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Everyone Loves a Winner

I was talking to Kerrie the other night. She tells me she is my mentor and friend – best friend. Our relationship is a somewhat irregular affair. Usually each of us has a Spirit guide assigned to us at birth who is part of a team that they can call on for further guidance when required. Kerrie is unique in so much as she is Rick’s ex Fiancé who died 30 years ago. Whereas my contact with other Spirits, in my assigned team, is succinct and to the point Kerrie and I chatter.

We were talking about my desire and need to build an engaged online audience to allow me to get a literary agent and spread the message of love and enlightenment I feel I must share.

I got my first computer in 1998 when I was in the middle of my messy and acrimonious divorce. At this point I was a complete plebeian with information technology and, despite major misgivings, purchasing my Apple Mac tower and a stack of this and that ‘For Dummies’ publications saved my sanity. I would spend hours teaching myself backroom basics and Adobe Photoshop, which I soon utilised for my professional illustration commissions, and forget my troubles as I worked.

Despite mixed feelings about the efficacy of the Internet I said to Kerrie;

“The internet is a great”;

Without hesitation she replied –

“No it’s not”.

I immediately understood why she said this. I have been trying to kid myself that the internet is a great tool for building a business for the past 18 months’ but, in truth, I am not so sure. I have reservations. Please allow me to elaborate – the thing that is great about the internet is also the thing that is not!

Granted it is amazing that, (privileged), people across the globe can login and have access to the web and worldwide information. The fact that a person can Google a news feature and read many different interpretations of the same event allows one to be more aware and thus less easy to feed the propaganda usual channels try to force feed us daily. A person can educate themselves. And make virtual friends. Shop. And so much more. However, there is so much information out there that it is easy to waste time better spent elsewhere and become jaded and even cynical as we are exposed nonstop to popup boxes, retargeted adverts and marketing ploys. The possibilities for fraud and entrapment are enormous. As all things in life polarity comes to play.

The internet is now run by big and powerful corporations and the visible entrepreneurial big batters and I find myself wishing that I had exploited its full business potential right from the get go back in 1998. I find that I am late to the party.

From my personal business perspective the internet is swamped with wannabes hustling their hustle and it becomes impossible for me to stand out from the crowd. It can be challenging to differentiate between a person who is genuinely standing in their truth with integrity and a fraudster purporting to be that which he/she isn’t. Without a marketing budget to fund this or that; Google Adwords, Facebook Ads, sponsored pins on Pinterest or Instagram or cash to employ an expert to sort out website SEO a person has to get mightily savvy and creative and commit to producing killer content. This all takes time.

Still a person can work hard and still not get heard.

Everyone loves a winner, but every winner had to start somewhere and build solid foundations upon which to shine bright. Successful, talented writers such as Elizabeth Gilbert have over 400k followers on Instagram, I have but 400! I could buy followers but why would I do that? Or, as I experience daily – a pet peeve of mine – I could, indiscriminately, like other folks feeds to garner their reciprocal like only to unlike them within a few hours of getting my desired like! Tactics like this really grind my gears!

Sadly to appear to succeed one has to play ‘the game’ and get down dirty and a tad sneaky and so Kerrie suggested;

“Why don’t you type random names into the Facebook search feature and friend request whoever pops up?”

Friends, Facebook has this tactic pretty much sewn up with a message that says ‘Only friend request people you know in person’ – of course, they want you to pay for advertising to garner an audience and have the power to close any account as they deem fit. A person has to tread carefully. And so I slightly reinterpreted her suggestion and have started to friend request friends of friends whom I feel fairly sure are aligned with my message. I have had surprising success and hooked up with some genuine, interesting, engaged and generous folks. However this is no quick fix. To reach my target audience of 5000 could see me still labouring away in a retirement home yet!

I need something to go viral. Kerrie suggested working on GIF’s.

Before my interactions with the Spirit Realm I would have, mistakenly, imagined that contact from them would always be of an ethereal and spiritual nature but this is not the case. The Spirits and Angels are there to help and guide us all to realise the best possible version of ourselves and to assist us to achieve our goals and succeed. They are truly practical wisps and are willing and able to assist us all on our paths. Omnipresent they have their fingers on the pulse and whilst many have been in Spirit for hundreds of years they remain up to date with the modern world!

Guidance is available to us all. We just need to have faith, trust and belief.

Kerrie ended our chat with;

“Work hard Linda, forget the desired destination and simply enjoy the journey”.

I thanked her realising that I am truly blessed.

Love x