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An Artist To Inspire: Albert Ruiz Villar

A. Ruiz Villar is a Catalan artist – born and based in Barcelona. He graduated from the Escola Massana Art School in 1996.

A. Ruiz Villar. Attempt To Ventricle. 2015.

A Ruiz Villar; Mixed Media on Wood; Barcelona; Art; Collage; Geometric; RuizVillar; Albert Ruiz Villar

A Ruiz Villar: Mixed Media on Wood Colour Machine. 2014..

… His work is created around time as the most powerful sign of fear. Maps explained under the effects of scars. Scars as the representation of what we learned from injuries. His plastic path shows there is nowhere to go, and no rest. The map changes as much as reality does, so, there is no peace. And that’s the way it should be. Ruiz’s work claims we should never find a certainty. There’s no way to walk free from fear…


Profound and graphic his work is highly considered and engaging and through juxtaposition of colour, form and space creates feelings of balance and unease – the eternal dicotomy of all our striving and lives.

A. Ruiz Villar. Stairs House. 2015.