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More Than Words

How many times have you stood before a work of art in bemusement wishing the artist was able to chat with you to help you reach a better understanding and appreciation of their work?

It could be said that any piece of art should be able to communicate its message to the viewer independent of words and that words may actually change the experience of the audience, and run the risk of illiciting an altered response.

Many creatives whilst social beings remain shy and reclusive private artists and prefer to leave their work to do the talking! Some feel that words quite simply get in the way of a pure experience of their work and yet a brief explanation of any work can allow a person an unique ‘in’.

Hence the artist statement.

Personally I trained as a Graphic Designer and have never appreciated the verbose language of the art world. Call me a simplistic simpleton if you so desire, but I simply prefer to call a square a square and cringe from elitist overly grand and confusing language which abounds in many art journals, gallery bumf, reviews and artist statements. I cannot fathom the reasoning behind a written piece that rather than help to clarify leaves the reader confused with a vague feeling of discomfort and inferiority.

So, here is my artist statement which I have written in honest language in the hope of enlightening my audience without completely giving the game away!

After-all, all is in the eye of the beholder and everything is open for personal interpretation.

In abstract terms
my work explores the notion of how,
as individuals,
we leave our mark upon this world
when we are no longer actually
physically present here.

Everything in our universe is connected –
on a molecular level,
& everything is energy.
Energy can never be destroyed –
it transforms.

When we pass our energy transforms
& lives on in an altered state.

On a physical level
we leave our own unique legacy –
a piece of wood polished by touch,
a diary, letters, photograph,
an object lovingly crafted,
a recorded image or voice,
a favourite chair,
threads of hair in a comb…

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