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For many years I have worked hard and often wondered why long hours and a commitment to whatever I was doing at the time did not create financial freedom and long term security. After-all I am not disadvantaged. I come from a stable loving family, I have had a good education and have enjoyed good health.

In life I have always been somewhat of a round peg in a square hole refusing to play by rules accepted by the majority of folks. I can be stubborn and yet flighty! I have always had ideas a-plenty but struggled to see them through to their natural conclusion. I have spent too much time looking for happiness and satisfaction through the association with others and self-medicated through darker hours via the vice of drinking of too much alcohol.

In recent months I have come to realise that I have never truly hit my stride through my ignorance of myself and lack of engaging the truest power that we all possess – thought!

Like most people I have stumbled through my years with only a vague idea as to my desired destination! And this realisation is huge as honestly how can anyone of us achieve our highest potential if we are unaware of where we are heading?

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Napoleon Hill.

I am more fortunate than most in that, since age 11, I have always known my definiteness of purpose/my sweet spot/my passion – call it what you will – I have always aspired to be a visual artist of note. Still I have allowed myself to become disorientated, distracted and blown around hither and thither by the storms of my life, which, as an adult has been rather tempestuous!

I was 50 last year and reflected that since age 30 decade upon decade I had announced to myself that this was the decade, my decade, to shine. To date I have only glimmered!

I do not know what I have been waiting for.

A life is but a fleeting affair and as the years pass by at ever greater speed I am fearful to find myself on my deathbed with, as Dr Wayne Dyer so eloquently said, my music still in me.

Still I am formulating a plan and have knowledge I wish to share with you over the coming weeks and months to help you too find your focus and realise the success that is within you awaiting its fullest expression.

What I will be sharing is not of my own creation but a philosophy for living developed by greater minds than mine to help guide us all to our truest expression of self, happiness, health and purpose.

As I learn I will share.

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