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Creating Your Own Reality

As pure vibrational energy, I have come to believe that, each of us throughout the minutes, hours and days are responsible for creating our own realities by our thoughts and deeds. Now if this statement does not blow your mind and make your innards quiver with excitement, at the potential woven into these words, I fear you may not be ready for this revelation.

I am no scientist – in fact in Chemistry lessons, back in the dusty recess of my ignoble laboratory school days, results and comprehension were thin on the lab bench as experiments bubbled over, exploded and left me bewildered and embarrassed. Yet Quantum Physicists substantiate my opening gambit and without trying to comprehend the science behind their claims I choose to believe them. My Spirit guides reiterate this truth to me.

There was a time, before I was buffeted and became cynical with life, that things went my way. I can pretty much identify the time when things changed for the worse for me – although the great unravel took time.

As a child I was secure, happy, loved, encouraged and carefree until the age of sixteen when I inconveniently chose to challenge and defy my parents by going to art school instead of submitting to their will and working as an office clerk for Seeboard Electricity Company. However, I was young and confident and felt justified in my stand especially when several respectable commercial London art galleries agreed to show my paintings and sold them all.

Yet there is one particular pivotal incident in my life which knocked my confidence and allowed doubt to enter my mind and thus slowly change the topography of my days. Always a diligent student I worked hard at art school and on my degree course never got a grade below 2.1. One day I arrogantly and misguidedly stepped on a tutors toes and bruised his ego. He quietly harboured a grudge against me and had his revenge as the deciding voice on final grades. He viciously gave me a 2.2 for my entire degree and when I went to the Dean I was told that I should keep quiet as he had no intention of bringing scrutiny and disgrace upon his faculty. I was intimidated and accepted this injustice. In hindsight I identify this as a turning point in my life when trust was dashed and doubt allowed to insidiously creep upon me rather like the Ivy which slowly winds and chokes.

Doubt is a great destroyer for what we think, feel and believe slowly manifests as our reality. Sadly I have only come to know this of late and lament my many wasted years.


I had a friend, (I recently had to let her go – another tale for another day). Her life, in comparison to mine, has been charmed – I am happy for her. Since my awakening I think I know why. Over the years I would ring her regularly and having regaled her with the latest gritty details of my life wonder at her standard response to my question;

“So how are you then, what’s news?”

She would always flatly reply,

“I’m good thanks”.

I am sure that she must have had her fair share of disappointments and daily niggles but she never gave voice to them and thereby did not give them energy to expand in her consciousness and physical reality.

I guess my lesson here, which I wish to share, is that we are what we think and as we think so our physical reality mirrors and makes a match. Watch those pesky thoughts and create your ideal life or as the late, great Dr Wayne Dyer succinctly said:

“You’ll see it when you believe it.”

Something to think about!