Spiritual Success

I am on the cusp of launching a new venture with my partner, (recently upgraded to husband). Together we have developed a range of Spiritually Inspired Cards and a business called BrightSoul which will allow us the freedom to live life on our own terms. We are confident that BrightSoul will succeed and are content to cut our cloth relative to the success we achieve. This venture has been a long time in the making and plays to our shared strengths.

For a few more years than I care to admit I have been struggling to find a way to make a living which is congruent with our desired alternative lifestyle. Specifically I was slow to react to the 2008 financial crash and clung to the sinking ship, my once lucrative vintage business, for way too long. I then developed several businesses which floundered and failed but never gave up on the dream; to create a creative portable business which allows me the freedom to work wherever I lay my hat that’s my home.

Throughout my flops I have learnt lessons:

Any business is only as good as the owner – It is imperative to develop as a person to be able to shine in life. Self-limiting inherited beliefs must be identified and kicked to the curb. A person must embrace the practice of self-awareness and use their capacity for thought and self-enquiry without fear. I have spent many hours working on me and grown exponentially as a person. It was never my goal to talk to spirit but through my openness this has been an extraordinary and extraordinarily rich spin off.

I now know that it is possible to manifest the life you want. It is enough to set a firm intention and then to let the how, where and when go and settle into the journey secure in your faith and belief that you will succeed. That is not to say you simply ask and receive whilst kicking back and doing very little; rather one should set an intention and intelligently work towards achieving it daily. A person should also trust that the infinite creator may have a different destination in mind and therefore be open and flexible to all possibilities.


Another gem I wish to share is that oftentimes less is surprisingly more. In our world activity is perceived to be preferable and profitable but this is not my experience. Balance is key. Working endless hours without taking time to reflect, assimilate and implement is a waste of valuable time. Although still new to the idea of meditation I highly recommend the practice – if only to still the mind, fortify the soul and justify taking time out! I am learning to keep things simple, listen to spirit and my own intuition and am working on cultivating patience.

These days I strive to practice non attachment and non-judgement. I also have a more healthy attitude to material stuff. We all have physical needs for food, shelter, clothing and fun but I no longer dream of the large house, designer goods and luxury getaways. My time is too precious to labour for excess frivolous finery. I prefer to live small and simple and appreciate my freedom daily.

I am a marginal armchair revolutionist who wishes to live under the radar and apart from the madness of the corporate world. I rather fatalistically realise that my life is but one beat of a butterflies wings and has little significance in the grander scheme of things. I am told I am a Spiritual Feeler, I had to Google that, and through my writing and cards I am reliably informed that I can have a positive impact on this world – through living life sympathetically, having the courage to stand tall in our own truths and dismissing the opinion of doubters we can all make our world a brighter place.