Bemusements and Anarchism

Years ago I went on a touring holiday to the Southwest of England with my best friend Nancy. For some peculiar reason, which totally alludes me now, we decided to visit Weston – super – Mare which we quickly dubbed Weston – Less – Than – super – Mare!

In my memory it was a faded dank and dreary affair typical of many, long past their sell by date, British seaside resorts.

Personally I vowed never to return!

That is until yesterday when Dismaland was unveiled.

Banksy, the infamously famous graffiti artist has created an art installation in Weston – super – Mare which is a tongue in cheek subversive take of theme parks and Disneyland in particular.

Sculpture by Banksy.

Sculpture by Banksy.

Never a fan of plastic less than fantastic theme parks Banksy’s slant on the genre rather appeals to the cynic within me.

Can't help but love the cynicism of this piece!

Can’t help but love the cynicism of this piece!

So Weston – super – Mare here I come with the hope for yet another thoroughly miserable wet and windy day to allow me to experience Dismaland in all of its most glorious drearyness.

For more information or to book tickets go here.