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An Artist To Inspire: Heather Goodwind

Heather Goodwind is a well-travelled American artist who is, today, based in Portland, Oregon having lived in Buenos Aires and a small Argentine coastal town called Santa Teresita, Argentina for 12 years.

Corazon Milonguero 2012

Corazon Milonguero. Heather Goodwind 2012

In 2007 – 2008 she spent a year in China studying calligraphy and watercolour with various artists which greatly influenced her work.

Two Descending A Staircase 2014

Two Descending A Staircase. Heather Goodwind 2014.

In her own words:

I am fascinated by the invisible things in life. Thoughts, emotions and fears present themselves to me as shapes, creatures and landscapes.

I am most interested in the tension that exists between these things and the relationship that they invariably have with the ‘other’, myself or the viewer.

I give fleeting thoughts as much consideration as monumental ideas: nothing is more important than anything else and every small thing has its place. This gives the works a cumulative effect: the parts clarify the whole.


Drawings. Heather Goodwind.

Personally I love the fluidity, faux simplicity and subtlety of colour of her work and admire the boldness of her compositions. I also appreciate the visual sense of slight unease she creates in her drawing/paintings and sculptures elements of which peer vacantly back at me.

Smoke Signals 2015

Smoke Signals. Heather Goodwind 2015.

Argus 2006 x

Argus. Heather Goodwind 2006.