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The Power of Google!

So, as a creative you send your work out into the world and have little idea as to it’s subsequent journey. I have always had a vague idea that my work lurks in dusty forgotten corners and so it was a nice surprise to, completely out of the blue, receive an email from Simon:

 Dear Linda
 In the early 1990s, which is scarily now 25 years ago, we were passing
 through a fair in Ripley and met a young artist who was selling her work.
 We took her card as we were penniless at the time having recently got
 married. My wife however then phoned and organised to buy a painting
 which the artist did to order which was given to me at Christmas by my
 lovely partner.

 I often wondered what became of the young artist who we chatted to and
 who told us about her work. I wonder if it might have been your work?
 It’s signed L Dacey and dated ’92. If not, I’m sorry to have bothered
 you. If it your work, you might like to know that it has followed us
 through every home we’ve lived in and is now in Durham.
 Best wishes


What a lovely and surprising email, thankyou Simon.

25 years ago is kind of freaky eh but it is indeed me.

I really appreciate your mail and love the idea that my wee effort
still gives you pleasure!

I am still a practicing artist, although following divorce and single
parenthood my art ambitions had to take a backseat for a number of years…

It is only in the last year that I have started to concentrate more fully on my art practice once again.

Hope life has been kind to you folks and wishing you a fantastic 2016.

Kind regards;


Dear Linda

Wow! I sent the last email not really anticipating that my painting would be yours! How amazing. Please do add me to your mailing list.

Life has been generally good to me since we briefly met. At the time our paths crossed, I had just trained as a social worker. After a career practising for about 10 years largely with NSPCC, I moved to Durham to be a lecturer in social work. I’m still here, now a Professor and Principal of one of Durham’s colleges, St Mary’s College. I have three children, aged 21, 18 and 15. My 18 year old is a talented painter and is doing an art foundation course before she hopefully goes off to do a fine art degree next year. She’s currently awaiting the results of her various applications to Glasgow School of Art, a couple of places of London and Brighton. Fingers crossed…

I’ll look forward to reading your blog and seeing some of your art on your website. My college here in Durham sometimes hosts artists in residence for periods of time and exhibitions if you are ever interested and if your life circumstances at some time allow it. In any case, I’m really glad I googled you!

Take care


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