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10 Ways to Live Creatively

As an Artist and new to the world of words Writer I live and breathe my creativity daily. This finds me dealing with classic creative procrastination and feelings of frustration exacerbated by uninspired, yet necessary, daily trivia which gets in the way of my creating. Since experiencing my slow Spiritual awakening which culminated with a mind blowing, slap in the face with a wet Kipper, epiphany last June I continue to aspire to live mindfully and fully present in the moment as I strive to reach the illusive state of Zen.

My Gran died when I was only five but I have many memories of this extraordinary lady. One particular recollection always confounded me – my dear Gran used to actually love to do housework. Nothing gave her more pleasure than sweeping, dusting, mopping, tidying, polishing and shining. I recall she always used to wear her pretty floral cotton housecoat as she happily did her chores. Until recent months I never understood.

A few months back I was chatting to my Spirit friend Kerrie who urges me to think less and cultivate a state of just being or Zen. Instead of fighting or over thinking the dishes of dirge served up daily she counsels me to consider each trial, tribulation and chore as a gift to learn, grow and just be.

Hmm – now there is a challenge.

This got me to thinking about all the ways we can work towards living creatively whether what we are actually doing is considered creative or not and what it actually would take to be free enough to embrace our creativity.

My belief is that to be truly creative in our lives we must strive for non-judgement of situations and others – live and let live – and be happy in and with ourselves and with what we have or don’t have. We must not live in awe.

So, here are my suggestions for Living Creatively:

  1. Do not be afraid to stand apart from the herd and walk your own path with conviction – Colour outside of the lines.
  1. Embrace change and new challenges and accept failure with good cheer in the knowledge that the lessons you have learnt will move you closer to success – Paint a picture with confidence and without expectation of the final piece.
  1. Find the joy in the dirge – Clean your brushes regularly!
  1. Hold out your hand to a friend you do not yet know – Friendship decorates life.
  1. Smile in the face of adversity and find the funny in the ridiculous – Embrace the abstract and laugh out loud.
  1. Make play a priority – Do not fear making one unholy creative mess or even a fool of yourself!
  1. Refuse societal stereotypes of age – Nourish your inner child daily.
  1. Find beauty in the details – They can have/make the biggest impact.
  1. Go about your life with colour and light in your heart – Be the rainbow you wish to see.
  1. Embrace your imagination – It costs nothing to dream and to dream is to create.