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How To Remain Creative When You Feel Like Giving Up

I have often thought that no one in their right mind would choose to be an artist and over the years I have concluded that it is not a choice any creative person actually makes! Kooky as it may sound, I firmly believe that artists are chosen by an energy outside of themselves and that to deny this calling is nigh on impossible if a creative soul wishes to remain sane.

Having come to this conclusion I see and accept the inevitability of my creative journey which is fraught with indecision, doubt and failure with the inherent promise for creative success.

Being out of the creative world for the last 20 years I find myself to be an outsider and am looking to rebuild my reputation in an industry which is elitist and exclusionary.

So, how does one remain creative and productive when you feel like giving up?
In my 20’s, in the late 1980’s and 1990’s, I had a burgeoning art practice with a growing artistic reputation of note before having to consign my creative ambitions to the back burner. This fact allows me to believe in my abilities and the possibility of success.

However, I often feel sluggish, uninspired and overwhelmed at the enormity of the task that lies ahead of me.

No doubt you can, at times, relate to my feelings of despair and lack of motivation especially if, like me, you are at the beginning of your own unique journey and putting in great effort with very little visible return…

To strive for success in the face of adversity requires the ability to keep on working in the face of failure and the strength to force yourself to be productive when you’d rather curl up and crawl under the duvet!

I struggle daily to be confident of success as, screaming, I push my leaden weight boulder uphill in gail force wind, my words, seemingly, whipped away never reaching receptive ears!

And yet I am fortunate to have oodles of self-belief and confidence in achieving my ultimate goal of creative and financial freedom.

The key to succeed is to stubbornly work daily towards your ultimate goal and to realise that with each wee step you are closer to realising your dream. The ability to soldier on through the dark days builds further strength and energy to continue on your way.

Faith, tenacity and intelligent working are key to success.

It is important to consistently turn up, tune in and deliver and to acknowledge that anything worth having is worth both working and waiting for.