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Gallery Now Open

Big news!

Like most things I do it took me longer than anticipated to get my Gallery live – but live it now is! It is an ongoing affair and I will be loading work on regularly, although I am struggling to get decent images as much of my work is super subtle, white on white which comes out a blanket dreary grey. Thank goodness for photoshop I say!

My art practice is a varied affair with hybrid creations featuring a diverse range of techniques and materials.

Easily bored I live to experiment and each piece I create is 100% unique.

Selling art is never easy as it is a luxury non essential item for most people and selling art online is even harder as it can be difficult, if not impossible, to capture the nuance of texture and colour.

Claudette's Bird 2014

Claudette’s Bird. 2014.

All work offered for sale is domestic size and comes unframed.

After alot of research I opted for a simple interface provided by Bigcartel which is an intuitive shopping cart aimed specifically at small indie businesses, artists and musicians. Whilst easy to set up it is a little restrictive feature wise unless fluent in css/html. If I had time I would commit to learning coding, but hey this isn’t likely to happen any time soon.

Virtual visit here.

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