirit and left me wide open for lack through self-limiting seeds of belief planted not by, necessarily, malicious folks but by folks unaware of the power of unnecessary non-constructive guidance and or criticism. Negative or mean phrases and words that casually tripped off tongues and stuck like entangled burrs on my fragile psyche. Or, less generously, perhaps folks who were intent at making themselves feel more worthy at my expense.


I feel that I may have come to the table of abundance late but I am thankful to have taken my rightful seat which was, I now know, a long time reserved for me…

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