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10 Ways To Find Your Life’s Purpose.

Since the tender age of 11 I have always felt that I was meant to do something of significance in this world. I wonder if this is something you can relate to – have you too always known, or had an inkling, that you were destined to make a valuable contribution somehow, someday? Are you aware of your true life’s purpose?

I can always remember when, as a teen, a friend of mine boldly stated;

“I am jealous of you Linda! You know what you want to do, are driven and have a passion; whereas I don’t”.

I always believed my contribution would be through my visual art and, during the 1990’s, this seemed most likely until divorce, single parenthood and financial obligations cruelly stopped me in my tracks. For 20 years my flame was tamed. Working 60 hours a week, as an antique dealer, I was lost in a hyper materialistic abyss; mistaken in the common misassumption that I was what I earned and owned. It took nearly losing everything and, what I now know to be an intervention by the spirits, to create a vacuum for me to refill/rebuild and get back on track. It is only now that I am able to finally, somewhat tentatively, step up and into my true purpose with the support of Rick and Team Spirit.

Today I find that I am quietly charged with lightworking duties. Through my creative endeavours I am encouraged to spread awareness of the miraculous nature of our Universe, open folks’ eyes to the inherent corruption of our world systems, contribute to raising the collective energetic vibration and share love and light whilst shining bright.

No mean feat!

With the passing years the joyous conviction of youth has evaporated and, today, I am no longer so sure of the shape and size of the vehicle I am to utilise to fulfil these obligations. Rather confusingly writing has been added into the mix. I have no idea how things will pan out in the coming weeks, months let alone years. This is OK, for I have come to know that there is a delicious divine order and timing at play in all our lives.

Whilst we all have freewill to choose our path, hence me losing my way for 20 years, each of us will get hints, signs, nudges and boots up the backside to set us upon the path of our true life’s purpose. All we need do is be aware and open to the possibility that greater forces are at play in all our lives.


Here are a few thoughts on how to help you identify your own true life’s purpose:

  • Remember what you dreamed of being and doing as a child.
  • Sit quietly and reflect upon what really makes your heart sing.
  • Schedule me time.
  • Consider what comes easy to you.
  • Feel rather than think. I recently read our hearts have been clinically proven to have some of the same neurons in them as the brain which means that the heart is actually a second brain!
  • Ask yourself the following question – “If I could do anything I wanted to do, without the constraints of everyday life and commitments, what would I wish to do?”
  • Be quiet and allow yourself time to reflect; meditation is highly beneficial.
  • Tune into your intuition. The greater, unseen, forces at work in all our lives are sending us prompts and suggestions all the time. We just need to be awake and aware and not be so quick to dismiss what we so readily term ‘coincidences’.
  • Work on self-development as through a greater understanding of self, things automatically, become clearer.
  • Ask “how may I serve?” What do you wish your legacy to be when you are no longer living and breathing here in physical form.

With Love xox

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