Dr Wayne W Dyer

I have often thought how marvellous it would be if, like a plug in hard drive we, as humans, could learn new tricks by simply hooking up to a source and downloading the information required/desired!

I reflect upon the many years it takes any one of us to become expert at whatever it is we choose to invest our time and energy into and the extraordinary loss of expertise when we die.

Of course, for many recognised experts a legacy remains; film, audio, written word objects and imagery and whilst this is precious I still cannot help but lament the loss of the source and inherent waste of knowledge.

This week saw the parting of Dr Wayne Dyer:

WAYNE W. DYER is an internationally renowned author and speaker in the fields of self-development and spiritual growth. He’s the author of over 40 books, including 20 New York Times bestsellers. He has created many audio and video programs, and has appeared on thousands of television and radio shows. 

You’re not what you have and you’re not what you do; you’re an infinite, divine being disguised as a successful person who has accumulated a certain amount of stuff. The stuff is not you. For that reason, you must avoid being attached to it in any way.

Dr Wayne W Dyer – 1940 – 2015


To discover more about this great man visit his site here.