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As an artist I derive equal thrills and pleasure from an eclectic and diverse range of art practice.

I love to sit calmly and stitch pseudo complex textile forms or create spontaneous, hell just go for it Linda, monoprint drawings!


Recent Monoprint Drawing with watercolour. 2015.

Recently I have been battling with acrylics on plywood – I have never liked working on stretched canvas as I am perturbed by the inherent spring.

I find the process of painting surprisingly time consuming and rather frustrating as just when I think I am done I tend to balls up and realise that I must continue my painterly wrestle!

When I start a new piece I have a very vague idea of the composition and subject but through the process of tickle and coax am often happily surprised by the end result.

Today my work is domestic scale but I look forward to, one day, having my vulgarly large studio so as I can scale my work to serious proportions and make a disproportionate daub and splatter mess with a clear conscience.

Happy days.

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