Follow Your Passion

I believe that our beautiful world is in transition as folks start to question rampant consumerism, corruption, corporate greed and manipulation. Tiny homes, living off grid, freecycling, paying it forward and traveling roots free. The concept of mindful, clean and caring living is gaining attention these days as many wish to find their own unique path and turn their back on ‘the system’.

On the back of this shift in mass consciousness there are many self-acclaimed experts and guru’s eager to share their knowledge with you for a get rich quick fee. I urge you to heed the words of my Spirit Team –

“Beware the False Prophet”.

Money is not inherently bad but its acquisition should be devoid of manipulation and exploitation.

And so my guides encourage me to use my natural creative talents to help spread love and light. With this in mind I regularly write and create my art, and have created an affordable range of Spiritually Inspired Cards and Loose Incense.

18 months ago I would never have imagined saying (or more appropriately typing):

“As part of my Spiritual practice I regularly burn incense”.

Fed up with the mass produced I have created my own blends of Loose Incense with 100% pure ingredients. Resins, gums, herbs, spices, essential oils, woodchips and absolutes carefully combined. Each small batch is made with loving intention.

I have two fragrances so far, Sprite and Faith.

Sprite has an earthy woodland vibe whereas Faith is subtle, airy and faintly churchy.

My guides tell me that incense brings them closer and helps to clear negative energy; it is also a fine way to cultivate mindfulness through the joy of ritual.

Loose incense is burnt on a charcoal disc in a heat resistant dish or bowl which is an enjoyable process in itself.

For sure I will not get rich with my alchemy but it feeds my happy and, at the end of the day, that is what life is all about.

I have just launched a simple store to sell my Spiritually Inspired delights. (Click here to visit).

Happiness comes from inside and cannot be found outside of ourselves. Often those who appear materially impoverished are the happiest as they enjoy a greater degree of freedom. I fear that for the majority the illusion of security, big house and car are chains which bind them to a life of enslavement working for bosses who get rich on the backs of their noble endeavours.

Mankind is slowly waking up to this truth – I encourage you to find your happy.

Follow your passion –

Be Bold. Be Brave. Shine Bright.


You may visit my newly launched tiny store here.