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Letting Go

At some time or other throughout our lives most of us under evolved souls have experiences and folks we could benefit from letting go of.  From daily niggley trivia to whopping big grey elephants in the rooms of the mind I for one struggle with letting go. I have a penchant for milking a particular perceived slight to death for several hours before I allow my annoyance to slip into oblivion and let go – I have become mindful of this damaging pattern of mine and am trying to let it go! (Chortle, chortle!)

However, letting go of the bigger stuff is proving to be mighty tricky. When I say bigger stuff I am referring to relationships which are one sided and have the potential to damage one. How does a person let go of folks they love who do not reciprocate that love and thus leave one feeling frustrated and unappreciated. What purpose do these one sided relationships serve except for keeping our energy focused on negativity? The truth is that at some point we must stand tall in our own truth and refuse to continue to play the ‘if only’ card. We must believe that we deserve better and if better means to be alone with a blissful state of peace in mind so be it.

Having come to this conclusion, over the course of many angst ridden, tear sodden pillow months, I am aware of a sense of sorrow nestled deep within my chest as I ask;

“How? How does one let go?”

The Spirits tell me to immerse myself in my work. To appreciate the joy, beauty and happiness that touches my life. To be thankful. Live in the moment. And not to dwell.

Sadly, no quick fix there folks!

Towards the end of her life my Mum adopted a playful farewell which echoes bright in my minds ear – “Seeya, wouldn’t wanna be ya”. The Spirit’s tell me she was trying to teach me how to let go of individuals in a cheery upbeat fashion. That it is ok to not appreciate someone’s modus operandi and to step away. Bless her.

So; to those I love still, but must distance myself from, I wish you well and with love and the very best of intentions I say to you;

“Seeya, wouldn’t wanna be ya”.

And that, dear reader, is the truth.

Love x

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