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Non Judgement

In our physical world it is all too easy to define ourselves by the nature of our physical surroundings. Western corporate society feeds into our neurosis to be perceived as successful by selling us falsehoods such as eternal youth and superficial associated high status through materialism. Those who have no interest in pseudo enslaved success are judged lacking – I am judged lacking. In the last month I have been called both an ‘Abject Failure’ and ‘Tramp’ by folks I had hoped would know better. Sadly each of us is only able to operate from our present level of awareness so, whilst their words grate, I endeavour to shrug them off and pardon them.

Ever since I can remember I have been a true free spirit. I have never taken kindly to being told what to do. As a very little girl my Mum despaired as I would come down dressed in mismatched clothes of my own choosing having been told expressly what I was to wear. At school I was singled out for being alternative – it wasn’t that the bullies disliked me rather they disliked my uniqueness. As I grew I flouted the school dress code exploiting loopholes to my advantage; I wore clogs and 5 inch stilettos but as a diligent student managed to slip under the radar and avoid sanction. I vehemently refused my parents dictate that I work in an office and organised my portfolio alone and applied to art school. I always stood quietly solid in my truth.

For a while it seemed I was going to play by societies accepted terms of engagement. I worked as a Graphic Designer in Covent Garden and like a good citizen commuted daily, rubbing shoulders with dead eyed suits and pasty individuals in need of being set free. I could have had a comfortable, predictable life but my true spirit was calling me to fly.

My life, to date, has been an interesting one and I regret nothing. I consider myself to have been successful having been self-employed since 1989, survived a divorce and another long term failed relationship, brought up a child pretty much alone, lived abroad, bought a home (albeit a project) for cash and having been gifted the ability to communicate with spirit.

My life is uncommon. If I could I would change nothing.

The other week, after being together for nearly 10 years, I married my rock – Rick. This was the catalyst for the harsh judgements that rained down upon my broad shoulders. Together we are happy and look forward to sharing our glory days and confounding our critics.

I write this to remind you that you are you, and can only ever be you. Be proud of your uniqueness and walk your walk your way whilst remembering to give others the respect, space and peace to shine bright in their true essence.

Refuse to judge and be judged.


Spiritual Awakening

This Spiritual Awakening trip is weird and fascinating. I realise that I came late to the table and upon reflection comprehend that late equals 25 years whence I was too busy being busy trying to put bread on the table and create a feast which ultimately lead to famine. My comfy life had to seriously unravel for me to grasp that, through metaphorical starvation, I could awaken to smell the bake. Today this causes me problems as I am impatient to get on with what needs to be got on with. I am desirous of fast tracking my way too long dormant, supressed psychic gifts so as I can truly be who I realise I was always meant to be.

This eagerness to progress at speed is, I know, pure folly as dipping in and out of the realm of spirit is not an undertaking to be taken lightly. It is a serious business which has the potential to be damaging to any meddlesome person without strong conviction and character. It is not a game and one who is open to spirit has a great responsibility to act responsibly. And so stuff happens in divine order and timing and Spirit reveals itself and the higher machinations of the Universe on a need to/ready to know basis.

Patience and perseverance are key. As are a commitment to cultivating Zen through a dedicated meditation practice and the ability to listen keenly. I hear my name and odd messages. I see ticker tape in my mind’s eye with fast moving messages which I struggle to read in their entirety. I lucid dream and sometimes smell exotic fragrances alerting me to the presence of certain spirits within my familiar circle.

Still I wish for more and through wishing for more confound myself through the natural law of manifestation – want and lack attract more want and lack and conversely I find myself wanting and lacking more.

My Mum with me on her knee and my Gran and Brother. 1966.

Meanwhile my dear Mum is waiting patiently in the wings, on the other side, to talk with me and I am beyond impatient to chat with her. Yet I must check myself when I catch the words “I want to talk to my Mum” tumbling from my lips as I know that this very act of wanting is pushing the possibility of communication further away from my sticky and eager grasp!

The other night my Spirit Guide, Mary, conveyed a message to me from Mum;

“Linda, do not be in such a hurry that you miss the bus stop.”

Oh boy! The Spirits are never plain speaking preferring abstract visions and messages, turns of phrase and analogy which challenge the recipient to think into the proposition proffered on the plate.

Mum never used to talk like this, she was an uncomplicated woman who called a spade a spade. A year after her passing and It appears she has embraced her place within the Spiritual Realm, feels at home, and has adopted the lingo.

Way to go Mumbly…




Spiritual Success

I am on the cusp of launching a new venture with my partner, (recently upgraded to husband). Together we have developed a range of Spiritually Inspired Cards and a business called BrightSoul which will allow us the freedom to live life on our own terms. We are confident that BrightSoul will succeed and are content to cut our cloth relative to the success we achieve. This venture has been a long time in the making and plays to our shared strengths.

For a few more years than I care to admit I have been struggling to find a way to make a living which is congruent with our desired alternative lifestyle. Specifically I was slow to react to the 2008 financial crash and clung to the sinking ship, my once lucrative vintage business, for way too long. I then developed several businesses which floundered and failed but never gave up on the dream; to create a creative portable business which allows me the freedom to work wherever I lay my hat that’s my home.

Throughout my flops I have learnt lessons:

Any business is only as good as the owner – It is imperative to develop as a person to be able to shine in life. Self-limiting inherited beliefs must be identified and kicked to the curb. A person must embrace the practice of self-awareness and use their capacity for thought and self-enquiry without fear. I have spent many hours working on me and grown exponentially as a person. It was never my goal to talk to spirit but through my openness this has been an extraordinary and extraordinarily rich spin off.

I now know that it is possible to manifest the life you want. It is enough to set a firm intention and then to let the how, where and when go and settle into the journey secure in your faith and belief that you will succeed. That is not to say you simply ask and receive whilst kicking back and doing very little; rather one should set an intention and intelligently work towards achieving it daily. A person should also trust that the infinite creator may have a different destination in mind and therefore be open and flexible to all possibilities.


Another gem I wish to share is that oftentimes less is surprisingly more. In our world activity is perceived to be preferable and profitable but this is not my experience. Balance is key. Working endless hours without taking time to reflect, assimilate and implement is a waste of valuable time. Although still new to the idea of meditation I highly recommend the practice – if only to still the mind, fortify the soul and justify taking time out! I am learning to keep things simple, listen to spirit and my own intuition and am working on cultivating patience.

These days I strive to practice non attachment and non-judgement. I also have a more healthy attitude to material stuff. We all have physical needs for food, shelter, clothing and fun but I no longer dream of the large house, designer goods and luxury getaways. My time is too precious to labour for excess frivolous finery. I prefer to live small and simple and appreciate my freedom daily.

I am a marginal armchair revolutionist who wishes to live under the radar and apart from the madness of the corporate world. I rather fatalistically realise that my life is but one beat of a butterflies wings and has little significance in the grander scheme of things. I am told I am a Spiritual Feeler, I had to Google that, and through my writing and cards I am reliably informed that I can have a positive impact on this world – through living life sympathetically, having the courage to stand tall in our own truths and dismissing the opinion of doubters we can all make our world a brighter place.


10 Ways to Live Creatively

As an Artist and new to the world of words Writer I live and breathe my creativity daily. This finds me dealing with classic creative procrastination and feelings of frustration exacerbated by uninspired, yet necessary, daily trivia which gets in the way of my creating. Since experiencing my slow Spiritual awakening which culminated with a mind blowing, slap in the face with a wet Kipper, epiphany last June I continue to aspire to live mindfully and fully present in the moment as I strive to reach the illusive state of Zen.

My Gran died when I was only five but I have many memories of this extraordinary lady. One particular recollection always confounded me – my dear Gran used to actually love to do housework. Nothing gave her more pleasure than sweeping, dusting, mopping, tidying, polishing and shining. I recall she always used to wear her pretty floral cotton housecoat as she happily did her chores. Until recent months I never understood.

A few months back I was chatting to my Spirit friend Kerrie who urges me to think less and cultivate a state of just being or Zen. Instead of fighting or over thinking the dishes of dirge served up daily she counsels me to consider each trial, tribulation and chore as a gift to learn, grow and just be.

Hmm – now there is a challenge.

This got me to thinking about all the ways we can work towards living creatively whether what we are actually doing is considered creative or not and what it actually would take to be free enough to embrace our creativity.

My belief is that to be truly creative in our lives we must strive for non-judgement of situations and others – live and let live – and be happy in and with ourselves and with what we have or don’t have. We must not live in awe.

So, here are my suggestions for Living Creatively:

  1. Do not be afraid to stand apart from the herd and walk your own path with conviction – Colour outside of the lines.
  1. Embrace change and new challenges and accept failure with good cheer in the knowledge that the lessons you have learnt will move you closer to success – Paint a picture with confidence and without expectation of the final piece.
  1. Find the joy in the dirge – Clean your brushes regularly!
  1. Hold out your hand to a friend you do not yet know – Friendship decorates life.
  1. Smile in the face of adversity and find the funny in the ridiculous – Embrace the abstract and laugh out loud.
  1. Make play a priority – Do not fear making one unholy creative mess or even a fool of yourself!
  1. Refuse societal stereotypes of age – Nourish your inner child daily.
  1. Find beauty in the details – They can have/make the biggest impact.
  1. Go about your life with colour and light in your heart – Be the rainbow you wish to see.
  1. Embrace your imagination – It costs nothing to dream and to dream is to create.

10 Spiritual Reads With The Potential To Change Your Life

Although I love a great yarn my preference for reading has always been biased towards inspirational biographies, self- improvement/development and books on Art. In the last 18 months or so, whilst I do still physically read, I have been purchasing and listening to my picks via ‘Audible’ and can honestly recommend this service to one and all. I have a direct debit set up for 1 credit a month which costs me £7.99 – little more than the price of several coffees and for this I get to expand my mind and relax at the same time. Win/Win – ka-ching.

Below, for those of you of a spiritual disposition, are my top ten game changing, life enhancing, mind expanding recommendations. Books for those of you looking for answers and guidance who are open to the possibility that all is maybe not as it seems in our world.

In no particular order:

Dying to Be Me – Anita Moorjani. An incredible tale of Anita’s brush with death and subsequent miraculous healing from advanced Cancer.

Big Magic – Elizabeth Gilbert. An inspirational book about the nature of creativity and how to create big magic in your own life with some interesting and challenging concepts to consider about the nature of creativity and origin of inspiration and ideas.

Conversations with God – Neil Donald Walsh. Never religious myself I found the title of this trilogy of books a tad off putting but I am glad that I suspended judgement as this work has the potential to literally change your mind on so many contentious issues and challenge societal interpretations of religious doctrine. Read all three and subsequent writing!

The Untethered Soul – Michael A. Singer. This book explores how to reach a state of Zen and become the witness to our own lives living in a state of calm and bliss, freeing ourselves from limitations and soaring beyond our boundaries. This book has the potential to transform your relationship with yourself and the world around you.

Theatre of the Mind – Matt Furey. A practical and inspirational read/listen exploring and explaining the concept of Psycho Cybernetics first championed by Maxwell Maltz. Matt Furey is living proof of the power of the mind to successfully manifest our lives and be the champ we are all meant to be.

I can See Clearly Now – Dr Wayne Dyer. This chap, Dr Wayne Dyer, is another one of my heroes – along with Marc Chagall, Louise Bourgeois and Bruce Springsteen! In this book he reviews his life with the benefit of hindsight and succinctly illustrates and explains his life’s work – a journey towards self-actualisation. Until his recent death he narrated all his work himself and his soothing voice and delivery make a subscription to Audible invaluable. I recommend pretty much anything he has written…

The Afterlife of Billy Fingers – Annie Kagan. This book truly resonates with me as I am in the process of writing my first book, Mama, Mama Are You There? Whilst the storylines are completely different the unexpected visit(s) from the Spiritual Realm are the same. Annie Kagan is charged to tell her brother’s story as a Spirit to the world against her better judgement, and what follows is truly extraordinary.

Love Yourself like Your Life Depends On It – Kamal Ravikant. Only a brief read. Or listen. I found this small book interesting and had several great take-aways from it. Kamal talks about how he overcame his desperation/depression through self-love and the repetition of 3 simple words; I Love Myself. I believe his method can be applied to other walks of life and often repeat to myself “I intend to succeed”, and when I remember I add the words “and give thanks for the abundant health, wealth, happiness, love and joy that flows effortlessly into my life and allows me to share for the greater good of all” – (I feel that just about covers it manifesting and gratitude wise!!)

The Power Of Now – Eckhart Tolle. Acknowledged to be one of the great minds of our times anything by Eckhart Tolle is worth devouring although at times, for me, his work is a little highbrow and difficult to fully digest – duh. This is a book that I need to listen to many times to fully appreciate the message, to live in the present moment and avoid thoughts of the past or future.

The Law Of Attraction – Esther and Jerry Hicks.  We create our world through our thoughts and like attracts like. The work of Esther and Jerry Hicks was a collaborative effort with other world information received via Esther channelling an entity called Abraham. The content of their works is challenging and not for those with a closed mind. Full of wisdom and the basic Teachings of Abraham I highly recommend dipping your toe and opening your mind to the possibility folks.

Happy reading x



Love Is All

Dip your toe gingerly or plunge right on into the crystalline depths of the Spiritual pool and stroke out on your journey and you will soon be swept along, then buffeted wave after wave by the oft over used phrase ‘Love is All’. Nowadays I hear and read ‘Love is All’ constantly and want to scream –

“Love is all! Explain to me – Love is all what?”

The phrase Love is all is trotted out as an antidote to all the ills of the world and as a salve to cure all.

Encouraged to reach a state of non-judgement an enlightened soul simply knows, darling, that Love vanquishes Fear; that the opposite to Love is indeed, spiritually speaking, Fear – but hang on there a minute, I always believed the opposite to Love was Hate and the opposite to Fear was Courage or, perhaps, Bravery; I distinctly remember Mrs Robinson telling me so in English when I was eleven years old and impressionable to truths.

I fear I may be drowning in cloudy spiritual semantic waters. I feel my ankles entangled in weeds intent on dragging me down, filling my lungs with watered down, inappropriately rehashed, ideas and my head with thoughts too profound to express succinctly. My eyes are popping. Thank goodness for the metaphorical life buoy, Love is all.

I’m guessing that Love is all purports to an enlightened state of being where all the daily doings and detritus are of little consequence ‘cos Love is all. The goal of becoming enlightened is not to appear like the Swan gracefully swanning across the waters, funny webbed feet paddling like stink below to create the illusion, but to actually be the Swan that glides gracefully through life regardless of turbulent waters and ridiculously comical flappy feet.

If one is able to accept the premise that Love is all then there is nothing else. If there is nothing else, fear, disdain and drama are not real which means that a person can get on with their life in a state of calm knowing and purity of love.

But then, what is Love?

Letting Go

At some time or other throughout our lives most of us under evolved souls have experiences and folks we could benefit from letting go of.  From daily niggley trivia to whopping big grey elephants in the rooms of the mind I for one struggle with letting go. I have a penchant for milking a particular perceived slight to death for several hours before I allow my annoyance to slip into oblivion and let go – I have become mindful of this damaging pattern of mine and am trying to let it go! (Chortle, chortle!)

However, letting go of the bigger stuff is proving to be mighty tricky. When I say bigger stuff I am referring to relationships which are one sided and have the potential to damage one. How does a person let go of folks they love who do not reciprocate that love and thus leave one feeling frustrated and unappreciated. What purpose do these one sided relationships serve except for keeping our energy focused on negativity? The truth is that at some point we must stand tall in our own truth and refuse to continue to play the ‘if only’ card. We must believe that we deserve better and if better means to be alone with a blissful state of peace in mind so be it.

Having come to this conclusion, over the course of many angst ridden, tear sodden pillow months, I am aware of a sense of sorrow nestled deep within my chest as I ask;

“How? How does one let go?”

The Spirits tell me to immerse myself in my work. To appreciate the joy, beauty and happiness that touches my life. To be thankful. Live in the moment. And not to dwell.

Sadly, no quick fix there folks!

Towards the end of her life my Mum adopted a playful farewell which echoes bright in my minds ear – “Seeya, wouldn’t wanna be ya”. The Spirit’s tell me she was trying to teach me how to let go of individuals in a cheery upbeat fashion. That it is ok to not appreciate someone’s modus operandi and to step away. Bless her.

So; to those I love still, but must distance myself from, I wish you well and with love and the very best of intentions I say to you;

“Seeya, wouldn’t wanna be ya”.

And that, dear reader, is the truth.

Love x

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Everyone Loves a Winner

I was talking to Kerrie the other night. She tells me she is my mentor and friend – best friend. Our relationship is a somewhat irregular affair. Usually each of us has a Spirit guide assigned to us at birth who is part of a team that they can call on for further guidance when required. Kerrie is unique in so much as she is Rick’s ex Fiancé who died 30 years ago. Whereas my contact with other Spirits, in my assigned team, is succinct and to the point Kerrie and I chatter.

We were talking about my desire and need to build an engaged online audience to allow me to get a literary agent and spread the message of love and enlightenment I feel I must share.

I got my first computer in 1998 when I was in the middle of my messy and acrimonious divorce. At this point I was a complete plebeian with information technology and, despite major misgivings, purchasing my Apple Mac tower and a stack of this and that ‘For Dummies’ publications saved my sanity. I would spend hours teaching myself backroom basics and Adobe Photoshop, which I soon utilised for my professional illustration commissions, and forget my troubles as I worked.

Despite mixed feelings about the efficacy of the Internet I said to Kerrie;

“The internet is a great”;

Without hesitation she replied –

“No it’s not”.

I immediately understood why she said this. I have been trying to kid myself that the internet is a great tool for building a business for the past 18 months’ but, in truth, I am not so sure. I have reservations. Please allow me to elaborate – the thing that is great about the internet is also the thing that is not!

Granted it is amazing that, (privileged), people across the globe can login and have access to the web and worldwide information. The fact that a person can Google a news feature and read many different interpretations of the same event allows one to be more aware and thus less easy to feed the propaganda usual channels try to force feed us daily. A person can educate themselves. And make virtual friends. Shop. And so much more. However, there is so much information out there that it is easy to waste time better spent elsewhere and become jaded and even cynical as we are exposed nonstop to popup boxes, retargeted adverts and marketing ploys. The possibilities for fraud and entrapment are enormous. As all things in life polarity comes to play.

The internet is now run by big and powerful corporations and the visible entrepreneurial big batters and I find myself wishing that I had exploited its full business potential right from the get go back in 1998. I find that I am late to the party.

From my personal business perspective the internet is swamped with wannabes hustling their hustle and it becomes impossible for me to stand out from the crowd. It can be challenging to differentiate between a person who is genuinely standing in their truth with integrity and a fraudster purporting to be that which he/she isn’t. Without a marketing budget to fund this or that; Google Adwords, Facebook Ads, sponsored pins on Pinterest or Instagram or cash to employ an expert to sort out website SEO a person has to get mightily savvy and creative and commit to producing killer content. This all takes time.

Still a person can work hard and still not get heard.

Everyone loves a winner, but every winner had to start somewhere and build solid foundations upon which to shine bright. Successful, talented writers such as Elizabeth Gilbert have over 400k followers on Instagram, I have but 400! I could buy followers but why would I do that? Or, as I experience daily – a pet peeve of mine – I could, indiscriminately, like other folks feeds to garner their reciprocal like only to unlike them within a few hours of getting my desired like! Tactics like this really grind my gears!

Sadly to appear to succeed one has to play ‘the game’ and get down dirty and a tad sneaky and so Kerrie suggested;

“Why don’t you type random names into the Facebook search feature and friend request whoever pops up?”

Friends, Facebook has this tactic pretty much sewn up with a message that says ‘Only friend request people you know in person’ – of course, they want you to pay for advertising to garner an audience and have the power to close any account as they deem fit. A person has to tread carefully. And so I slightly reinterpreted her suggestion and have started to friend request friends of friends whom I feel fairly sure are aligned with my message. I have had surprising success and hooked up with some genuine, interesting, engaged and generous folks. However this is no quick fix. To reach my target audience of 5000 could see me still labouring away in a retirement home yet!

I need something to go viral. Kerrie suggested working on GIF’s.

Before my interactions with the Spirit Realm I would have, mistakenly, imagined that contact from them would always be of an ethereal and spiritual nature but this is not the case. The Spirits and Angels are there to help and guide us all to realise the best possible version of ourselves and to assist us to achieve our goals and succeed. They are truly practical wisps and are willing and able to assist us all on our paths. Omnipresent they have their fingers on the pulse and whilst many have been in Spirit for hundreds of years they remain up to date with the modern world!

Guidance is available to us all. We just need to have faith, trust and belief.

Kerrie ended our chat with;

“Work hard Linda, forget the desired destination and simply enjoy the journey”.

I thanked her realising that I am truly blessed.

Love x






Spirituality: Awe and the State of Being.

Spirituality: So, I am being mentored by a team of loving light spirits. I now speak with them regularly as they advise, guide and educate me about the subtleties of being an enlightened soul and lightworker. This process of education can be tough and finds me feeling inadequate and tearful a lot of the time. It is hard to comprehend and adjust to the reality that everything that I do is visible to my spiritual mentors. I find myself living more mindfully.

I have worked alone since 1989 and have never had to take or give orders. I have existed in a utopian bubble which, whilst at times a tad tough and lonely, has given me autonomy and freedom in my everyday life.  As a lightworker I am expected to lead by example and guide others and to be effective I have to listen, learn and act according to the wisdom shared with me by my mentors. This is certainly challenging for me as I am headstrong and overly independent.

Last night I was chatting with one of my mentors and asked her if it were she who, the other day, refilled Rick’s wineglass when we weren’t looking! She said yes and I replied;

“How the hell do you do that without us seeing? Your powers are awe inspiring.”

She then gently reprimanded me and told me to never use the word ‘Awe’. She explained that to be ‘In Awe’ of something or someone was to covet, want or desire it which was not an acceptable state of being for an enlightened soul. She presented the analogy of folks buying a house with a mortgage who for many years were in awe of the day that they were able to pay off the borrowed money and truly own their property. There is nothing wrong with aspiring to pay off that mortgage. To have the ambition to be debt free but to rest in awe of that day is not, she told me, spiritually enlightened.

My main takeaway from our conversation was that it is ok to aspire not desire and that the ideal state for us all to exist in is the state of BEing. This, in brief, is the zone where you exist without judgement or expectation and live with gratitude for the now.

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