my work

Sewn Up Delights

I love sewing old fabric scraps into wee sculptural forms which have a natural inherent fragility due to my choice of material and scale.

I start with no fixed idea in mind and allow the form to naturally evolve – twisting, turning, snipping and stitching.

Whilst sewing I consider the history hidden within the fibres and embrace tears and stains as evidence of a life lived. In my work, as in life, I find wonder in imperfection.

I may incorporate an eclectic find into my creation – an old bead, nut, bolt, coin, some hair, fur or bone. Something which resonates with me in the moment.

And so with no preconceived idea I am always thrilled and amazed at the final piece which seems to have been birthed through an unconscious burst of creative energy channelled through me.

The field of fiber art is undergoing a quiet revolution these days. Often frowned upon by the traditional ‘art establishment’ I scent a whiff of change in the air and look forward to a greater understanding and acceptance of my delightful sewn up diddles!