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Follow Your Passion

I believe that our beautiful world is in transition as folks start to question rampant consumerism, corruption, corporate greed and manipulation. Tiny homes, living off grid, freecycling, paying it forward and traveling roots free. The concept of mindful, clean and caring living is gaining attention these days as many wish to find their own unique path and turn their back on ‘the system’.

On the back of this shift in mass consciousness there are many self-acclaimed experts and guru’s eager to share their knowledge with you for a get rich quick fee. I urge you to heed the words of my Spirit Team –

“Beware the False Prophet”.

Money is not inherently bad but its acquisition should be devoid of manipulation and exploitation.

And so my guides encourage me to use my natural creative talents to help spread love and light. With this in mind I regularly write and create my art, and have created an affordable range of Spiritually Inspired Cards and Loose Incense.

18 months ago I would never have imagined saying (or more appropriately typing):

“As part of my Spiritual practice I regularly burn incense”.

Fed up with the mass produced I have created my own blends of Loose Incense with 100% pure ingredients. Resins, gums, herbs, spices, essential oils, woodchips and absolutes carefully combined. Each small batch is made with loving intention.

I have two fragrances so far, Sprite and Faith.

Sprite has an earthy woodland vibe whereas Faith is subtle, airy and faintly churchy.

My guides tell me that incense brings them closer and helps to clear negative energy; it is also a fine way to cultivate mindfulness through the joy of ritual.

Loose incense is burnt on a charcoal disc in a heat resistant dish or bowl which is an enjoyable process in itself.

For sure I will not get rich with my alchemy but it feeds my happy and, at the end of the day, that is what life is all about.

I have just launched a simple store to sell my Spiritually Inspired delights. (Click here to visit).

Happiness comes from inside and cannot be found outside of ourselves. Often those who appear materially impoverished are the happiest as they enjoy a greater degree of freedom. I fear that for the majority the illusion of security, big house and car are chains which bind them to a life of enslavement working for bosses who get rich on the backs of their noble endeavours.

Mankind is slowly waking up to this truth – I encourage you to find your happy.

Follow your passion –

Be Bold. Be Brave. Shine Bright.


You may visit my newly launched tiny store here.

Change Your Thoughts Change Your Life

Do you get that sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach on a Sunday evening as another work week looms large? – You know that sensation, similar to when you were a kid and the holidays were over and your heart was heavy, your stomach queasy at the thought of going back to school. Do you fantasize of striding out to your own particular ditty? Looking for a new direction? Fed up with the daily grind? Perhaps you are a slave to the system and in your tripe’s you just know there is another more exciting, perhaps bigly better, way!

Well I’m here to tell you there is – and I speak from experience. Self-employed since 1989 I have reinvented myself many times and been a queen at multi-tasking to bring home the bacon. I was pretty successful in my varying roles as Illustrator/Artist/Tutor/Greeting Card Designer and Vintage/Antique Dealer. I have aced at transferring my transferable skills and now include Writer in my bag of bankable delights.

I have also had a ball! – OK it’s true that I have not had what most folks would call a proper holiday in too many years to accurately recall but hey, when everyday feels like a holiday, why would I need one? I also don’t have a pension, (other than a UK state one, which may just about keep me in lips and butthole sausages and dodgy Custard Creams in my dotage), but hey I love my daily doings and don’t actually plan on retiring. I see myself working until I drop and have no intention of succumbing to old age infirmity.

So, if you enjoy being secure, love your routine, and anticipate early retirement, quality scoffing and quaffing, I suggest that you don’t bother reading on.

If however you are kinda fearless, love a calculated risk and wish for an alternative, challenging and uncommon life outside of the norm roll up, roll up my friend.

And now to the nub of my rambling – this I wish I had known 25 years ago!

Any business is only as good as the noddle at the helm.

Regardless of your education and skills set the key to self-employment/(small) business success is to devote time to developing yourself in equal, if not higher, proportion to the actual business. This means becoming self-aware and committing to working on self-development daily. Through becoming self-aware you will more easily be able to identify your life mission, creatively troubleshoot, and use your talents wisely for the greater good of all. For the greater good of all, yes! For it is through giving and serving that the Universe will share it’s bounty with you.

(A Cautionary Aside: – There is a veritable smorgasbord of coaches and gurus ready to part you from your valuable cash – this I know from experience. I forgot to mention that I was also a virtual assistant for a short while to an entrepreneurial business coach. I initially joined his inner circle for £116.00 per month and was later head hunted by him to be his VA. I got to see his business from both sides of the desk and learnt a lot. My biggest lesson was: The only one truly getting rich through his, reformatted, readily available elsewhere, knowledge was Mr Himself!

Yep, you can learn this stuff alone in the comfort of your armchair. To help you get started here are 10 of my most favouritist, (I know it’s not actually a real word), reads – including a few classics which may have, if you are like me, slipped under your radar. Happy reading my super savvy, talented friends:

  • Think and Grow Rich – Napoleon Hill.
  • The New Psycho Cybernetics – Maxwell Maltz, edited by Dan S. Kennedy.
  • Theatre of the Mind – Matt Fury.
  • The Untethered Soul – Michael A. Singer.
  • Conversations with God 1, 2 and 3 – Neale Donald Walsh.
  • Intentional Living – John C. Maxwell.
  • Big Magic – Elizabeth Gilbert.
  • I Can See Clearly Now – Dr Wayne Dyer
  • The Law of Attraction – Esther Hicks/Jerry Hicks.
  • Real Magic – Dr Wayne Dyer.

Law of Attraction in a Nutshell

I have studied and grasped the rudiments of the Law of attraction. In its most simplistic terms like attracts like; so, want and lack attract more want and lack whereas happiness, laughter, joy and faith usher in juicy, joyous goodness.

We all have the power to create our own reality. Absolutely everything is energy including our thoughts, emotions, mood and deeds, and it is through these that we manifest our lives.

I understand this law intellectually and yet still find myself a master at self-sabotage.

When life has dealt a person a string of less than auspicious cards it can be easy to dwell on loss and failure and, even though we may be striving for brighter bounty, this indulgent dwelling will destroy our most cheery and valiant efforts to shine and succeed as sure as eggs are bleedin’ eggs!

Does this resonate with you I wonder?

I have recently launched a new business, Brightsoul. I have designed a range of contemporary, spiritually inspired cards and each day you will find me reaching out to relevant stores getting my hustle on. Yesterday I was collating sample packs to send out to buyers. I was grumpy and resented the general fugue of indifference my range had so far inspired. As I quietly fumed Jason, a big gun member of my Spiritual Team, popped in for a visit.

“Linda, what are you doing? You know that everything is energy. You cannot reach out to potential clients in a despondent state and expect good things to happen. The letters you are collating are contaminated. You must change your attitude. Treat your work as a hobby, enjoy it. As a Lightworker everything you do must be light and bright. Be grateful for the freedom you enjoy. You have no debt, no mortgage and work for yourself; most people would do anything to be in your shoes. Be happy. Now cleanse your letters of the negative energy you have infused them with, be mindful and lead by example.”

It is all too easy to get angsty and down when things don’t go our way and to slide into negativity. Unlike most folks I am truly blessed to have the love, support, wisdom and guidance of my spirit team.

So, how to turn things around –

Well, specifically, I cleansed my missives with burning incense, a prayer of intention and the dulcet toned vibrational energy of my Tibetan Singing Bowl. I then pulled my socks up and chose to change my attitude. Here are a few thoughts on how to do this:

  • Truly know, and accept, that the past is the past – it has no place in the today.
  • Enjoy each moment mindfully.
  • Refuse all judgements.
  • Refuse worry.
  • Have faith that you are exactly where you are meant to be in this moment.
  • Trust that all will work out for you, and the greater good of all, in divine timing.
  • Know that you are worthy.
  • Be kind.
  • Be generous.
  • Be grateful.
  • Be patient.
  • Laugh
  • Love
  • Live intentionally…



Please Support Me

I would be beyond grateful for your support…

It has been a while since I have been successful financially and my confidence has taken a battering and is bruised – my bank balance is scanty. When people see my work online I have reason to believe that they automatically assume that, as a professional, I am solvent and have little need for encouragement or patronage. This is not true.

Brightsoul – Spiritually Inspired cards.

With busy lives it can easily slip minds to buy a card for Auntie Dot’s birthday or baby Alfie’s christening. The simple solution is to have a selection of cards in the draw for any/all occasions. Brightsoul cards are visually appealing and non-occasion specific. With metaphysical and esoteric imagery they are open for individual interpretation and perfect for giving. They are also great to frame and hang on your wall or display on your altar – (if that is your kinda thing)!

Shop here.

Brightsoul’s mission is to create beautiful cards with a subtle, yet inherent, bright message to help promote love, happiness, wellbeing, tolerance, trust, faith, confidence, enquiry and a solid belief in our own ability to shine bright.


I would truly appreciate and welcome your support and custom.

Click here for more information.


Third Eye Activation

So these days you will find me regularly meditating in an attempt to open my Third Eye. (No, I am not Cyclops sister!). The Third Eye is medically attributed to be the Pineal Gland which sits kinda central in the brain and resembles a wee Pine Cone – hence its name. This small gland, that nestles between the two hemispheres of the brain, produces Melatonin a Serotonin derived hormone which modulates sleep patterns. Biologically this gland is said to represent a kind of atrophied photoreceptor – that’s a simple eye to you and me; it is also, sometimes, called a Pigment Pit.

In Theosophy, a collection of mystical and occultist philosophies, the third eye is related to the Pineal Gland and it is said that in ancient times humans had an actual third eye in the back of the head with a spiritual and physical function. As humans evolved this eye atrophied and sunk into what we now call the Pineal Gland. Interestingly Rene Descartes, French philosopher, mathematician, and scientist 1596 – 1650, believed this small gland to be the ‘principal seat of the soul’.

The Pineal Gland can become calcified and turgid through pollutants such as Fluoride and it is because of this that I have recently switched brands for my oral hygiene routine which are Fluoride free. (Fluoride is detrimental to the functioning of free thought and, added as it is to water supplies by government, is a tool to exercise mass mind control). The Third Eye has to be open to allow a person to see the unseen and meditation is accredited as the best way to open it.

Until recently meditation seemed like New Age nonsense to me. I now realise that I was being judgemental in my dismissal of it and regurgitating an inherited societal belief. In our busy world it can certainly appear counterproductive and peculiar to stop what we are doing and be still, yet in stillness a person may find themselves and truth may be revealed.

For several years I have been working on self-development and my awareness. Initially my reason for this was to become a finely tuned kickass entrepreneur. However, destiny had another plan and, whilst this may eventually be a happy spinoff to my learning, things took an unexpected and surprisingly Spiritual turn as I discovered that I am a Lightworker charged to help spread love and light by using my creative talents for the greater good of all.

Who’da known!

This mighty mission leaves me feeling a tad inadequate and daunted. I sense that, to be of real value and service, I must now concentrate on developing my psychic gifts fully so as I can more specifically be a conduit for the message of Spirit. So each day I eke out time to meditate to open my pesky Third Eye. I try to raise my energetic vibration in the hope that the spirits will lower theirs and meaningful, independent, communication can then commence.

Yesterday I lay down, settled myself through my breath and asked my spirit guide Mary, friend Kerrie and Mum for a specific sign to encourage me with my meditating efforts. I was still for 20 minutes or so mentally focusing on the space between my eyebrows, watching waves of optical colour whoosh gently by. My mind was fairly blank – no easy task for me. Suddenly, with absolutely no conscious thought, a circular image of hands clasped in friendship faded in on the screen of my mind’s eye before gently fading away. The lovely ladies, bless them, were showing me that I am supported, loved and never alone. This is the first time that I have successfully, consciously, connected with spirit and it demonstrates to me that anything is possible with lashings of faith and perseverance.

I have a long way to go before I can chat with Spirit unhindered but I have a knowing that one day I will be able to do just that. In the interim I must be content with what I get and enjoy my jolly jaunt.


Creating Your Own Reality

As pure vibrational energy, I have come to believe that, each of us throughout the minutes, hours and days are responsible for creating our own realities by our thoughts and deeds. Now if this statement does not blow your mind and make your innards quiver with excitement, at the potential woven into these words, I fear you may not be ready for this revelation.

I am no scientist – in fact in Chemistry lessons, back in the dusty recess of my ignoble laboratory school days, results and comprehension were thin on the lab bench as experiments bubbled over, exploded and left me bewildered and embarrassed. Yet Quantum Physicists substantiate my opening gambit and without trying to comprehend the science behind their claims I choose to believe them. My Spirit guides reiterate this truth to me.

There was a time, before I was buffeted and became cynical with life, that things went my way. I can pretty much identify the time when things changed for the worse for me – although the great unravel took time.

As a child I was secure, happy, loved, encouraged and carefree until the age of sixteen when I inconveniently chose to challenge and defy my parents by going to art school instead of submitting to their will and working as an office clerk for Seeboard Electricity Company. However, I was young and confident and felt justified in my stand especially when several respectable commercial London art galleries agreed to show my paintings and sold them all.

Yet there is one particular pivotal incident in my life which knocked my confidence and allowed doubt to enter my mind and thus slowly change the topography of my days. Always a diligent student I worked hard at art school and on my degree course never got a grade below 2.1. One day I arrogantly and misguidedly stepped on a tutors toes and bruised his ego. He quietly harboured a grudge against me and had his revenge as the deciding voice on final grades. He viciously gave me a 2.2 for my entire degree and when I went to the Dean I was told that I should keep quiet as he had no intention of bringing scrutiny and disgrace upon his faculty. I was intimidated and accepted this injustice. In hindsight I identify this as a turning point in my life when trust was dashed and doubt allowed to insidiously creep upon me rather like the Ivy which slowly winds and chokes.

Doubt is a great destroyer for what we think, feel and believe slowly manifests as our reality. Sadly I have only come to know this of late and lament my many wasted years.


I had a friend, (I recently had to let her go – another tale for another day). Her life, in comparison to mine, has been charmed – I am happy for her. Since my awakening I think I know why. Over the years I would ring her regularly and having regaled her with the latest gritty details of my life wonder at her standard response to my question;

“So how are you then, what’s news?”

She would always flatly reply,

“I’m good thanks”.

I am sure that she must have had her fair share of disappointments and daily niggles but she never gave voice to them and thereby did not give them energy to expand in her consciousness and physical reality.

I guess my lesson here, which I wish to share, is that we are what we think and as we think so our physical reality mirrors and makes a match. Watch those pesky thoughts and create your ideal life or as the late, great Dr Wayne Dyer succinctly said:

“You’ll see it when you believe it.”

Something to think about!


Non Judgement

In our physical world it is all too easy to define ourselves by the nature of our physical surroundings. Western corporate society feeds into our neurosis to be perceived as successful by selling us falsehoods such as eternal youth and superficial associated high status through materialism. Those who have no interest in pseudo enslaved success are judged lacking – I am judged lacking. In the last month I have been called both an ‘Abject Failure’ and ‘Tramp’ by folks I had hoped would know better. Sadly each of us is only able to operate from our present level of awareness so, whilst their words grate, I endeavour to shrug them off and pardon them.

Ever since I can remember I have been a true free spirit. I have never taken kindly to being told what to do. As a very little girl my Mum despaired as I would come down dressed in mismatched clothes of my own choosing having been told expressly what I was to wear. At school I was singled out for being alternative – it wasn’t that the bullies disliked me rather they disliked my uniqueness. As I grew I flouted the school dress code exploiting loopholes to my advantage; I wore clogs and 5 inch stilettos but as a diligent student managed to slip under the radar and avoid sanction. I vehemently refused my parents dictate that I work in an office and organised my portfolio alone and applied to art school. I always stood quietly solid in my truth.

For a while it seemed I was going to play by societies accepted terms of engagement. I worked as a Graphic Designer in Covent Garden and like a good citizen commuted daily, rubbing shoulders with dead eyed suits and pasty individuals in need of being set free. I could have had a comfortable, predictable life but my true spirit was calling me to fly.

My life, to date, has been an interesting one and I regret nothing. I consider myself to have been successful having been self-employed since 1989, survived a divorce and another long term failed relationship, brought up a child pretty much alone, lived abroad, bought a home (albeit a project) for cash and having been gifted the ability to communicate with spirit.

My life is uncommon. If I could I would change nothing.

The other week, after being together for nearly 10 years, I married my rock – Rick. This was the catalyst for the harsh judgements that rained down upon my broad shoulders. Together we are happy and look forward to sharing our glory days and confounding our critics.

I write this to remind you that you are you, and can only ever be you. Be proud of your uniqueness and walk your walk your way whilst remembering to give others the respect, space and peace to shine bright in their true essence.

Refuse to judge and be judged.


Spiritual Awakening

This Spiritual Awakening trip is weird and fascinating. I realise that I came late to the table and upon reflection comprehend that late equals 25 years whence I was too busy being busy trying to put bread on the table and create a feast which ultimately lead to famine. My comfy life had to seriously unravel for me to grasp that, through metaphorical starvation, I could awaken to smell the bake. Today this causes me problems as I am impatient to get on with what needs to be got on with. I am desirous of fast tracking my way too long dormant, supressed psychic gifts so as I can truly be who I realise I was always meant to be.

This eagerness to progress at speed is, I know, pure folly as dipping in and out of the realm of spirit is not an undertaking to be taken lightly. It is a serious business which has the potential to be damaging to any meddlesome person without strong conviction and character. It is not a game and one who is open to spirit has a great responsibility to act responsibly. And so stuff happens in divine order and timing and Spirit reveals itself and the higher machinations of the Universe on a need to/ready to know basis.

Patience and perseverance are key. As are a commitment to cultivating Zen through a dedicated meditation practice and the ability to listen keenly. I hear my name and odd messages. I see ticker tape in my mind’s eye with fast moving messages which I struggle to read in their entirety. I lucid dream and sometimes smell exotic fragrances alerting me to the presence of certain spirits within my familiar circle.

Still I wish for more and through wishing for more confound myself through the natural law of manifestation – want and lack attract more want and lack and conversely I find myself wanting and lacking more.

My Mum with me on her knee and my Gran and Brother. 1966.

Meanwhile my dear Mum is waiting patiently in the wings, on the other side, to talk with me and I am beyond impatient to chat with her. Yet I must check myself when I catch the words “I want to talk to my Mum” tumbling from my lips as I know that this very act of wanting is pushing the possibility of communication further away from my sticky and eager grasp!

The other night my Spirit Guide, Mary, conveyed a message to me from Mum;

“Linda, do not be in such a hurry that you miss the bus stop.”

Oh boy! The Spirits are never plain speaking preferring abstract visions and messages, turns of phrase and analogy which challenge the recipient to think into the proposition proffered on the plate.

Mum never used to talk like this, she was an uncomplicated woman who called a spade a spade. A year after her passing and It appears she has embraced her place within the Spiritual Realm, feels at home, and has adopted the lingo.

Way to go Mumbly…




Spiritual Success

I am on the cusp of launching a new venture with my partner, (recently upgraded to husband). Together we have developed a range of Spiritually Inspired Cards and a business called BrightSoul which will allow us the freedom to live life on our own terms. We are confident that BrightSoul will succeed and are content to cut our cloth relative to the success we achieve. This venture has been a long time in the making and plays to our shared strengths.

For a few more years than I care to admit I have been struggling to find a way to make a living which is congruent with our desired alternative lifestyle. Specifically I was slow to react to the 2008 financial crash and clung to the sinking ship, my once lucrative vintage business, for way too long. I then developed several businesses which floundered and failed but never gave up on the dream; to create a creative portable business which allows me the freedom to work wherever I lay my hat that’s my home.

Throughout my flops I have learnt lessons:

Any business is only as good as the owner – It is imperative to develop as a person to be able to shine in life. Self-limiting inherited beliefs must be identified and kicked to the curb. A person must embrace the practice of self-awareness and use their capacity for thought and self-enquiry without fear. I have spent many hours working on me and grown exponentially as a person. It was never my goal to talk to spirit but through my openness this has been an extraordinary and extraordinarily rich spin off.

I now know that it is possible to manifest the life you want. It is enough to set a firm intention and then to let the how, where and when go and settle into the journey secure in your faith and belief that you will succeed. That is not to say you simply ask and receive whilst kicking back and doing very little; rather one should set an intention and intelligently work towards achieving it daily. A person should also trust that the infinite creator may have a different destination in mind and therefore be open and flexible to all possibilities.


Another gem I wish to share is that oftentimes less is surprisingly more. In our world activity is perceived to be preferable and profitable but this is not my experience. Balance is key. Working endless hours without taking time to reflect, assimilate and implement is a waste of valuable time. Although still new to the idea of meditation I highly recommend the practice – if only to still the mind, fortify the soul and justify taking time out! I am learning to keep things simple, listen to spirit and my own intuition and am working on cultivating patience.

These days I strive to practice non attachment and non-judgement. I also have a more healthy attitude to material stuff. We all have physical needs for food, shelter, clothing and fun but I no longer dream of the large house, designer goods and luxury getaways. My time is too precious to labour for excess frivolous finery. I prefer to live small and simple and appreciate my freedom daily.

I am a marginal armchair revolutionist who wishes to live under the radar and apart from the madness of the corporate world. I rather fatalistically realise that my life is but one beat of a butterflies wings and has little significance in the grander scheme of things. I am told I am a Spiritual Feeler, I had to Google that, and through my writing and cards I am reliably informed that I can have a positive impact on this world – through living life sympathetically, having the courage to stand tall in our own truths and dismissing the opinion of doubters we can all make our world a brighter place.


10 Ways to Live Creatively

As an Artist and new to the world of words Writer I live and breathe my creativity daily. This finds me dealing with classic creative procrastination and feelings of frustration exacerbated by uninspired, yet necessary, daily trivia which gets in the way of my creating. Since experiencing my slow Spiritual awakening which culminated with a mind blowing, slap in the face with a wet Kipper, epiphany last June I continue to aspire to live mindfully and fully present in the moment as I strive to reach the illusive state of Zen.

My Gran died when I was only five but I have many memories of this extraordinary lady. One particular recollection always confounded me – my dear Gran used to actually love to do housework. Nothing gave her more pleasure than sweeping, dusting, mopping, tidying, polishing and shining. I recall she always used to wear her pretty floral cotton housecoat as she happily did her chores. Until recent months I never understood.

A few months back I was chatting to my Spirit friend Kerrie who urges me to think less and cultivate a state of just being or Zen. Instead of fighting or over thinking the dishes of dirge served up daily she counsels me to consider each trial, tribulation and chore as a gift to learn, grow and just be.

Hmm – now there is a challenge.

This got me to thinking about all the ways we can work towards living creatively whether what we are actually doing is considered creative or not and what it actually would take to be free enough to embrace our creativity.

My belief is that to be truly creative in our lives we must strive for non-judgement of situations and others – live and let live – and be happy in and with ourselves and with what we have or don’t have. We must not live in awe.

So, here are my suggestions for Living Creatively:

  1. Do not be afraid to stand apart from the herd and walk your own path with conviction – Colour outside of the lines.
  1. Embrace change and new challenges and accept failure with good cheer in the knowledge that the lessons you have learnt will move you closer to success – Paint a picture with confidence and without expectation of the final piece.
  1. Find the joy in the dirge – Clean your brushes regularly!
  1. Hold out your hand to a friend you do not yet know – Friendship decorates life.
  1. Smile in the face of adversity and find the funny in the ridiculous – Embrace the abstract and laugh out loud.
  1. Make play a priority – Do not fear making one unholy creative mess or even a fool of yourself!
  1. Refuse societal stereotypes of age – Nourish your inner child daily.
  1. Find beauty in the details – They can have/make the biggest impact.
  1. Go about your life with colour and light in your heart – Be the rainbow you wish to see.
  1. Embrace your imagination – It costs nothing to dream and to dream is to create.