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Invitation: 81

For those of you on a spiritual journey or with an interest in personal practical growth I invite you to join me.

As I continue to experience my Spiritual Awakening I am keen to inspire and interact with curious and like-minded folks to spread love and hope and, together, go a little way to healing our bruised world whilst learning skills to improve our individual daily doings.

And so I have decided to host a Facebook discussion group focusing on the classic Tao Te Ching.

81 is a public Facebook group where we will explore the wisdom of Tao Te Ching together in a non- judgemental and supportive environment.

Tao Te Ching is a difficult butterfly to pin down with many differing translations and interpretations over the centuries. We can all interpret the wisdom in our own unique way and this allows for a vibrant and challenging ongoing discussion where each of us is teacher and student simultaneously.

Whilst the writings of the Tao Te Ching are central to the understanding and practice of Taoism, one of the three main religions in China, this group is intended to present the opportunity for a non-secular dive into the philosophies and wisdom held within the pages of these respected and revered texts.

Tao Te Ching is accredited to Lao Tse who scholars are not entirely sure was a real man who lived sometime between the 6th and 4th century BC. The work is presented as 81 complex yet succinct writings and over the coming 81 weeks it is my intention to introduce in chronological order, via Facebook Live, a text weekly. Camera shy and rusty at addressing an audience I will do my utmost to engage you and then open the discussion for you to interact with one and all. Together we can harvest the wisdom of the writing and through personal understanding and anecdote discuss the relevance of the philosophy to our age.

I intend the group to be a lively and supportive educational experience for all and hope that whilst the subject matter is academic in nature we can enjoy a good larf along the way.

(I will not be trying to sell you anything at any time within this group – I assure you that my motives are altruistic and pure).

To join the discussion click here.